2021 Pinterest Trends to Keep Your Eye On

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If 2020 felt like the year of gazing inward, with trends booming in spaces like “finding balance”, “conscious consumption” and “re-wilding”, 2021 may just be the year of gazing on things as we know them – and reinventing them.

“Expect routines to be remixed. Expect regular to be reinvented. 2021 will be a rebirth, not a reset.”

Andréa Mallard, Pinterest Chief Marketing Officer

Get ready to look at the world, your audience and your marketing strategy on Pinterest with fresh eyes.

A major glow-up is around the corner – are you ready?

And remember, the Pinterest Trend report is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, 8 out of 10 Pinterest trend predictions in 2020 were accurate!

So, take a close look at what Pinterest is seeing on the horizon in 2021, and brainstorm how they might fit your brand. You just might be surprised!

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Pinterest Fashion Trends


Introducing Athflow – when athleisure (think yoga pants, sweats, and tanks while running errands) meets elegance.

Pinners are up-leveling their day-to-day lounging looks for more versatility without sacrificing fashion. I’m talking flowy pants, oversize tops, and cotton jumpsuits, people!

Professional enough for work, flexible enough for yoga and versatile for day-to-day errands. Here’s what Pinners are searching:

  • home dress women (+200%)
  • oversized outfit (+300%)
  • soft outfit (+185%)
  • cotton jumpsuits for women (+160%)
  • co-ord outfits two pieces (+30%)

Cocoon Outfits

Cozy, comfortable, and fashionable! Pinners are seeking comfort everywhere in 2021 and finding it in quilted jackets, thoughtful layers, and slouchy socks.

Here’s what people are searching for on Pinterest:

  • Quilted clothes (+400%)
  • cozy aesthetic outfits (+200%)
  • Cocoon sweater (+155%)
  • Fluffy slippers (+90%)
  • Slouch socks (+55%)

DIY Outfits

Gen Z in particular is looking for ways to DIY and personalize everything – including their clothes!

Innovative ways to add meaningful details to jeans, shirts, bags and more are going to be quite a trend on Pinterest in the coming year.

DIY tutorial, anyone?

Here’s whats trending:

  • jean painting ideas (+300%)
  • reworked clothes (+600%)
  • sweatshirt embroidery (+700%)
  • custom hoodies (+130%)
  • tote bag design diy (+115%)

Pinterest Beauty Trends


Blame it on being at home for most of the year, or maybe a new heightened conscious around beauty.

Whatever the reason, Pinners are doing away with caked-on glam and focusing on nourishing their skin and using barely-there makeup!

Here’s what’s trending around ‘skinimalism’ (read: skin minimalism):

  • glowing skin how to get naturally (+400%)
  • face yoga exercises (+400%)
  • homemade skin care (+110%)
  • aloe vera face mask (+115%)
  • natural everyday makeup (+180%)

Indie Beauty

One things for sure – these are not your mother’s indie beauty secrets! Gen Z Pinners in particular are looking for playful twists on makeup basics.

From nails, makeup and more, 2021 is starting to look pretty cute!

Here’s what’s trending:

  • Indie nails (+2100%)
  • Smiley face nails (+900%)
  • Indie makeup (+400%)
  • Inner eye pop of color (+45%)
  • Butterfly eye makeup (+600%)


Out with the heat, in with intricate braids and protective hairstyles!

In 2021, all things braids are predicted to take off, with key searches around plait styles and accessories. Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Braids with fade (+900%)
  • Knotless box braids (+150%)
  • Yarn braids styles (+145%)
  • Bubble braids (+135%)
  • Viking braids men (+90%)

Artistic Eyebrows

I’m sure you’ve heard of a statement brow, but in 2021 we’re talking about brows that make a statement.

From rainbows to patterns and more, Pinners are changing the brow game as we know it. Here are just some of the brow-raising trends that are being embraced:

  • Goth eyebrows (+120%)
  • Above eyebrow tattoo (+60%)
  • Ombre powder brows (+50%)
  • Bleached eyebrows (+160%)
  • Colorful eyebrows (+35%)

Pinterest Travel Trends

The Nomad Aesthetic

The interest in the great outdoors isn’t letting up in 2021. Last year, Pinners had responsible travel, getting outdoors and eco-tourism on their mind.

This year, they’re thinking about getting lost in the wilderness with simple camping, road trips and national monuments.

Here’s what’s trending:

  • Wild flower field (+165%)
  • RV accessories (+40%)
  • Motorcycle tent (+100%)
  • Couple stargazing (+165%)
  • Nomad aesthetic (+80%)

Car Experiences

From what we can tell, cars are set to become the “third space” for Pinners this year. Searches around new accessories, date nights and auto experiences are picking up traction in exciting ways!

Here’s what Pinterest is seeing:

  • Car date night (+200%)
  • Drive-in cinema (+190%)
  • Car man cave (+115%)
  • Dog car seats (+100%)
  • Car survival kits (+60%)

Dreamy Getaways

The wanderlust is real, and as Pinners begin to dream about travel again, they’re planning for some ultimate vacations.

We’re talking luxury vacations, romantic locations and jaw-dropping atmospheres.

Here’s what Pinterest is taking note of:

  • Luxury vacation (+50%)
  • Dream vacations (+700%)
  • Honeymoon pictures romantic (+55%)
  • Mountain travel (+35%)
  • Forest resort (+100%)

Pinterest Home Decor Trends

Neon Lights

Light and airy seems to be out! Pinners (especially Gen Z) are doing major room makeovers with colorful LED lights, washing their rooms in moody colors.

Another fun light trick? Adding LED lights to mirrors and vanities for the ultimate getting-ready experience.

Here are the trends on Pinterest:

  • Neon room (+800%)
  • Mirror with LED lights (+200%)
  • Blue LED lights bedroom (+155%)
  • LED light room (+300%)
  • LED light signs (+300%)

Kitchen Shelfies

Open shelving and cabinets are a hit in kitchen design these days, but Pinners are looking to uplevel their kitchen lewk in ’21.

Searches for floating shelves, colored glassware and copper details are on the rise. Get ready for a lot of Pinterest-perfect kitchens in the coming year.

Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Copper cookware (+35%)
  • Colored glassware (+135%)
  • Kitchen floating shelves decor (+130%)
  • Plate racks in kitchen (+200%)
  • Clay plates (+105%)

Japandi Design

Say what now? Japandi – a decor crossroads between Japanese design and Scandanavian minimalism is on track to be the next big thing.

This aesthetic incorporates sleek lines, neutral and earthy color schemes and zen set-up. No wonder it’s a fan favorite!

Here are the increases in search around this trend:

  • Wooden bed design modern (+500%)
  • Neutral color palette earth tones (+300%)
  • Minimalist bathroom design (+400%)
  • Japandi (+100%)
  • Modern minimalist kitchen (+115%)

The Cloffice

Perhaps a trend born out of necessity, the “cloffice” refers to the creative measures people are taking to create private home offices in open floorplans.

No door required!

From mudrooms, converting closets and even using furniture to divide up rooms, Pinners are getting creative when it comes to their home office space.

Here’s whats trending:

  • Cloffice ideas (+200%)
  • Home library design (+700%)
  • Bookshelf room divider (+150%)
  • Modern mud room (+200%)
  • Computer gaming room (+600%)

Pinterest Health and Wellness Trends

Ritual Baths

Bath time just got a makeover! Ditch the rubber ducky and immerse yourself in a new experience with these trending new rituals.

Here’s what Pinners are searching for in 2021:

  • Spiritual cleansing bath (+180%)
  • Full moon bath ritual (+90%)
  • Bath tea recipe (+60%)
  • Bath in bedroom free standing (+50%)
  • Deep soaking tub (+145%)

Serious Sleep

Perhaps our favorite new self-care trend, sleep care is on the rise. From new bedtime routines to pre-zzz stretches, Pinners are looking to get more intentional about their rest.

Here’s what Pinterest sees:

  • Night affirmations sleep (+100%)
  • Sleep blends for diffuser (+80%)
  • Before sleep workout (+300%)
  • Silk sleepwear (+60%)
  • Sleep yoga (+90%)


Alternative spiritualism, rituals and practice are becoming more widespread, and the trend isn’t slowing down.

Mindfulness was a powerful Pinterest trend last year, and in the coming year Pinners are getting in touch with manifestation – and their higher selves!

Here’s what Pinners are interested in this year:

  • Protection crystals (+100%)
  • Manifestation techniques (+105%)
  • Fantasy map making (+300%)
  • Visualize your highest self (+55%)
  • Zodiac sign facts (+600%)

Pinterest Food and Drink Trends

Spicy Recipes

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us? 

Pinners are tired of the same old spices they’ve always used— they’re ready to dish the heat.

This year cooks are leveling up with searches for spice-filled condiments and flavorful concoctions. 

Here’s what Pinterest predicts: 

  • Tomatillo enchilada sauce (+75%) 
  • Cajun chicken pasta recipes (+55%) 
  • Jalapeño pepper jelly recipe (+200%) 
  • Hot honey recipe (+155%) 
  • Poke bowl sauce (+70%)

Next-Level Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards took the world by storm this year. Those meat and cheese platters seemed to be everywhere, from celebrities’ tables to bridal showers to cocktail parties.

You can expect this trend to continue in 2021- but with a twist. Pinners are seeking new variations on the entertaining staple this year. 

Here’s what Pinterest is looking forward to: 

  • Breakfast charcuterie boards (+500%)
  • Candy charcuterie boards (+200%)
  • Dessert charcuterie boards (+300%) 
  • Fruit charcuterie board (+200%) 
  • Mexican charcuterie board (+155%)

DIY Gourmet

Time to ditch the remote and grab your chef’s hat—Food Network is coming to a kitchen near YOU.

That’s right, Pinterest trends this year are going gourmet.

From restaurant-inspired creations to pretty plating to elegant dishes, you can expect Pinners to put their culinary skills to the test. 

Here’s what Pinterest sees: 

  • Food garnishes (+55%) 
  • Gourmet food plating (+105%) 
  • Basque burnt cheesecake (1000%) 
  • Tea recipes homemade (+60%) 
  • Bread art (+130%)

Pinterest Craft and Hobby Trends

Classic Crafts

Time for some new takes on old favorites, and trust us – this is not your Grandma’s knitting!

Tactile crafts and hobbies will still be popular in 2021, but they’ll come with fresh inspiration and daring techniques. 

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Glass etching designs (+400%) 
  • Crochet basics (+155%) 
  • Aesthetic embroidery (+300%)
  • Bottle painting ideas (+300%)
  • Leatherworking tools (+200%)

Global Interests

 Oh, the places you’ll go!

COVID-19 put a damper on most travel plans this year, and will probably continue to do so next year as well.

BUT that doesn’t mean your mind can’t drift abroad. Pinners in 2021 will try their hand at global-inspired hobbies. 

Here’s what Pinterest expects: 

  • Jyotish astrology (+300%) 
  • Ancient Egyptian architecture (+200%) 
  • Persian calligraphy art (+2000%) 
  • Irish quilt patterns (+100%) 
  • Japanese carpentry (+95%)

Digital Makeover

In 2020, we saw new intentionality around home decor surface. In 2021, Pinners are bringing that same intention to their digital spaces!

Phone backgrounds, widget design and laptop screens are all getting a refresh this year.

Check out what Pinterest found:

  • Laptop wallpaper aesthetic high quality (+3000%)
  • Playlist covers photo aesthetic (+2400%)
  • Funny lock screen wallpaper (+300%)
  • Gaming background wallpaper (+200%)
  • Get off my phone wallpaper (+170%)

Beginner Tutorials

Like the old adage says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In 2021, Pinners won’t be afraid to be a beginner with a new hobby or interest. 

Here’s a few you’ll likely see: 

  • Knife painting for beginners (+150%) 
  • Sublimation for beginners (+1100%) 
  • How to skateboard for beginners (+155%) 
  • Resin art for beginners (+300%) 
  • Candle making for beginners (+80%)

Pinterest Wedding and Events

Minimalist Weddings

2020 called for an abrupt shift from grand, mega-weddings to smaller, more intimate affairs.

You can expect this trend to continue into 2021 as well, with Pinners searching for laid back wedding and fun elopement inspiration. 

A few trends on the horizon: 

  • Small backyard wedding (+160%) 
  • Simple wedding cake small one tier (+200%) 
  • Wedding jean jacket bride (+130%) 
  • Courthouse wedding outfit (+200%)
  • Desert elopement (+55%)

Planning the Little Things

Between city lockdowns, quarantines, WFH, and mass business closures, Pinners everywhere had to learn how to make the most of the little things in 2020.

Pinners will lean into this trend even more in 2021 with searches surrounding celebrating small occasions and making everyday moments more magical. 

Here’s some celebrations that will be making an appearance: 

  • Monthsary message for girlfriend (+145%) 
  • Anniversary box for him (+80%) 
  • Cheers and beers party (+85%) 
  • Movie date night at home (+110%) 
  • Death to my 20s party (+300%)

Pinterest Business Trends

DIY Business Basics

As 2021 begins, Pinners are stepping away from the corporate ladder and into their own offices.

Small business and entrepreneurship will be major trends in the new year. As a result, searches for tips on starting and running a business will skyrocket. 

Here are some of the top search predictions: 

  • Branding your business (+105%) 
  • Podcast design (+130%) 
  • Entrepreneur motivation (+200%) 
  • Accounting basics (+150%) 
  • Small business ideas (+90%)

Pinterest Family Trends

Small Pets

This is a trend that had us scratching our heads a little! Last year, we saw an obsession. with pampering our furry friends. In 2021, families will lean away from the furry and into… scales?

Low maintenance pets like lizards, frogs, and tortoises are climbing in Pinterest search.

Hey, those slithery creatures need love, too! 

Here are some trends you can expect: 

  • Pet lizards (+40%) 
  • Tortoise food (+95%) 
  • Pet frog (+110%) 
  • Pet snails (+160%) 
  • Pet chameleon (+50%)

Eco- Friendly Parenting

Entertaining the kiddos will have a more educational and environmentally friendly take in 2021.

You expect more searches for art projects using materials from around the house and outdoor activities. 

Here are a few specific trends to keep an eye out for: 

  • Art education projects (+35%) 
  • Outdoor education (+85%) 
  • Cardboard toys (+85%) 
  • Pencil shaving art for kids (+115%) 
  • Banana peel fertilizer (+300%)

Mindful Schooling

Mindfulness, morals, and manners will be top-of-mind for parents to teach their little ones in 2021.

Some things you don’t always learn in school, and parents are looking to take some time to instill important lessons in their young ones this year.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Mindmap ideas creative (+300%) 
  • Stories with moral lessons (+400%) 
  • Teaching kids manners (+145%) 
  • Government lessons (+185%) 
  • Mindfulness activities for children (+300%)

Just looking at this list, we’re excited for what 2021 has in store! In every corner of the web (and Pinterest) it seems like old favorites are being upcycled, and the status quo looked at with new eyes.

So that’s our challenge to you as you prep your Pinterest content this year. What exciting new remixes can you come up with in your own content?

Brainstorm in the comments – or just let us know your favorite trends on this list! We’re excited to dive into 2021 with fresh vision.

Cheers to a new year!

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