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If your blog or business caters to a specialized market or as they say in the Internet world, a narrow niche, does that mean that Pinterest can’t work for you? Do you need to appeal to a huge audience to gain followers and get referral traffic to your site from Pinterest?

My guest on the Podcast this week, Marly McMillen, believes that being focused on a specialized market can actually be an asset when it comes to Pinterest. Marly’s blog, Namely Marly, is a vegan food blog that has found some big success with Pinterest. She has built her following to nearly 100,000 and receives a large percentage of her referral traffic from Pinterest.

Using Pinterest for a Specialized Market OSP 067

In this episode

•Marly shares how Pinterest has helped her to refine and focus her blog’s content to build an audience. She uses her MBA background help her with her Pinterest account. She even uses a spreadsheet track and manage her boards!

•Are you a fan of text on photographs on Pinterest? Marly shares her insights on why she does text on only some of her images. Speaking of photographs, Marly is a very talented food photographer and she shares some of her favorite photography tips. Marly is a fellow fan of iPhone photography and recommends the Pro HDR app to improve picture quality.

•Marly and I spend a bit of time discussing the approach she uses for images in her blog post. Essentially, it’s all about visual storytelling, great for Pinterest, huh? I love this quote from Marly “If you write a story, you’ve got a beginning, middle and end. Think about your photograph as a story as well.”

Think about your photograph as a story

Pinterest tip of the week:

Looking for a way to bring more attention to your blog posts and grow your following on Pinterest? A Pinterest board just might be the answer. Once you’ve written a blog post about a topic, create a pinterest board based on that topic. Pin at least 5 pieces of content to that board tho give it a polished complete feel then, embed the board into your blog post. Of course, you’ll want to pin that post to it as well as any others from your blog that might be a good fit.

Doing this will not only expose your blog post to your current followers but will also encourage the readers of your blog to follow you on Pinterest. For example, Marly is a great photographer and had a really powerful statement about photography and visual storytelling that I just had to make an image for.

The quote is perfect for my Blog Photography Tips board. Including it in this post will let people who read it know that I have a whole board full similar pins. They can easily follow it, pin the post in this image and maybe repin some of my other blog posts about photography that are pinned to that board too.
Follow Cynthia Sanchez {Oh So Pinteresting: Pinterest Consultant and Speaker}’s board Blog Photography Stuff on Pinterest.

Embedding a Pinterest board in your blog post is very easy.

Step 1.

Choose or create a board that you would like to embed into your blog post and copy the URL for that board.

Blog photography tips on Pininterest

Step 2.

Go to Pinterest’s widget builder and paste the copied board URL. The size of the the individual pins and the size of the embedded board can be customized. Choose a size that best fits into your  blog’s layout.

Pinterest Widget Builder for Business Boards

Step 3.

After you’ve made your adjustments, copy the code that appears at the bottom of the screen and paste it into the text editor view of  your blog post.

Pinterest widget builder codeA neat feature of this is that the Pinterest board embedded into your blog post will continue to update with your latest pins.  Will you embed Pinterest boards into your blog posts?

Big thanks to Marly for beig such a great guest on the show. Be sure to connect with her and let her know you heard her great Pinterest tips on the podcast.

Namely Marly Vegan Food Blogger Marly McMillenNamely Marly– her vegan food blog with amazing photography

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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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