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On Saturday, February 20th, Melissa Megginson, Marketing Manager at Tailwind, went to the Oklahoma City ADDY’s and took home an award!

The Tailwind Team and friends at the 2016 Oklahoma City Addy's

The American Advertising Awards (ADDY’s) are one of the largest advertising competitions in the nation, attracting more than 40,000 entries every year according to their website. Going up against Oklahoma-based agencies, like Saxum and Station8 Branding, Melissa brought home a bronze medal in the Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Collateral category.

“The night was incredible! Not only did we win a bronze medal, but Tailwind was represented by current employees, past interns, and family members at the event, which completely summarizes the support Tailwind has around it. We are honored and fortunate that our hard work has led to an acknowledgment like this. Thank you!” – Melissa Megginson

You might be thinking, “why would a Pinterest Marketing Platform enter an advertising contest?” Well, at the very end of 2015, Tailwind created a Pinterest and Instagram content calendar package to send to our enterprise clients, which was qualified to compete. More so than just qualifying to compete, The Tailwind team is obsessed with pushing ourselves – and each other – out of our comfort zones. And what is more out of your comfort level than being judged on your work? Nothing! So, Melissa took it upon herself to enter and we were there to support her.

Melissa designed and created a double-sided Pinterest and Instagram content calendar for Tailwind’s enterprise clients to help guide them through the year, highlighting when to have content prepared and posted in order to reach maximum engagement and relevance with their audience.

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Now, posting along the holidays and seasons of the year sounds simple, but it is actually way more complex than you might think. Content curation can be incredibly difficult and it can be hard to know when is the best time to post. Especially with Pinterest. It’s important to know the trends of each platform and how to maximize your content to reach your audience. These content calendars have led more than four thousand Tailwind users, and visual marketers to organize and plan their content creation throughout the year.

Tailwind is incredibly proud of both the content calendars and our Marketing Manager – Congratulations Melissa!

Are you looking for some guidance during your content creation or just curious about yearly trends? Download your down printable versions of the content calendars HERE.

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    Congratulations Tailwind! (and good job Melissa for being so freaking awesome)

    • Avatar
      Melissa Megginson

      Thank you so much, Kristie! Madison did a wonderful job on this post. I’m pretty lucky to have such an amazing team supporting me 🙂

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