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You work too hard on creating great content for it to only go out once! Resharing your content is so helpful for getting the most out of it on Pinterest. In fact, you may find it is more successful the second (or third) time around!

Even if you are resharing your content to Pinterest today, chances are you struggle with:

  • How to remember what you’ve shared, to which Boards, and how long ago
  • Figuring out how often to reshare so you’re not spamming your followers
  • Making sure you continually monitor how each of your Pins are performing so you reshare only your most engaging content

And, of course, finding the time to do it all!

No more! SmartLoop drives traffic by resharing your best-performing content to your relevant Boards on Pinterest when your followers are most likely to be engaged. We worked with Pinterest to make sure that the settings and recommendations within SmartLoop will help you grow your Pinterest marketing success for the long term without oversharing specific Pins.

And now, after months of testing and tweaking based on real user feedback, SmartLoop is open for everyone to try. Get started with Tailwind for Pinterest, or head to SmartLoop now!

You’re about 10 minutes away from implementing a whole new, time-saving method of Pinterest marketing where your Pins schedule themselves – indefinitely.

“I’ve scheduled my first loop and it was so well explained and simple! I’m sure you all know already, but the time saving element of this is priceless to me as a full-time blogger.

Thanks again!” –[email protected]

Seriously. Set up your first SmartLoop right now – and your top content will be doing more for you starting today, then tomorrow, and indefinitely!

Existing Tailwind members, head over to SmartLoop. New to Tailwind? [sc name=”Pinterest Signup – Text Link”]

Three Reasons to Reshare Your Content on Pinterest with SmartLoop Today

Reason One:

Resharing gives your followers – old and new  – a chance to see your Pins either again or for the very first time.

Why this matters: Pins are shown to your followers first and their engagement (or lack thereof) tells Pinterest how widely to distribute your Pin. But your followers won’t all see that Pin the first time around.  After all, your Pin is just one of over 100 BILLION Pins on Pinterest! Resharing gives your Pin another shot at being spotted (and engaged with) in the Follower feed.

Reason Two:

The more often your content is shared to relevant Boards, the more context Pinterest has to show your Pins to the 250 million monthly active users searching and Browsing Pinterest.  

Reason Three:

Pinterest recently reiterated the need for businesses to Pin consistently – daily if they want to succeed on Pinterest. For those of us who don’t publish new content each day, resharing engaging content can help us stay active.  And Pinterest has confirmed that content shared through an approved scheduler like Tailwind is treated just the same as live Pinning.

There is a right way and a wrong way to reshare on Pinterest, though, and SmartLoop was carefully engineered to help you reshare in an authentic way. In fact, we collaborated with Pinterest to develop resharing best practices that are baked directly into SmartLoop

How to Reshare Content with SmartLoop

Ready to get your content in front of your followers again when they’re looking for it – without having to remember to schedule the Pins yourself? With SmartLoop, you’ll set up collections of Pins that you want to reshare. These collections of Pins are called Loops.

SmartLoop is super simple to setup. You just create a loop, add some Pins, and away you go. Our Pin importer will show you everything you’ve ever Pinned from your website ranked by how many Repins it’s gotten, so importing your greatest hits couldn’t be easier!

Some of our Beta Testers’ Favorite Features:

You can set your Loop to Pin all year round, or create a seasonal Loop that Saves your content at the most relevant times of the year – every year!

  • Customizable Board Rules mean your Loops will never exceed the strictest of Group Board limits.
  • The guesswork of resharing is gone! Using Pinterest marketing best practices, we optimize your Loop to spread out sharing over time and  analyze Pinterest trends to Pin when your audience is most engaged.
  • You can set your Loop to Pin all year round, or create a seasonal Loop that Saves your content at the most relevant times of the year – every year!

Save yourself the chore of recirculating your old content and start getting even more traffic from Pinterest.

Your First SmartLoop Loop is Set Up – What’s Next?

Next, set up Loops for all of your best content in all niches. Add new Pins to your Loops as you create them (you can use your extension and add to SmartLoop) to create more and more content that works for you on Pinterest every day – so you’ll always be active on Pinterest –  even when life gets in the way.

Your top content, once perhaps forgotten, will now be shared to Pinterest when your followers are most likely to be engaged – and indefinitely! Your Pins literally schedule themselves!

Over time, you’ll be able to use the detailed statistics on your Pins to help you make your Loops smarter and more effective over time. Change up descriptions or hashtags and remove under-performing Pins to increase the overall effectiveness – not just of your Loops, but of your Pinterest marketing over all. That means the sooner you can get Looping, the better!

We held a Launch Party on Facebook (and it went live while we were on the air!) and answered many of our users’ FAQs. Watch me, Product Marketer Stephen, and SmartLoop Customer Success Diva Mollie as we take questions and explain the inner workings (and a great new bundle pricing plan) here:

Have you tried SmartLoop? What do you love about it? Tell us all about it!

Haven’t tried it?  Existing Tailwind members, head over to SmartLoop. New to Tailwind? [sc name=”Pinterest Signup – Text Link”]

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