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Blogger and graphic designer, Dustin Stout, wasn’t seeing much traffic coming to his blog from Pinterest. He figured that his audience just wasn’t using Pinterest. Things have certainly changed, He’s now getting more Pinterest traffic than ever before.

Three things you NEED for Pinterest Traffic OSP 092

He had pretty much written it off until he attended a session at Social Media Marketing World in 2013 and talked with some of his social media pals about their experiences with Pinterest.

At the conference he heard about its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits and its potential for traffic generation. He thought he might as well give it a shot. He made a few changes on his blog and quickly saw some promising results. In a year, his traffic from Pinterest increase by 1937% WOW!

Listen in as Dustin shares the specific strategies and tools he uses to make Pinterest one of his top sources of blog traffic.

Essentially, to increase his Pinterest traffic, the first thing he does for each blog post is to create a Pinterest friendly image. It’s tall and it’s eye-catching.

Next, he makes sure that his image will have a great searchable pin description. In the description he includes words and phrases that people would use to search for his type of content.

For many bloggers not much thought is given to the social sharing buttons they use. They often stick with the default ones that come with their theme. Dustin knew that if he really wanted to tap into Pinterest traffic he needed something more.

He and a couple of friends created a WordPress plug-in that is full of features that optimizes pins from his blog. Once he installed the Social Warfare plug-in things really began to happen for him with Pinterest.

Dustin has a background in graphic design and in this episode Dustin shares some AMAZING design tips that you just have to listen to. If you ever felt that you weren’t creative enough to create great pinnable images or just don’t know how to tap into your creativity, you’ll want to hear what he has to say. He discusses structure, balance, contrast, framing and how to develop your skills. It was so great that I couldn’t do it justice by trying to summarize it here.

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