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Why We’re Overhauling Our Fastest Growing Product

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Why we just overhauled our scheduling tool

Today we’re announcing a significant update to Tailwind Publisher, our pin creation and scheduling tool. Here’s what’s changing and why.

After a multi-month beta period, we’re beginning to roll out Publisher 2.0 to all Tailwind members. All accounts will be migrated between today and April 15th. If you want to jump to head of the queue, you can migrate anytime by following the prompts in Publisher in your Tailwind account.

Publisher 2.0 is the biggest set of concurrent upgrades to our scheduling and publishing capabilities to-date. That said, we’re not thinking of Publisher 2.0 as a one-time launch, but rather a series of significant enhancements that will begin today and be phased in over the coming months. New features are being built exclusively for the new system though, so we recommend migrating sooner than later. 🙂

This release is a really big deal for us and our members. Why? Because Publisher is the most widely used feature set within Tailwind, despite the fact that it launched less than a year ago. Today, Tailwind members generate millions of new pins and repins each month through our Publishing product- with those pins being viewed 100s of millions of times. Improving Publisher is sort of like our humble equivalent to Pinterest improving the Smart Feed, Instagram allowing new image dimensions or Uber streamlining their car ordering process. It’s that fundamental to what we do.

@TailwindApp members generate millions of pins and repins each month, viewed 100s millions of timesClick to Tweet

Here’s a glimpse of the growth of Publisher’s impact for our members since it launched last April:

Tailwind Publisher Growth Numbers
Pins and Repins generated with Tailwind Publisher are growing exponentially

So, why change Publisher if things are going well? Two Reasons:

1. It can be better.

2. You deserve the best.

Why change if things are going well? 1. It can be better. 2. You deserve the best.Click to Tweet

Our approach to Publisher 2.0 was guided by the most common feature requests we’ve gotten from our members. As we considered the key feature sets desired, we realized we needed to make some substantial changes to our back-end architecture to enable those new features to work well. The new system is built with greater flexibility in mind, so we can rapidly expand the things Publisher can help you do.

What made this an even bigger challenge is that we had to make these substantial changes while:

  • Maintaining the workflow and user interface that Tailwind members are accustomed to
  • Seamlessly transitioning already scheduled pins to the new system
  • Keeping already popular features intuitive to use and learn

The end result is a system that gives you more power to streamline your workflow, is faster and more reliable, and better serves the needs of both beginners and power users alike.

Here’s what’s new in this initial release, available today:

  1. Pin locking: You can now “Lock” pins in place so they won’t move when shuffling your queue or reordering other pins. This is great for time sensitive pins that you want to ensure go out by a given date or holiday.
  2. Re-designed drag and drop calendar experience: You can now drag and drop pins to any timeslot in your schedule, including future times with no pins scheduled in between.
  3. Interval Pinning flexibility: Now, you can choose to either have interval pins use your existing time slots or add times at exact intervals outside of your scheduled times.
  4. Performance improvements: We’ve made pin creation, scheduling and editing faster. This should especially help out members who keep hundreds of pins queued at a time.
  5. Massive content recommendation improvements: On average, beta testers have been scheduling nearly 4 times as many recommended pins thanks to our improved recommendation algorithms!
Managing scheduled pins in your Tailwind calendar just got easier
Managing scheduled pins in your Tailwind calendar just got easier

And here’s what’s next for Publisher 2.0 (and Tailwind) in the coming weeks and months:

Our mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone. In the months to come, we’ll be rolling out features that make this big mission more tangible with Publisher 2.0 at the core of these changes. To achieve our long-term mission, we need to create a new kind of marketing platform unlike any to-date: one that helps you make decisions without drowning in data, saves you time by streamlining your process, and is always there for you (wherever you may be). To move in that direction, we’re focused on driving innovation in a few key areas:

  1. Mobile pin scheduling: You shouldn’t have to be at your desk to craft or edit excellent marketing campaigns. Launching this month, the Tailwind iOS app will empower you to create and edit pins on the go. Use Android or other mobile platforms? We’d love to hear about your needs.
  2. Multi-channel publishing: World-class marketing requires being able to efficiently drive results across multiple marketing channels. We’ll be adding more advanced native publishing features for channels other than Pinterest, starting with Instagram. If you’re interested in joining our Instagram publishing beta, let us know via [email protected].
  3. Content management and rule-based publishing: Content is the heart of marketing- and modern content strategies require rapid experimentation and learning. We’re investing in making it easier to test different content strategies, manage diverse libraries of content and reuse evergreen content appropriately over time.
  4. Data-driven guidance: We’re working on an expanded recommendations framework that will leverage our vast data assets to help you take smart, data-driven actions as you go about your day. An early example of this concept is our content recommendations product, which has gotten a big boost with Publisher 2.0.

That’s just a taste…even more is coming! If you don’t see a feature you were hoping for, shoot us an email to let us know. We love feedback!

Publisher 2.0 has taken a ton of hard work and super smarts to pull off from many people on Team Tailwind. Special thanks go out to a number of folks without whom it wouldn’t have happened. Big kudos to Alex and Stephen for guiding the Product direction; Janell, Kensen and Will for doing some really heavy lifting on the Engineering front; Emily, Kevin and Madison for testing the heck out of the product; and our awesome community of hundreds of beta testers who put it through the ringer to help us iron out any issues and make the product what it is today.

With that, please go check out Publisher 2.0 for yourself. Or, watch this handy dandy video to see some of the key new features in action:

Why we just overhauled our scheduling tool pin
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Daniel Maloney is the CEO and Co-founder of Tailwind — your new Marketing team, helping you create social media designs, schedule posts, and optimize across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one easy-to-use social media management tool. A veteran of the internet industry, Danny previously led New Initiatives at Google Maps / Local and YouTube, served as General Manager of AOL Video, and founded other companies in the fields of e-commerce and visual discovery prior to Tailwind. He’s passionate about business strategy, entrepreneurship, and growth!

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    I’m new to Tailwind but like what I know so far. You mention here that mobile scheduling will be available for iOS users soon which is an exciting prospect. But I’m feeling a bit left out as an android user. You mention that you’d like to hear about the needs of android users. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we have the same needs as iOS users. I do hope you’re planning on accommodating both populations in the near future. Thanks..

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