Approach Pinterest Group Boards with Caution

Approach Pinterest Group Boards with Caution

In September 2012 Pinterest launched the group boards feature. This allows pinners to create a board and invite others to contribute to it. Sounds like a good idea right? However, if not approached with caution your group board can go from a nice intimate gathering to wild out of control party, pinner beware!

How to Use Pinterest for Your Next Vacation or Staycation

Does the idea of getting away from it all sound good to you? Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation to an exotic location or an economical staycation, Pinterest can help.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in my first ever live chat on Pinterest called Pin-Up Live. It was based on adventure travel and since then, I’ve had an itch to travel.

That got me to thinking; can Pinterest be used to help with travel planning? Heck yeah it can! Let’s take a look.