How Tailwind Helped Nadalie Bardo Receive 3.7 Million Monthly Views and Land a Book Deal”

Nadalie Bardo is an enthusiastic and motivational force, bringing sparkle and life to anything she touches. You can even feel her enthusiasm and passion in the audio of this interview. 

She’s a special person who makes the world more magical by doing what she loves.

While I’m sure Nadalie has always been a magnetic person, she wasn’t always following her passion. She used to have a 9-5 job with a 3-hour commute that made her miserable. 

“I did the whole thing. I was in grad school. I was in university for eight years, and then I finally got a job, and it was so disappointing. I was like, ‘Wow, this is it? I spent all that time working just to be stuck in traffic.’ I did the math, and driving back and forth for 40 years would take up five years of my life.”

“Wow, this is it? I spent all that time working just to be stuck in traffic.”

Something needed to change, and she felt pulled to start sharing what she was learning and experiencing. And so Nadalie took the first step by starting her blog, It’s All You Boo.

“My first official blog post was me ranting about hating the 9:00 to 5:00 life. And it just morphed into talking about things I was discovering about myself, and motivation issues and discovering what it means to slay your goals.”

As Nadalie began dipping her toes in the water with her self-help-themed blog, she began seeing the same patterns of job disappointment in the people around her. People who were unhappy even though they were doing all the things they were told to do.

Being a loving person who deeply cares for others, Nadalie wanted to help motivate her friends and family members to believe in themselves. She wanted to help them feel worthy of happiness and inspire them to pursue it. 

She didn’t realize it at the time, but on the other side of figuring out how to believe in herself, she’d also find major success. 

“I started talking to friends, and I asked them two questions. One, are you happy? And two, do you feel successful? Do you feel that, or is there still something unfulfilled? And it was asking those questions where I came up with that saying. I found that was something I kept saying, it’s not those external things. It’s just about you.”

Those questions she asked herself and others led to the start of something. The beginning of shifting from a blog to a business. And shifting internally from doubting herself to surrendering and seeing where she could go.

“One, are you happy? And two, do you feel successful?”

Nadalie began exploring her hold-ups, whether from fear or a lack of motivation, and she shared those findings to empower others. Doing this ignited something exciting. Nadalie began to build something as she talked about the personal behind-the-scenes journey of becoming herself and loving that person.

“I think if you want to be successful at this, one thing that has to come to mind is starting a business is a journey of personal development. And it touches every area of your life. You’ve got blocks about money? You’re going to have to face that. Do you have confidence issues? You’re going to have to overcome that. It affects your relationships with people. No part of your life is left untouched.”

“Starting a business is a journey of personal development. ”

Nadalie didn’t plan for her blog and business to become what it has, but organically she began to discover her own unique “secret sauce,” and she realized what it took to find your path and be happy. It’s All You Boo

In the beginning, Nadalie researched best blog practices, and she kept noticing how many people talked about Pinterest, so she decided to give it a try.

Nadalie recalls that everyone had an opinion about how to be successful, and she noticed those “best practices” changed all the time. So while there was constant advice, Nadalie was determined to drown it out and follow her guidance. 

She created social media accounts and immediately noticed Pinterest was taking off and bringing lots of traffic to her website. 

“I realized the little bit of energy I’m putting into this is working. So, why the heck am I wasting time on all this other stuff? ”

Nadalie’s success on Pinterest made her want to lean more into it and learn how to grow it. And that’s how Nadalie also found Tailwind.

“I would read these blog posts, and people would be like, ‘Oh my gosh. I get my traffic from Pinterest!’ And then the following breath was always ‘Schedule your Pins with Tailwind!’ It was like peanut butter and jelly. You want both. I wanted the best for Pinterest. I didn’t want it to be an afterthought. I wanted it to be the foundation of how this platform worked. And to me, it wasn’t even a choice.”

Nadalie became a Tailwind user and started joining Tailwind Communities and batch scheduling pins. She noted the growth and all of the opportunities Pinterest began to bring.

“A lot of us feel overwhelmed. A lot of us feel like, “Oh my gosh. I can’t get ahead.”This is an endless to-do list.” So, the time that I’ve been able to save by using Tailwind in terms of getting ahead and batching – that’s invaluable. I don’t have a day where like, “I didn’t pin.” That doesn’t happen for me because everything is taken care of.”

Social media management is a full-time job that many business owners struggle to balance. That’s why batch scheduling and automatic posting are invaluable to business owners. Especially those who are a team of one in the beginning!

But while Nadalie’s story is captivating, we’re still just getting started. Wait and see what else has happened for her, and It’s All You Boo

“The time that I’ve been able to save by using Tailwind in terms of getting ahead and batching – that’s invaluable. ”

As Nadalie’s success began to take off thanks to Pinterest, she went from a blogger to an eCommerce store. Nadalie started selling motivational journalspositive mantras, a Pinterest course, a goal slayer program, and a goal-setting course. And while Nadalie was juggling these new offers and expanding her blog and brand, something incredible happened.

“I even got offered to write a book. I wrote a book because people found me on Pinterest.”

A publishing company approached Nadalie to write a book on how she has accomplished so much. She accepted the offer and wrote Conquer Procrastination: Proven Strategies to Maintain Productivity and Take Control of Your Life

“I would not have achieved that had I not been using Tailwind. I don’t think I would have grown as fast. I don’t think I would have even had time to write a book because they gave me six weeks to write it. So had things not been handled, there’s no way I would’ve had the time to do it.”

The most fantastic part about Nadalie’s story is she didn’t get her success by merely hustling. She found herself and her purpose which lead to the rest. 

“I would not have achieved that had I not been using Tailwind. ”

She started a blog that now has contributing writers from around the world. She experimented with Pinterest, began selling profitable courses about Pinterest, and motivated other people to find their best selves too. When Nadalie found her path, the rest followed.

She didn’t have to query literary agents or pitch book ideas. A publishing company found her, saw her authenticity’s magic, and offered her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve never seen a more perfect example of the phrase, “what’s meant to be will not miss you.”

“It’s like so many amazing things can happen once you automate something, once you have a reliable system. My Pinterest workflow, or even my blog and business workflow depends on Tailwind.”

Nadalie’s empire was built thanks to Pinterest, and Tailwind helping her Pinterest rapidly grow.

Nadalie’s website has tons of great information and free material, like her killer blog with topics ranging from finding happiness within, to crystals for beginners, choosing life insurance, and hormone imbalances. Her blog is a one-stop with everything you need to know in a single place.

She also has a FREE masterclass, “3 Big Mistakes You’re Making on Pinterest.”  

And if you want to stay up to date with It’s All You Boo, then don’t forget to follow her social channels! YoutubeTwitterPinterestInstagram, and Facebook

I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did! 

Bye for now.  

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How to Promote Your Music: A Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming a star musician is a dream sought after by many. However, it’s a goal that’s very difficult to achieve. The music industry is highly competitive thanks to a lot of new artists entering the market each month. Artists must differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. 

 The music industry is difficult to get into, but also very profitable. According to Citi, the total revenue of the music industry in the United States is $43 billion. If you’re wondering how to get your music heard, you need to learn how to market yourself. Without proper marketing, you won’t be able to gain an audience. In this guide, you’ll learn how to promote your music to take your music career to the next level.

How to Create a Marketing Plan for a New Music Artist

It’s important to plan out your marketing strategy so that you know exactly how to promote your music. These are some of the most essential steps that will help you understand what you need to do to succeed. 

#1: Define Your Audience

It’s important to understand who your audience is so that you can better promote your music. It may seem like a good idea to market to as many different kinds of people as possible.

However, trying to cater to too many people may not be as effective as tailoring your music for a specific type of audience. Not everyone likes the same thing and becoming more personal with a smaller group of people can lead to better engagement. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you narrow down your audience:

  • What genre does my music fall into? 
  • If someone asked me what my music was, how would I explain it to them?
  • Who do I want to listen to my music? 
  • What is the goal of my music?

#2: Analyze Your Competition

Keep in mind what other artists are doing when deciding how to promote your music. Study how they achieve their goals and who their target demographic is. Think about what social networks they use, how they engage with their supporters, and the other artists that their fans follow. 

#3: Perform a Competitor Analysis

When deciding how to promote your music, it can be helpful to use a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis, or SWOT. By thinking about these four factors, you can better plan out a strategy for your music. 

Strengths: What skills and resources do you have that you can leverage to your advantage?

Weaknesses: understanding the challenges you face is important to overcome them. 

Opportunities: think carefully about opportunities that you can take advantage of. These must be actionable and directly lead to your success. Avoid risky or ‘pipe dream’ opportunities that seem too good to be true. 

Threats: Think about what’s out there that could threaten your success. The ease of digital piracy may be a threat to you. Another example might be deeply entrenched music empires like streaming services and popular artists with far more resources than you

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

With social media, you can promote your music to a much wider audience. For example, when people click on links in your social posts, they can land on your website, your music, and more information about you. This greatly increases the likelihood that they may become loyal fans that will continue to engage with your music. 

It’s important to keep in mind the audience that you investigated earlier and engage with channels that they use daily. Creating engaging social media content like behind-the-scenes videos, holiday posts, and other non-music content can help bring a more personal touch to your engagement with fans. 

Creating a social media marketing strategy is an incredibly important part of promoting your music. And in tandem with that, so is implementing it in a low-stress, efficient way.

Tailwind’s social media management platform takes marketing pressure off of the musician. When scheduled to do so, Tailwind will automatically post content across Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. It also will provide you with the best hashtags to use with its Hashtag Finder tool and the times to post when your audience is most engaged.

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Blogs, Playlists, and News

Building out your media footprint will help solidify your reputation as a music artist. When deciding how to promote your music, think of opportunities to put yourself out there.

One of the most important ways to reach people is through Internet search engines. If you can create blog posts, playlists, and get mentioned in news outlets, you can become more likely to be seen in search engines and other channels. 

Develop a digital press kit that aligns with your objective. You can also take a deep look at other music blogs and Spotify playlists to decide how you want to go about developing your own.

You can put together a spreadsheet of resources that you can reach out to that may be able to help extend your reach to your target audience. 

Keep in mind that you may have to send dozens of emails before you may get a single response. It can be difficult to break into the market. However, once you gain momentum, it’s much easier to continue your journey.

Additional Tips to Successfully Promote Your Music

There are a few other tips that you should keep in mind when promoting your music. Try not to please everyone. It’s better to have a smaller, dedicated group of fans than to engage with millions of people only loosely. Narrowing your focus will also help you stay unique and corner a niche in the music market. This will also help you focus on making your marketing more effective!

You should also participate in the music community by communicating with your fans when possible. Engaging with your audience is one of the best ways to appear authentic and will help you meet other like-minded individuals who can help you along the way.

Internet discussion groups are one way to do this, as well as social media. Groups online can contain thousands of people where word can spread quickly about your work.

Conclusion: Break Into the Market! 

Now that you know how to promote your music, you’re ready to take your career to the next level! Understanding your audience, keeping track of the characteristics of your musical identity, analyzing your competition, and engaging with your followers are all solid ways to stay in the game.

Social media is a powerful tool to take advantage of when considering marketing plans for new music artists. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our creative social media campaign ideas to enrich your marketing strategy!

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Learn the most essential tips to create a marketing plan for a new music artist and take any singer or musician to the next level in the music industry.