How to Pin Like a Manly Man – 30 Pinterest Boards for Men

In this guest post, Sher Bailey shows us how to pin like a manly man with these 30 Pinterest boards for men.

How to Pin Like a Manly Man

You’re a man. A manly man. A man who can lift things. Really heavy things. There is nothing you can’t fix, no sport you won’t watch, and if he insulted your country, your Mother, or your truck, you are confident you could fight a grizzly bear using nothing but your hands and your testosterone.

Ice cold beer & smoked grizzly bacon burgers make for one sweet Super Bowl party.

Your friends at Pinleague understand a man like you can’t be caught pinning 101 ways to repurpose lace from your Grandmother’s wedding dress in your garage.

That’s why we’ve paid a team of experts several cases of beer to uncover the manliest boards to follow on Pinterest.

Grab yourself a cold one, put on those sweat pants she keeps trying to throw out, pull the curtains and lock the doors. If anyone asks, you’re watching porn.

Let’s do this thing.


Bacon Board for Manly Pinning


Beard Board for Manly Pinning


Cigar Board for Manly Pinning

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris Know what a Manly Pinterest Board Should Look Like

Cop Stuff

Cop Stuff for your Manly Pinterest

Craft Beer

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.08.34 PM


EMS, EMT, PARAMEDIC Board Can Help You Have A Manly Pinterest


Engines Make For a Manly Pinterest


Firefighting Boards Are Manly

On The Grill

Grilling is Manly. A Pinterest Board About Grilling is Manly.

Man Caves & Garages

Man Cave boards Are Manly - It's In The Name!

Manly Stuff

Manly Stuff for Your Manly Stuff Board About Manly Stuff


Baseball: American AND Manly


MMA is Manly. Pinterest is Manly.

Money Management

Being Good With Money Is Manly


Motors are Manly. Motorcycles on Pinterest are Manly

Monty Python

Monty Python Pinterest Board: Manly and Hilarious

Motor Trend

Motor Trend's Pinterest Board is a Manly Trend

Muscle & Fitness Magazine

BIG Muscles & Pinterest are Manly


Basketball Ball Players & Pinterest are Tall and Manly


Hockey Fights are Manly. Pinterest is Manly.

Outdoor Adventure & Extreme Sports

Manly Sports and Adventure Boards are Manly

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson in the Manliest of Men and Even HE is on Pinterest.

Sports Cars

Sports Cars: Fast, Sleek, Manly and on Pinterest

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is All Sports, All the Time, all on Pinterest


Tailwind's Pinterest Account


TechCrunch's Manly Pinterest Board Helps You and Your Business

The Onion

The Onion is Funny, Sarcastic, Manly and On Pinterest

Unashamed Manliness

Bringing Manly Back on Manly Pinterest Board at a Time

Zombie Survival

Learn to Survive Zombies With Manly Help From Pinterst

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