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Unsure if your Pinterest campaign is successful? Let PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics Suite take the guess work out of your campaigns.


Pinterest campaigns are a great way to grow your following, boost engagement, drive traffic to your site or even increase revenue. But how can you tell if your campaign is working? 

With PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics Suite, you can track your campaign based on:

  • How many followers you gain
  • What content is trending from your website
  • Growth in engagement
  • Increases in revenue

Grow Your Following

When you create a campaign targeted at gaining followers, either over your entire profile or for certain boards, it’s imperative that you have a way to track your growth.

Track Campaign Success with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

With an upgraded PinLeague account, you can easily compare your follower growth pre-campaign to the growth you experience during and after the campaign, enabling you to prove the success of your marketing push. Simply click on the “Your Profile” page and change the custom date range to compare and measure your growth.

Track Pinterest Campaign With PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

Once you’ve proven the success of your follower-boosting campaign, check and see if you gained any influential Pinterest followers from the “Fans & Influencers” page. Did you pick up a few heavy hitters? Reach out to them over social media right from your PinLeague dashboard.

Track Your Pinterest Campaign with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

Did you only promote followers for a certain board? Not a problem. Click on the “Your Boards” page, after upgrading your account, to see the board’s follower growth.  From there you can sort the boards by followers over any timeframe to compare pre-campaign performance to performance during the campaign.

Driving Engagement

What good are thousands of followers if they’re not engaged? Tracking a campaign promoting repins, likes and comments is now a simple and painless task.

Track Pinterest Campaigns with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

Like with a follower growth campaign, your upgraded account allows you to measure and compare your pre-campaign repin and like numbers to those you gain during your campaign. Simply use the custom date ranges to choose your timeframes.

Track Pinterest Campaign Success with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

 Also found on the upgraded “Your Profile” page, you can see how your campaign has performed according to the Virality Score (Repins/Pin), Engagement Score (Repins/Pins/Follower) and Engagement Rate (Percent of pins with at least one repin). Do you keep hitting a “New 30-Day High”? Your campaign is obviously hitting the right notes with fans.

Pin Promotion

When you’re promoting part of your website, you want to make sure users are grabbing the right images.

Find Trending Images with PinLeague Analytics

The Your Website page shows you how many pins and pinners are coming from your website and the pins that are currently trending. The graphs will show you any increases in activity from your campaign and a quick snap shot of the images users are pinning.

To dig into more of the images coming from your domain, go to your Trending Pins page.

Find Trending Pins using PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

With the ability to track up to 1,000 trending images and pinners, you can tell at-a-glance if the images for your site campaign are attracting your fan’s eye. Not only can you see what image are being pulled from your site, you can also check out if users are frequently talking about your campaign from the word cloud found on the same page.

Campaign ROI

In the end, it’s always important to understand the monetary impact of any campaign.

Find Your Pinterest ROI with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics

With an upgraded account, the Traffic & Revenue page provides you with insights into which users and what content are driving the most revenue. This allows you to prove the worth of your campaign ROI by showing the growth in traffic and purchases from Pinterest.

Now that you know how to track your Pinterest campaigns, what are you waiting for? Go forth and pin!


Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

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