8 Instagram Hacks to Help You Master the Comments Section!

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Instagram comments are a great way to talk with your audience, and even a way to get them to promote your content! Plus, they’re really the only chance for a two-way interaction you can have on a post.

And ever since Instagram began hiding likes, comments are the most valuable form of engagement for the Instagram algorithm.

Plus, high Instagram engagement and visible comment counts are now the chief metric for social proof behind your number of Instagram followers!

That’s why today we’re taking you into eight tactics that can help you get more comments on your Instagram posts!

How to Get People to Comment on Instagram: Our 8 Pro Tips!

Getting comments on your latest post on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult, we promise!

There are a few habits you can establish when posting on your Instagram feed right this minute that will start getting you more comments on Instagram than ever before.

Below, we’re going over 8 must-know tips and practices for your Instagram strategy to get you more Instagram comments.

Stick with us as we take an in-depth look at each of these, why they work, and some tips to get you started!


1. Respond to Your Comments

Not only is responding to comments as they come in the polite thing to do, it also opens up opportunities for more comments!

First, when people scroll past your post in their Instagram feed, they’ll see a higher number of comments on the post – including your responses!

The higher the number, the higher the chance that casual Instagram users will stop and take a look, and potentially leave a comment themselves.

Second, you can create a conversation between you and people commenting on your post.

Respond to comments on instagram to build conversations and collect even more comments!

This is as easy as responding to the original comment and asking another question. When they respond, you can continue the conversation and drive engagement higher by just being personable!

2. Reciprocate Engagement

This ones a little more time-consuming, but it’s a powerful tactic when approaching  how to get comments in Instagram.

When you have some spare time to set aside, get into your Instagram account and check out the list of users who have interacted with your latest post with a like.

Tap through to their Instagram profile and leave a few likes and at least one comment on their latest post!

This is a great way to thank them for leaving a like in the first place, and it encourages them to reciprocate the engagement by visiting your profile again and interacting with you.

This is also true for accounts that are already following you – it’s a great way to build a relationship.

Plus, you train your followers to comment on your Instagram posts and engage with you, because you’re doing the same for them!

3. Creatively Ask People to Comment

Don’t be afraid to get creative about how you ask people to leave comments on your Instagram posts. You could stick with the classic “leave a comment!” prompt, but why not make it easy and fun?

For example, you can include a fill in the blank prompt in your post, like: “The summer must-haves in your purse are ______, ______ and _______!”

Or, you could post a funny photo with a simple, “Caption This!” and tell your followers that the best captions will get a shoutout on the post.

It’s like a mini- Instagram contest, and you don’t even have to arrange a prize!

4. Do an Instagram Giveaway

Speaking of contests, we did our own research study that shows Instagram giveaways knock it out of the park when it comes to engagement.

This is for a few reasons: 1) People love winning free stuff and 2) many Instagram contests have rules that include liking the giveaway post, following the account, and tagging their friends in the comments section.

throw an instagram contest to get more engagement and comments

If you’re looking to raise the number of your comments quickly, consider working in a contest on your feed. You can find out everything you need to know about How to Run an Instagram Giveaway on our blog!

5. Host an Instagram Takeover

Instagram takeovers are also an amazing way to get more engagement on your posts – especially if you have a guest with a passionate, engaged following already!

A takeover has mutual benefits. It exposes content to new audiences for both collaborators.

So, you have plenty of opportunities to grow your following and get more reach!

6. Invite People to Tag Friends

A lot of people love to tag their friends in funny or ultra-relatable content.

It’s a way for them to build a connection with friends and family!

It’s also a way for you to get in front of new audiences that might really enjoy your content. So, everyone is a winner here.

Next time you post a meme or a totally relatable post, include a call to action for people to tag their friends in the comments.

It can be as simple as, “tag a friend who does this.”


7. Add In Some Cute Photos

Your followers love to see photos of you, but you know what else Instagrammers love? Animals and cute Instagram photos that make them go “awww!”

Take Marawa for example – this stunning roller-skating beauty gets lots of engagement on regular photos on her feed.

But when she posts videos and photos of Darryl the squirrel – including this table set she bought for him – the comments go wild.

If you have a cute pet, some adorable baby photos or feel-good content in your camera roll, don’t be afraid to post it up!

We bet it’ll get tons of engagement.

You can further your reach on cute photos by adding in relevant Instagram hashtags so more animal lovers will see your pics!

Grab a forever free plan here to get access to our ultra-smart Hashtag Finder tool.

You can even save your mix of relevant hashtags into lists to use later!


8. Ask Thoughtful Questions

Our final pro tip is to ask thought-provoking questions that resonate with your following.

Sure, you can get some engagement from questions like “which one do you like better?” but if you want conversations and connection in your comments section, use a poll on Instagram Stories for this-or-that instead!

Think about asking questions that your audience will consider and answer with a lot of feeling – like this example from @hellosunshine!

If you scroll the comments section, you’ll notice that people are answering themselves, and also jumping into the conversation in threads on other answers.

That’s the best-case scenario for how to get more comments on your Instagram photos!


Conclusion: How to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Photos!

The biggest impact you can make to your comment count on Instagram is to adjust a few habits to think engagement first. This is true for all social media platforms, not just Instagram – so social media marketers, take note!

Make sure you’re collecting the most comments by scheduling your posts during prime-time- when the majority of your followers are online!

With a forever free Tailwind plan, you can upload your content, plan your captions, find the perfect hashtags AND schedule your post for the times when your followers are most active thanks to our handy Smart Schedule tool!

Go ahead! Give it a try!

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