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Visually Plan a Scroll-Stopping Instagram Feed

Effortlessly plan a week of Instagram-perfect posts and arrange them into a beautiful, must-follow feed, in minutes.

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Build a beautiful Instagram feed
Visual Planning

Take Control of Your Feed

Build the beautiful Instagram feed you’ve always dreamed about with easy to use planning tools that make you feel like a confident creator.

Drag-and-Drop Grid

It’s the hands-on way you wish Instagram posting worked!

Preview Your Feed Before You Post

Guarantee every new follower a picture perfect first impression, every time.

Best Photos, Meet Your Best Posting Times

Just bring your favorite photos, we know the perfect times to post them.


Never Run Out of Post Ideas Again

Not sure what to post? Content Plans provide ready to use post ideas customized to your business type so you’re always ready to create.

Personalized Post Inspiration

Choose themes and get prompts with inspiring example posts.

Caption Templates

Sidestep writer’s block with Mad-lib style caption templates to unblock your creativity.

Recommended Post Types

See your color-coded plan in your 9-grid so you can stay consistent.

Generate the best Instagram post ideas to keep your followers engaged
Smoothly schedule your Instagram posts
Smooth Scheduling

Publish With Peace of Mind

Auto Post to Instagram

Ditch the distractions and pesky push notifications. Tailwind automatically publishes your posts and videos to Instagram.

Schedule Stories and Multiple-Image Posts

Boost your engagement by scheduling ALL of your Instagram content including multiple-image posts and Stories.

Schedule Hashtags in First Comment

Keep your captions looking clean by scheduling your hashtags to post in your first comment instead of your caption.


Perfectly Optimized Posts Without Breaking a Sweat

Get in the zone to craft your perfect post with everything you need right at your fingertips.

Caption Formatting

Format your caption text in bold or italic, then add line breaks and emojis. 🎉

Hide Hashtags

Clean up your captions with a click by hiding hashtags in your first comment.

Hashtag Finder

Get discovered with the perfect mix of unique and relevant hashtags.

Optimal Post Times

SmartSchedule picks the most engaging post times by default.

100% Safe to Use

Tailwind is an official Instagram Partner, so you can rest easy knowing your account is safe.

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Visual Planning Makes Our Members Feel...


With smart recommendations there’s no need to second-guess yourself.


Post and caption inspiration lift you to new creative heights.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Instagram posts are already planned out.


It’s so much easier to make your profile irresistible with a drag and drop grid.

Ready to Stop Guessing & Start Growing on Instagram?

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