Getting Back to Pinterest Basics

Getting Back to Pinterest Basics OSP Episode: 007

Pinterest has a new look but there are some things that remain the same when it comes to being a success with Pinterest. When things are in a state of change it’s always good to make sure you’re on a firm foundation.

5 Gems You Should Know About in the New Pinterest

5 Gems You Should Know About in the New Pinterest

Do you remember that feeling of excitement you got as a kid when you received a unexpected gift? A surprise out of the blue that made you grin from ear to ear. That’s been me since I got access to Pinterest’s new look and the Analytics feature.

I’ve had a few days to explore the ins and outs of the changes Pinterest has made and some time to check out the data from the analytics. In my exploration, I found a few gems that I’d like to share with you.

5 Great Pinterest B2B Accounts

How to Promote on Pinterest Without Being Annoying

Mind your manners, even on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great place to find and share content and it’s perfectly acceptable to share your own. However, some people take this to an extreme and it can be annoying to followers.

Tips for Using Hashtags on Pinterest

The inspiration for this week’s Friday Pinterest Quick Tip comes from Judy in Pennsylvania. Judy came by the blog and left a question about using hashtags or #s on Pinterest. If you’re a Twitter user you’re probably pretty familiar with them but on Pinterest they work a bit differently.

Description Secrets of Pinterest Pin It Buttons Revealed

Since Pinterest’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past year, many website owners have installed Pin It buttons on their sites to encourage visitors to share their content on Pinterest. These handy little tools make it easy to pin an image but each can have its own way of adding a description.