What is Social Media Management?

I know what you’re thinking. What is social media management? And why is social media management critical? It’s why you’re here, right? 

Maybe you’re a new business owner wondering what the heck Tick Tack, or is it Tik Tok even is, and if social media is a non-negotiable for your business.  

Or maybe you’re an aspiring social media manager crafting the perfect cover letter to land your dream job. That was me once. *Cue looking into the distance with a tear rolling down my cheek.*

No matter why you’re here, welcome, friend. Your speedy crash course begins right meow. 

Why is Social Media Management Important?

Let’s get down to the basics, shall we? 

Social media management is more than just creating and publishing content. It’s monitoring engagement, reach, growth, and analyzing what is and isn’t working. 

It’s organically growing a community of loyal customers and followers by showing them the value your business and account bring. And usually, it’s creating, monitoring, analyzing, and growing multiple channels at once.

And honestly, the most significant value of social media management is that it takes you from stagnancy to strategic growth

Marketing has changed a lot since the days of magazine and newspaper ads. However, I appreciate the pure charisma of a salesman like Don Draper. 

Social media alone allows you to communicate directly with your consumers and audience in a personal way. It allows you to potentially reach millions of people and earn their trust and their business.

While posting online and responding to comments is a good start, you need an effective social media strategy to grow by building brand awareness that generates leads and sales. Whether it’s someone who’s creative, loves analytics, and is motivated to build a solid foundation that will allow you to soar. Or through scheduling/management apps which we’ll get into below.

In the meantime, curious how a social media scheduling app could help? Read this case study by Brandy Mercredi, the entrepreneur behind FRANC, an online store that sells ethically-made women’s clothing. Brandy shares how Tailwind App increased her Pinterest reach by 44% and generated 2.8x more traffic to her store within a year!

Social Media Management Tools

In a nutshell, social media management tools should take the headache out of creating, scheduling, managing, and tracking the analytics of multiple channels, allowing you to do it all in one place. Essentially making it a lot easier to be consistent, see what works, and track your account’s growth.

What is social media screenshot, Tailwind website

A social media management tool should, in itself, be like your marketing team. (Wait… isn’t that Tailwind’s moto?)  

Speaking of Tailwind, let’s go over all the tools in our social media management toolbox, err, I mean, app that makes Tailwind one of the most unique and best social media management tools in the market.

Tailwind’s Social Media Management

Tailwind Create

Before Tailwind, I took my photos, went to a photo editor, created graphics in Canva, and then went to a scheduler. I didn’t have to sit there and pretend to be a graphic designer. All I had to do was plug in the style that I wanted, the colors, the things that were distinctive to my brand, and upload my photo.

Kenna McCall, Terradore Jewelery

First up, we have Tailwind’s newest baby, Create

This feature takes the place of a graphic designer, allowing you to make beautiful custom posts for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

Tailwind Create allows you to personalize the options by creating a brand profile to add your brand’s colors, logo, and typography, which will then customize the hundreds of designs to your specific brand. 

With Create, you can have professional-looking posts and pins that will immediately set you apart from the competition in just a few clicks.

I love Tailwind Create. It’s a cool thing that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Tailwind was mainly known for Pinterest at the beginning. And now, there are a lot of apps adding Pinterest scheduling to their features, but no one else has Create. If you do not have a graphic designer, just use Create for your posts, that’s why Tailwind is a part of my team.

Sandy Dedeian, Rectified Co

Tailwind Hashtag Finder

Ever heard of hashtags? #Hashtags take your post and put it into a group with all the other posts that also used it. Hashtags allow people to search on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for specific things like #femalebusinessowners. 

Hashtags are a great way to get more exposure, but many have millions of posts making it easy to get lost in the sea of hashtags.

However, our hashtag finder does the hard work for you. Based on your caption, the hashtag finder generates suggested hashtags to use and tells you how competitive each one is. It also allows you to choose which ones you’d like – but you can also opt to have your hashtags in a comment instead of the caption.

Like, excuse me, where was Tailwind when I was an aspiring fashion blogger spending an hour searching for hashtags and then wasting all that space in my caption with hashtags that already had 2 million posts?! 

C’est la vie. At least I can spread the good news to you friends now. 

I love that they give you hashtag recommendations, too. And that you can flip through and look at the different hashtags. Because sometimes hashtag research in and of itself can get heavy, and it’s a lot.

-Courtney Peterson, Duo Collective

Tailwind Scheduler

One of the biggest perks of social media scheduling apps is having a scheduler. Nothing is more annoying than logging into multiple accounts during specific times throughout the day to post during peak engagement hours.

Tailwind scheduler allows you to create a post, find your hashtags, and then schedule it during the best customized times depending on your followers.

Tailwind will then post for you on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest when you choose. If the recommended time is 2 AM then there’s no need to set an alarm to post. Tailwind will do it for you! You also don’t need to make a Google Doc and track the analytics of specific times you’ve posted to determine the best time frame.

I like that once I fill up the schedule pins, it will keep pinning, and I don’t have to stay focused. It will just carry out the schedule for me as long as I can keep that scheduler full. It gives me a lot of leeway and creative freedom to mess around with my schedule doing other things. It’s one ball I don’t have to worry about dropping.

Jane Caldwell, The Rowdy Ladybug

Tailwind App is not only your marketing team, but it’s the best team you could have. 

Tailwind Planner

This nifty feature allows you to plan your posts and shows you what your feed will look like—allowing you to tweak or rearrange your posts for the best visuals possible. 

I’m a freak about what our feed looks like, and with Tailwind, I can see what it looks like a month in advance.”

Courtney Peterson, Duo Collective

Smart Bio

If you have multiple links or products, then Smart Bio allows you to create a landing page with the colors and pictures of your brand.

Not only that, Smart Bio tracks the number of clicks and analytics of each link, giving you all that great data so you can see what’s working. 

What is social media management tailwind smart bio screenshot


We can’t forget about Communities, the feature that absolutely no other scheduling app has and significantly sets Tailwind apart. These Tailwind Communities allow you to connect with other Pinterest creators to be inspired and network within your industry. 

With over 20,000 Pinterest Communities, whatever your niche is, we have a Community for it.

One of the things I couldn’t figure out was why I couldn’t get any of the other crochet pattern designers to follow me on Pinterest. My Pinterest account was growing, but it was usually individual people, three, five, ten followers here and there. I kept wondering where all the crochet pattern designers were? None were following me, and they don’t pin any of my stuff. Well, it’s because they were all in Tailwind Communities, and they would only pin from Tailwind. So if you weren’t in Tailwind, they didn’t see your stuff, and it was like you didn’t exist to them because your pins weren’t where they were looking.

Tonya Bush, Nana’s Crafty Home

Try Tailwind today and get your first-month F-R-E-E!

Social Media Management – Business Tips

So, how exactly can social media management for business help you reach new heights?

While social media platforms can give your business personality and exposure, social media management apps can help you reach your goals. 

Curious how an app can benefit your business? Let’s take go ahead and take a looksy at how a social media management app can help your business:

  1. Tracking social media campaigns via:
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Social Media 
    3. And measuring ROI
  2. Optimizing social media content
  3. Ability to manage social media across multiple accounts
  4. Cross-posting on social media platforms to make repurposing content easier than ever
  5. It can be a great opportunity to get creative

Now that we’ve gone over all the benefits of social media and having a management app let’s discuss how YOU *cue finger guns* can get started. 

Getting Started with Social Media Management

It may feel overwhelming at first; however, managing multiple accounts can be easy-peasy. You just have to get started first.

Let’s go over how to establish a reputable social media presence whether you have a small business or large business:

  1. Establish your branding.
    1. Consistency and predictability goes a long way! Pick your brand’s colors, typography, and aesthetic. Then stick to it. 
  2. Pick which platforms you’d like to start out with. 
    1. Some options include: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. If setting up and managing all of them at once sounds like too much, just pick one or two, then slowly add on. 
  3. Anyalyze your audience. 
    1. Determine who your ideal customers are and what content they enjoy the most based on your analytics.
  4. Keep creating content and posting.
    1. If you’re not a natural graphic designer then take advantage of Tailwind Create, and make professional looking posts and pin!

The only way to be successful is by getting started and trying in the first place. And thankfully, there are social media management apps that help track your analytics and take away the more menial tasks, so social media doesn’t need to be a full-time job on top of your full-time job.

Until next time, friends! 

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