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Most successful entrepreneurs are courageous risk takers. They are the leaders of the pack and the early adopters. These traits certainly apply to my guest this week on the podcast. Melissa Middleton of JNSQ was an early adopter of Pinterest and has grown her following to over 695,000.

Taking Risks in Business and Leveraging Pinterest

Since her early days on Pinterest she has launched an online beauty and fashion magazine. With the encouragement and support of her husband they both left their corporate jobs and sold their cars to pursue their vision in New York City. They have built a company called DWNLD Media  which includes an iPad platform that makes it easy for content creators to have their own apps.

She is not afraid to take risks in her business and push her self to reap the rewards.

In this episode of the podcast you’ll hear:

How Melissa is building her business and how she is leveraging Pinterest to help it grow.

What first drew her to Pinterest and how she grew her following

How she feels about loosing followers

Why she’s shifting her Pinterest focus (Hint: traffic generation)

Her special connection to co-founder of Pinterest Ben Silbemann

Did you notice her last name? Hmm, could there be a possible royal connection?

Connect with Melissa:

On Pinterest


At DWNLD Media

On Instagram

On Facebook

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    I love listening to your podcast. I have difinitely learned alot about Pinterest from you. Thank you for all the great information. Hope you feel better.

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