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The potential for traffic generation is just one of Pinterest’s many fabulous qualities.

Let’s take a look at why Pinterest is a potential traffic powerhouse…

Why Pinterest is AWESOME for Traffic Generation

Sure, we know the images pinned from your site are links back to your site but, there’s much more Pinterest’s  traffic power than that.

The link attached to the pin is just one way, here are 6 other ways:

Ways Pinterest can bring traffic to your site

1. When a pin is clicked on and enlarged the website button at the top links to where the image was pinned from

2. If the link attached to the pin is broken or is changed by some awful spammer, having your logo or a watermark  of your URL somewhere on your image can guide interested pinners back to your site. (Read more about protecting your pinned images here)

3. The box to the left guides pinners to other pins from your site which they can repin and click through.

4. Clickable URLs can be included in the pins description (the www isn’t necessary).

Pre-written pin descriptions with your URL included can be assigned to your images when you use the Pinterest “pin it” button plugin for WordPress. Click here to learn more about it.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this with every pin as it could come off as spammy if overdone.

NEVER do this to someone else’s pin that is very misleading and you’re better than that.

5. When you hover over the image a box appears along the bottom with a clickable link back to the source of the image.

6. This box shows the number of times this image has been repinned.  Each one of those repins represents another opportunity for all of these links!

Speaking of repins…

If you click on the box that shows the number of repins a page will appear that shows all of the boards that pin has been pinned to.  Below is an image of what you’ll see when you click on and enlarge one of your repins.

Pinterest repin links

1. Notice that Dave Tupper was nice enough to leave my clickable URL in the description. If his pin is repinned and the description isn’t changed, this link continues on.

2. A link to my Pinterest account appears at the bottom right. When clicked on, pinners will be taken to my account’s home page.

Here, a clickable link to my site’s homepage is in the account description.  This is one of my most popular sources of traffic to my site.

Pinterest verified URL

As you can see, Pinterest and traffic go hand in hand. Really, the links for one pin are limitless since a pin can be repinned an infinite number of times. Cool huh?

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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. Avatar

    This is an awesome post, thank you! Your explanation was very clear and I especially appreciated the graphic with the arrows. Great aesthetic!

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for the great visual presentation of this information. There are so many ways to encourage people to visit your website or blog – Pinterest is an amazing platform!

  3. Avatar

    Great information, as always Cynthia. . .thank you! I have found the new “rich pins” to also be extremely helpful in generating traffic, and they’re easy to set up!

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for all of the great info! Wow. I love using Pinterest in a couple of different capacities and appreciate the traffic I get from it.

  5. Avatar

    Cool post Cynthia. I absolutely love Pinterest and it drives some really decent traffic to my website. Out of all the Social Media platforms I think Pinterest is the BEST for bringing traffic to your site.

    • Avatar

      Thanks, Rob. Glad to hear Pinterest is bringing you traffic. Pinterest works really well for me 😉

  6. Avatar

    Hey Cynthia Sanchez,
    Well, this is some great Social Media info. I cannot appreciate more but would like to say this, after Facebook, I love to have good and valuable traffic from Pinterest.

    Thanks for the good info. about this platform again.

    Muhammad Kashif Majeed

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