Tailwind for Instagram Affiliate Guide

We’ve overhauled our Instagram tool and we need your help letting everyone know! We’re offering a $50 bonus for high-quality posts created about Tailwind for Instagram.

You are welcome to use all of the assets on this page as well as the new image and video assets in ShareASale. You can also find your direct link to our Instagram homepage and the Visual Planning page in ShareASale, too.

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Where to find your tracking link in ShareASale.

When creating your post, be sure to use your own words and read through the guidelines for submission first.


Once you’ve completed your post, you can submit it here.

Other resources:

If you haven’t already started a free trial of Tailwind, you can use this link to get a $15 credit to use towards a free month of Tailwind’s Plus Plan.

Trying the product and creating content from your own experience makes for a much stronger post!

Tailwind for Instagram Features

Think of Tailwind’s newly revamped dashboard as your new Instagram smart assistant. Say goodbye to the old, time-wasting planning and hello to your best Instagram feed ever.

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Find this video in ShareASale here

At a high-level, Tailwind for Instagram helps you:

  • Visually plan your feed with a drag and drop grid planner
  • Stay consistent with built-in content plans and post inspiration
  • Confidently optimize each post to stand out with SmartSchedule & Hashtag Finder
  • Drive More Traffic 24/7 with an Auto-Updating Bio Link
  • Schedule on-the-go with revamped mobile apps

What’s new?

Content Plans

Not sure what to post? Content plans provide ready to use post ideas customized to your business type so you’re always ready to create. Think of them like marketing MabLibs for your Instagram caption!

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The color-coded plans on your 9-grid help you keep track of what to post when so you can stay consistent.

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Once your grid is planned and ready to go, use our Auto-publishing tool to post your images and videos without having to lift a finger.

Visual Planning

Instagram is a visual platform, so shouldn’t your planning be visual, too? We’ve added simple, beautiful tools to make your feed POP.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

With the 9-grid preview and drag-and-drop scheduling, you can make sure your feed is always looking perfect.

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Smart Tools from your Smart Instagram Assistant

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Tailwind’s SmartSchedule

We’ll help you pick the best times to post based on when your audience is most engaged so you can get more out of every post.

Hashtag Finder + Hidden Hashtags

Tailwind’s Hashtag finder allows you to get the perfect mix of relevant hashtags to get discovered by more of the right followers. And if you’d rather your hashtags not be published in your caption, we’ll automatically publish them as the first comment!


Drive traffic from your Instagram posts with Smart.bio, our auto-updating bio link tool. We’re so excited about Smart.bio that we even have an affiliate swipe file for you!

Unsplash integration

Want professional-looking Instagram posts without professional-level photography skills? We’ve got you covered. With our Unsplash integration, you can search their library of free stock images to schedule to your Instagram feed.

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Plus a Lot More!

Of course, Tailwind for Instagram also has a ton of other really useful features that you might want to explore and mention, like:

  • Saved hashtag lists
  • Hide hashtags in first comment
  • Tag users and locations
  • Schedule videos
  • Schedule stories
  • Photo cropping
  • Batch scheduling
  • Regram Instagram posts
  • Profile analytics
  • Post inspector
  • Summary email reports
  • Multiple accounts
  • Invite teammates
  • Synced mobile and desktop apps
  • 100% Safe to Use. Tailwind is an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner tool.

Check out our the Tailwind for Instagram page on our website for even more details.

Affiliate Submission Guidelines 

Once you’re ready to submit your content for the $50 bonus and opportunity for paid promotion, please be sure you are following all of the guidelines listed below.

  • Our tool works best with an Instagram Business account. You gain deeper insights and the ability to auto-publish with an Instagram business account.
  • To cover the new updates thoroughly enough, we recommend writing at least 500 words on the topic. For video content, aim to create at least a 2-minute video.
  • To create the best possible content, go ahead and try it for yourself! Take screenshots and talk about your personal experience with the tool.
  • Since we do often pay to promote our affiliate’s content, do not link to any competitors. We wouldn’t want to pay to send them traffic!
  • As always, you MUST follow the FTC guidelines. This means a clear disclosure before the first affiliate link.
  • Also as always, follow our brand guidelines. That includes things like writing Tailwind as “Tailwind” and not “TailWind”.
  • Mention that new users can try Tailwind free for up to 30 scheduled Instagram posts. It is NOT a time-based free trial.
  • Use good grammar and check your spelling. I highly recommend using a free tool like Grammarly to help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! [email protected]