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7 Pinterest Marketing Tools and Tips

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So, you’re a company that wants to win the Pinterest marketing game? Here are some tools and tips to help you win by improving the way you present content, create content, interact with your followers and other companies, and track your results.7 tools pin

1. Keep Your Pinterest Boards Neat and Organized

wal mart
Nobody likes anything that appears difficult to deal with. For your business, it is important to categorize everything exactly where it belongs so it is simple for users to navigate through your boards. The easiest way to do that is to simply create multiple boards. Even having a board with hundreds of pins is acceptable as long as it is organized and appealing to users.


2. Have Graphic Content

According to, your followers are 44% more likely to engage with content on social media that contains pictures rather than content that is simply plain, straight text. So, how can you make your images stand out from the rest of the crowd out there filled with creative editors?

canva 1
Let me introduce you to Canva. This is a free online photo editor that most businesses use to create photos to use for their blogs and social media networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Canva has an array of content with icons, stickers, fonts, and other images and layouts to choose from. All you will need is an internet connection and imagination to create eye-capturing images for your social media marketing needs.


3. Have Eye-Catching Fonts

Another tool you need to know about is, Dafont. If you’re looking for a polished professional font, or a fun, easy-going one, Dafont provides over 24,000 free fonts for users. Every font is placed in certain categories which makes it easier for users to find the free font they are looking for. If your graphics have boring fonts, readers will be less likely to follow through on reading your posts. If you want your content to stand out and be different, Dafont has a font suited just for you.

4. Post Often

There should never be an extended period of time without posting anything. Your followers will lose interest and forget who you are and what you offer. They will not see the value in following your profile. You need to be consistent and keep your followers interested in your company.

5. Do Not Over Post

On the flip side of the last tip, be careful not to pin excessively in a single session. Constant pinning will annoy your followers and will more than likely result in you losing some of them. You want to gain followers, not lose them. So just because the “Pin It” button is there, does not mean you have to use it every time.

6. Interact with Followers

Interaction with your Pinterest community is key. If a pin grabs your attention, commenting and following the user gives you a way to engage and form a bond with them. People enjoy receiving positive feedback and attention for their pins. If you leave a positive impression on a user through your comment, you have a better chance of gaining them as a follower. Also, offering feedback on their posts can give you exposure and let users get to know your company and what you offer.

7. Analyze and Track Your Results

Last but definitely not least we recommend…yours truly. At Tailwind, we help you schedule pins, identify Pinterest users influential in your industry, monitor your brand, products, campaigns, and competitors, and much more. We are powerful enough for professionals, and easy enough for beginners. We are trusted by over 25,000 brands and agencies including Nike, Walmart, Microsoft, and eBay just to name a few. It is only $10 a month to start with a free trial. How could you not love us?


These are just a few tips and tools that you will hopefully find useful for your company. So check them out and find out which ones work for you. Happy pinning!

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    I found it odd that in a post about Pinterest, you don’t really have any Pinterest optimized images. PInned it anyway!

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    Do what, now?

    Odd, yes – horribly common? Heck yes! That is actually an ironic little metaphor which covers pretty much our entire modern developed world.

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