Why The Tools You Use on Pinterest Matter

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Why the tools you use on Pinterest matter. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttoolsWhere would we be without our tools? No can openers or hair brushes, no WordPress or Tailwind? Lost. We’d be lost.

Fact is though, as handy as can openers are, you wouldn’t use one to pound a nail (I hope!), you wouldn’t pull out your hammer to go rock climbing, or choose WordPress for storing passwords. Not only is using the wrong tool for the job inefficient, it’s also potentially dangerous. And in fact, there are some tools which should never be used for any purpose (remember the ridiculously dangerous Cornballer from ‘Arrested Development’?).

The same is true when it comes to the tools you choose to manage important digital assets such as your Pinterest account. Given the number of hours you have invested in Pinterest marketing and the way it supports your business, it is vital that you use only the best tools for the job.

The Benefits of Using Pinterest-Approved Partner Tools in Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest does not accept payment when awarding Partner status. Rather, Partners must provide a high-quality product that helps businesses succeed. It must also follow the rules set up to protect you and your account as well as the integrity of the platform itself.

When you use a Partner tool, such as Tailwind’s scheduler for Pinterest, you can be assured that:

1. Your Pinterest account and financial information are safe.

When you use a tool that does not use the Pinterest API or otherwise breaks terms of service, you may be required to give them your Pinterest login information. Not only does that give the tool owner access to your Pinterest profile, if you have your credit card on file for use with Promoted Pins or have your Shopify or other store connected for Buyable Pins, that information could also be abused.

If you sign up for a Pinterest tool and you get an email like this, it is NOT a Partner tool and you (or someone with your login) have shared your username and password with this tool.

Certainly it would be unfair to imply that any tool gathering that information had evil intentions, but no one is immune to cyber attacks which could open your account up to misuse.

Using a partner tool will not get your account shut down or flagged as spam. Jeff Sieh explains why he only uses Pinterest Partner tools for himself and his clients:

“If I’m taking the time to really provide value to my audience and build up my Pinterest presence, why risk getting my account banned with unapproved tools? It doesn’t make sense for me and it would not hold water as an excuse for any of my clients.” – Jeff Sieh, Manly Pinterest Tips

2. Your investment is protected.

Learning a new tool, even one as carefully designed as Tailwind, takes some amount of time and effort. Additionally, many busy marketers set up systems and routines that get your Pinterest management done in very little time. Using a Pinterest-approved partner tool means you don’t need to worry about losing all those systems you’ve set up or the analytics attached to them either because the company founders lose interest, or Pinterest shuts them down.

3. You’ll be set up for long-term success based on proven best practices.

Pinterest partner companies are not interested in spammy, short-term hacks. Instead they build their tools and constantly update them in order to empower their members for ongoing growth.

Mike Allton gets Biblical with us:

Shady, TOS-dodging tools are the forbidden fruit of social media marketing. They may taste sweet, but the consequences can be devastating.

Aside from the superficial engagement and poor-quality followers that many of these tools generate, the real risk is in having your account severely limited or even banned, like Eve from the garden. – Mike Allton, The Social Media Hat

4. You and your marketing will be up-to-date on Pinterest changes.

Pinterest partner status enables access to important data which is simply unavailable to others. Only partners have insider information regarding which features and tactics are working and as those evolve, so will their tools.

5. Any issues are cleared up quickly.

Because Partner companies have direct contacts at Pinterest, your issues will be solved without needless delay.

Being an official partner is important to us. It means that we can build a higher quality product and business to support you, while helping protect you from some of the risks that can cause significant long-term harm to your marketing efforts. You and your business deserve no less.

Try a free trial of the best tool for Pinterest scheduling and analytics available today!

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