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Social Eyes #4: Time on Social Media

Social Eyes Cartoon #4 explores just how much time people spend on social media and how brands can take advantage of the “addiction”.

When Pinning Goes Too Far

Are We Addicted?

You turn on your computer, you click on your Internet browser, and (let’s be honest) you check your social media profiles. It’s no wonder that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogspot, Pinterest, and Tumblr all have spots in the Top 20 most visited websites in the US.  Not only that, but now it’s easier than ever to have social media follow you where ever you go. In both the Android and Apple App stores, Facebook tops the most downloaded list and 3 out of the top 5 Android apps are social media related. With all that in mind it must be asked: Are we addicted to social media?

Just How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media?

Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report shows how much time we spend on social media and how the landscape changing year over year.  According to the report:

Facebook Usage

  • 27 billion minutes were spent on the Facebook mobile application, a +61% YOY change
  • 62.2 billion minutes were spent accessing Facebook via the PC site, a +23% YOY change

Twitter Usage

  • 3.6 billion minutes were spent on the Twitter mobile application, a +48% YOY change
  • 2.1 billion minutes were spent accessing Twitter via the PC site, a +65% YOY change

Pinterest Usage

  • 721 million minutes were spent on the Pinterest mobile application, a +6,056% YOY change
  • 1.3 billion minutes were spent access Pinterest via the PC site
With billions and billions of minutes being spent on social media, it’s easy to see that the answer is yes – we are addicted to social media.

Social Media is Here to Stay

Since billions of minutes are now spent on social media each year, brands must take advantage of the platforms to stay relevant. So what can you do to maximize your return on social media “addiction”? Here are a few tips to try:

1. Use each platform appropriately

Pinterest users differ from Facebook users, who differ from Twitter users. Each platform has it’s own unique identity and it’s own unique purpose. To remember the fundamental differences between Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, just think:

  • Twitter= What I’m doing
  • Facebook= Who I am
  • Pinterest= Who I want to be

Do you have time sensitive news that you would like to tell your audience about? Type up a quick 140 character (or less) tweet.  Have some great pictures from a recent conference? Share the album with your Facebook fans. Or maybe you just released a beautiful new Spring catalog. Share it on Pinterest! Just make sure to keep in mind what content works for each audience.

2. Track what content resonates

Social media analytics tools help you keep track of what content is resonating best with your audience. Whether you’re checking up on how your Facebook posts are doing with their Page analytics, or if you’re using Tailwind’s industry leading Pinterest analytics suite, it’s important to keep tabs on what your audience likes so you can continually provide engaging content.

3. Invest in socially targeted campaigns

An excellent way to build and maintain your social media presence is through measurable, targeted social media campaigns.  PinMail by Tailwind gathers and segments your current email base by what social media platform they use and which content they prefer. PinMail allows you to send  Pinterest users relevant Pinterest content, Twitter users relevant Twitter content, and Facebook users relevant Facebook content.

 4. Have fun!

Users can tell when you view your social media profiles like a job.  Make sure to keep the content relevant, engaging, and most of all have fun!

Which social media platform do you think you spend the most time on? Share with us in the comments!


Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

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