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The Importance of Social Listening for Employers [Repost]

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Originally featured on MTM Recognition’s blog, this post proves that social listening isn’t just important for your brand image- it’s important for understanding your own employees, too.

The Important of Social Listening for Employers

You always listen to your employees. You listen when they’re happy, you listen when they’re excited, you listen when they’re upset. But do you listen to them online? By listening for what your employees are saying online, you can know when to congratulate them on personal successes, learn what piques their interest, find out exactly what they want for Christmas and even see what they’re saying behind your back. With a little bit of time, you can start truly listening to your employees.

Find Your Employees

With 554 million users on Twitter and 70 million on Pinterest, there’s a good chance your employees are tweeting and pinning away. Either from your personal accounts or the company account, you can find employees through a quick search of their name or email address. If your employees account is set to private on Twitter, don’t pester them to give you access. If they feel comfortable, they’ll approve your follow.

Listen to Your Employees

After you’ve started following your employees, you can start learning more about them. Did John just tweet about his daughters dance recital? Tweet back with good luck wishes. Did Sarah’s grandmother just pass away? Send the family your condolence. Because Twitter allows users to provide quick, 140-character glimpses into their lives, you can learn about your employees fast.

While Twitter provides glimpses into what users are doing right now, Pinterest shows what the user want to do in the future. By paying attention to the pins your employees are pinning, it’s easy to find out what kind of food, clothes, gifts, and life they want. If Kendall pins a chocolate and peanut butter cake to her food board, there’s a good chance she’ll be thrilled when that’s what is served at the office for her birthday. Pinterest can also be an incredible place to find the perfect retirement or Christmas gift, personalized to every employee. It might seem like mind-reading to your employees, but really it’s just listening.

Find Out What’s Being Said About Your Brand

Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck have made it easier than ever to find out what people are saying about your company. By setting up keyword tracking for your brand name on one of these third party tools, every tweet that includes your brand will show up in a list. Seeing what users, and potentially your own employees, are saying when they don’t think you’re listening can be a very eye-opening experience. While not everything will be nice about your brand, learning what’s being said helps to you thank those who love you and learn more about what’s rubbing others the wrong way.

How have you used social listening for your brand? Let us know in the comments!


Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

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