CPG Brands on Pinterest

Brands are flocking to Pinterest to promote their product. We would know. We are one of them. But anybody can sign up for an account, put their brand name on it, post some pretty pictures and call it a day. So, what separates the great from the good? CPG With this blog post we want to put the spotlight on Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands on Pinterest. Why? Because unlike other businesses, CPG brands have the added task of ensuring their consumers see them as more than their average daily household item. According to ChiefMarketer.comCPG brands on Pinterest “need to get creative if they want to play in this space. They need to:

  • Showcase interesting ways to use the product
  • Leverage coupons
  • Create recipes
  • Connect with influencers
  • Use it as your website”

And we couldn’t agree more. So in that spirit, here are our five picks of CPG brands on Pinterest who are killin’ it with their account:


Downy is a CPG Brand on Pinterest The fabric softener brand hits the nail on the head by using contests and sweepstakes to connect with their influencers. You would think that being a fabric softener brand would have limit their ability to talk about anything more than laundry but they used their boards to strategically cultivate a feeling they want their consumers to feel when thinking of their brand and they successfully do it with their Pinterest account. Boards we love: Their “#ClosetLoveAffair” board perfectly combined consumer participation by coaxing them to enter their sweepstakes as well as inspiring them with outfit ideas. Genius.


Dove is a CPG Brand on Pinterest Much like Downy, Dove’s Pinterest account evokes a feeling. The personal care product giant has a Pinterest account with boards that are littered with pins about leading a balanced life as well as inspirational words and quotes, stamping their beliefs on what beauty is. Boards we love: We can’t get enough of their “Beautiful Balance” board that highlights beauty tips, life lessons, thoughtful advice and caring inspiration promoting a balanced lifestyle. There’s also a “Treat Yourself” board with posts from their domain which illustrates ChiefMarketer.com‘s point of using their Pinterest account like their own website. 


Ziploc is a CPG Brand on Pinterest Ziploc’s Pinterest account is an avid pinner’s dream. Full of crafty, DIY ideas they very tactfully integrate their product into their pins, with plenty of food recipes and other fun, family-friendly activities. Boards we love: We are all about life hacks, and their “Life Made Easy” board has plenty of interesting, cool ideas to help us “MacGyver” our way through a sticky situation.


Hershey's is a CPG Brand on Pinterest As you can imagine, the chocolate giant’s Pinterest account is filled with chocolate. Recipes with chocolate in all forms; cooked, baked, stuffed, rolled, dipped. It’s basically the mecca of chocolate. The amazing thing about their account is that they are not making any qualms about having their Pinterest the go-to account for all things chocolate, cementing their brand status as chocolate connoisseurs. Boards we love: There’s so many to choose from but if you are looking for chocolate recipes, the board to check out is the “HERSHEY’s Baking Library.” With YouTube’s video integration, you can now check out recipe videos from their official YouTube account on Pinterest.

Grey Poupon

Grey Poupon is a CPG Brand on Pinterest The original dijon mustard, Grey Poupon’s Pinterest account perfectly integrates almost all the points raised by ChiefMarketer.com, by curating content from the history of their brand to highlighting the different flavors. Boards we love: There’s so many creative boards to choose from: “The Art of Sandwich” if you need recipe ideas on how to spread your Grey Poupon; “Prized Pets” because everyone loves animals on Pinterest; “Pardon Meme” a hilarious board of pins consisting of Poupon memes that will make the child in you laugh with glee. Also, in case you haven’t seen this, check out their NSFTV commercial. Don’t watch it at work – you won’t be able to stop yourself from LOL-ing.

Know of any other CPG brands with awesome Pinterest accounts that we missed? Drop a link on our comment box and share them with us!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas on Pinterest

Father's-DayFather’s day is upon us and whether he is willing to admit it or not, your old man loves you and deserves a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day. Luckily for us, there’s a nifty website called Pinterest where you can find tons of crafty Father’s Day gift ideas to show him just how much you care. Here are a few of our picks from Pinterest and you can even rope in your kids to help with some of them and make this special day just a little sweeter! 0_0_2c2e0d524002f668e4ab09de7d30e8da_1 Show your dad just how much you love him with this cute craft idea from A Day in My LIfe. 8e514921d336689dc2c41a8fe4f9fa15Give him his favorite candy snack in a nicely DIY decorated bag a la Crafts Unleashed. 46e1e506a918ffdf0f825c79a67c0d82 Not only is this an adorable idea, it can also be a great addition to your kid’s milestone! Taken from Etsy.com. FD_ties_lots Because everyone enjoys a good pun, even father’s. Taken from ThenSheMade.com. funny-spatula-fathers-day-gift- Dads and grilling go together like PB&J. Indulge in your dad’s good home cookin’ (if he happens to be able to cook) by getting him cooking utensils with clever tags like Sassy Dealz suggests. Website-linked-that-provides-all-the-states-to-be-downloaded-and-printedIf you’ve moved around a lot growing up, this is a great idea to remind your dad of all the “homes” he created. Perfect for military families who move from place to place! Taken from CandyPin.com.

Found other pins on Father’s Day gift ideas? Post them on our comment box and share them with us!

Advantages of Contributing Blog Writers

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of blogging and how it has drastically changed the way people absorb information. In this follow up, we would like to list some of the bonuses of having a contributing writer. 

Advantages-of-Contributing-Blog-WritersBusinesses use blogs as a platform for sharing ideas, content marketing, product promotion and most importantly, connecting with your customers. Blogging is a big responsibility and takes a whole lot of creative juice to run and produce content your readers will respond to. Here at Tailwind, we reach out to blog contributors all the time and have built some very good relationships with them. Here are some insights on the advantages of having blog contributors:

Diversify Content
When you are blogging for a business, it is important not to sound one dimensional. Typically companies have a designated person hired for the sole purpose of producing content for their blog but the trouble with having only one writer is it reflects one thought process and one person’s opinion, which can heavily influence the content you put out. Having guest contributors not only adds value to your blog in the long run but also offers a myriad of views and perspective which is integral to a blog’s longevity and makes readers come back.

Reach Influencers
Reaching out to other writers help bring in new readers. At Tailwind, we track influencers of all kinds; from techies, to social media marketing experts to members of the startup community, anyone we come in contact with or meet at conferences or events with a great idea and a strong passion for what they do is a potential networking opportunity. Bringing in someone with a strong following helps draw new customers into the fold and get the word out on your business.

Gain Credibility
People love hearing about success stories so it helps to reach out to experts in a specific field and get them to guest blog for you. Getting a seasoned professional in the industry to share their journey makes the blog post an educational one for your readers. It is inspirational and motivates readers, especially those starting out in the business.

Build Community
At the end of the day, blogging forms a community. Having guest writers is a great way to network with other bloggers The blogging community can be a tight knit family and would always be up for sharing content with everyone within. By doing so, you will be privy to good quality blog content and increase your business’s reputation within the community.

Know of any great blog contributors or would like to be one yourself? Drop a comment in the box below and let the networking begin!


Pinterest Goes Global

Pinterest Goes Global

Pinterest is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. According to Media Bistro, they’ve amassed over 70 million users worldwide, with 45.6% of the users hailing from the United States. This implies that there are a total of 38 million Pinterest users from other parts of the world, all with great and innovative ideas that are distinct and unique to their own culture. Here are our top picks of international Pinterest boards:

Shopify_2An Ottawa based company, Shopify gives businesses an online presence and makes it easy for them to create a Web store. Founded by Tobias Lütke in 2004, the company has since gained a revenue that exceeds $2 million. Their Pinterest boards is categorically placed and sparks interest in both women and men.

Boards we love
: Their “Cool Products on Shopify” board is undoubtedly their most successful board. With over 1,100 pins and 3,179 followers, they pin about trendy and unique products that traditional stores don’t have. It is also a brilliant platform for their customers’ business and provides free marketing to showcase their products.

Museo Interactivo de Economía (Interactive Museum of Economics)
From Tacuba Street in Mexico City, the Museo Interactivo de Economia (or MIDE) is virtually the first ever museum on economics. Opened in 2006, the museum focuses on exhibits that make economics education fun and engaging, primarily for students. What’s cool about MIDE’s Pinterest account is their boards are an extension of their museum galleries. Every collection is categorized and has pictures of all their amazing exhibits.

Boards we love: MIDE’s main building is a sight to behold and they love it so much that they dedicated an entire board to highlight the museum’s amazing architecture. “Nuestro Edificio”  means “Our Building” and the board showcases their pride in the museum by including pictures and historical facts about the building. We are big foodies here at Tailwind and we love that they also included a board of recipes from their museum bistro in “Bistró Club.”

Torta per Te – Valle’


Speaking of food, we can’t resist a cool Pinterest account with pictures of food and desserts – which is exactly what Torta per Te Valle’ has. Valle’ is a butter and margarine product company from Italy and has been around since 1975. Owned by French company St.Hubert SAS, they specialize in producing butter that is cholesterol free, low in fat and contains zero hydrogenated fats.

Boards we love: Honestly, all of their boards are amazing! If you are the type who enjoys baking, you are in for a “treat” because each pin is directly linked to their main domain which contains full recipes of their delicious goods.

Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons


Another food related Pinterest account, this time from the United Kingdom. Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons is a bakery that specializes in producing gluten and wheat-free products. Company chairman, Jonathan Warbuton has a niece who can only digest foods that are gluten and wheat free and inspired him to create products that everyone, including people with dietary restrictions can enjoy.

Boards we love: “#Lunchoff” has a range of gluten free recipes for everything from wraps, sandwiches, salads and other lunchtime favorites that look incredibly delicious. Just like Valle’, their pins link to their main domain with a full list of recipes.

Do you know of any other Pinterest accounts from across the globe? Leave a comment below and let us know who we should check out next!


Top Celebrity Pinterest Accounts

Fact: Pinterest users are reaching new heights. With over 70 millions users worldwide and $3.8 billion valuation, more and more individuals are getting their pin on with the leading visual discovery tool. So it is a surprise to no one that celebrities are joining in on the action and using Pinterest to market themselves, their brand as well as their businesses. Check out a few of our favorite celebrity Pinterest accounts!

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

Former Who’s the Boss actress, Alyssa Milano is one busy woman. With a career spanning over 30 years, it is safe to say that Milano has survived the curse of the 80’s child star. She is still an actress (Milano is currently on the ABC drama, Mistresses), a doting mom (Milo, her son with acting agent husband, David Bugliari turned 2 last August) and she also produces and writes. But many may not know that Milano is a big fan of Major League Baseball, particularly the Los Angeles Dodgers, and started a women’s fashion line for baseball fan apparel called “Touch”, which can be purchased through her personal blog and the MLB official site. Needless to say with the popularity of Pinterest, Milano uses her account to help market her clothes and pin cool ideas on topics ranging from sports to fashion and food.

Boards we love: Milano’s board, “Football is Life“, is where she pins for female sports fans and proudly proclaims that sports isn’t just for men. Her board, “For Good“, documents Milano’s humanitarian efforts and incorporates her love for sports and charities. Check out Alyssa Milano’s Pinterest account.

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad

Everyone’s favorite good girl from The Hills has proven to be the most successful cast member from the hit reality TV show. With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Lauren Conrad’s fashion and style empire comprises of a clothing line, style books and novels. She pins about all things girly and has boards every self proclaimed fashionista would love. Everything from fashion tips, travel, food to health and fitness, hairstyle tips and books.

Boards we love: Conrad’s board, “Grow“, contains pins about some of the things that contributed to her growth as a person and continue to inspire her personally. We also love her “Make” board that has a lot of great DIY ideas on decorating and crafts. Check out LC’s Pinterest account.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alab

Inspired by her role as a mother of two, actress Jessica Alba started “The Honest Company” with her business partner, Chris Gavigan. The company focuses on creating toxin-free everyday products, including soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies, diapers and shampoo that are safe to use. Her Pinterest boards are influenced by her business and her role as a mother, with cute ideas for little ones, her personal style and home decorating ideas.

Boards we love:  Her “Products I Love” board gives us insights on a few other non-toxic products and her “Decor for Little Ones” board has a ton of cute decorating ideas for children – undoubtedly inspired by her two daughters, Honor Marie and Haven Garner. Check out Jessica Alba’s Pinterest account.  

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie

From one young mother to another, reformed party girl, Nicole Richie has established a legitimate name for herself in the fashion industry, and she’s held to high regard for her positive turn in life after battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Richie’s most notable fashion label, “House of Harlow 1960”, spawned a jewelry, handbag and clothing line. She also created a maternity line for A Pea in the Pod called “Nicole” and has expanded her fashion business to a new women’s line called “Winter Kate”.

Boards we love: Of course there’s the “House of Harlow 1960” board, which is a collection of all her designs, and the “Vintage Fashion” board, which features old fashion pictorials, but undoubtedly our favorite (and the most random–in the best way) is her “Chicken Coop” board which features really cool coops. Check out Nicole’s Pinterest account. 

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper

The world may know Anderson Cooper for his serious anchorman persona on CNN and his cutting edge interviews on Anderson Cooper 360°, but following his official coming out in 2012 and the success of his daytime talk show Anderson Live, Cooper is now a household name. He has transitioned from journalist to a very well known celebrity in his own right. With the syndication of Anderson Live, Cooper took to Pinterest to expand his reach to a new audience. He pins about everything from his favorite books, recipes from his celebrity chef guests, fan art and fashion tips for men.

Boards we love: “Photo Booth Fun” is a board consisting of fun photo booth pictures of him with his guests. The “Anderson Live Next Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Challenge” board chronicles Cooper’s search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. In our opinion, the best board by far is one called “Frugal Friday“, where he pins money saving tips. Check out Anderson Cooper’s Pinterest account. 

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest

Everything Ryan Seacrest is involved in becomes a hit, and his Pinterest account is no different. Seacrest’s boards reflect him– everything from men’s fashion and hairstyle, to his hosting and correspondence projects with the E! Network and his own production company Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Boards we love: Seacrest has a lot of random boards but the best one is definitely his “Not Your Mother’s Grilled Cheese” board, which (of course) features all kinds of grilled cheese sandwich recipes. Check out Ryan’s Pinterest account.

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton

This came as a surprise to us, too, when we researched celebrity Pinterest accounts, but it seems that actress Diane Keaton is also a photographer and has her own line of home goods called “K by Keaton”. Her Pinterest account doubles as an architectural creativity board with pictures of home decor, sceneries, houses and interior design.

Boards we love: Her “Breakfast for Champions” and “W.C.” boards have incredible pictures of kitchen nooks and bathrooms. Check out Diane Keaton’s Pinterest account.

Oprah Winfrey

Media giant, Oprah Winfrey is no stranger to personal branding. After a 25 season long run with The Oprah Winfrey Show, Winfrey continues to inspire her audience with her Pinterest account, which seems to be an extension of her nationally syndicated show. A lot of her favorite segments from her show are translated onto her Pinterest boards and include links to her current her projects like “Oprah’s Next Chapter” as well as updates from her OWN network.

Boards we love: “Oprah’s Book Club 2.0” is very reminiscent of the one she did on her show and includes links to purchase them from her domain. Just like on her talk show, Winfrey can’t help but also include her best friend, Gayle King into the mix with a board titled “What Gayle’s Loving” This board is a collection of King’s favorite repins, style tips and updates on her correspondence with CBS This MorningCheck out Oprah’s Pinterest account.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres’s Pinterest account is exactly like her: sunny, nice, friendly and incredibly engaging. DeGeneres (or her team rather) has done a great job incorporating elements from her talk show that her audiences love. Almost all the segments from the talk show have their own boards on her Pinterest account, which is an incredibly smart move as she gets high repins from her memes and gags from the show.

Boards we love: Everything from “Ellen’s Good News“, “Clumbsy Thumbsy“, “What’s Wrong With These Signs?! Signs” to her boards on “Cutest Kids“, “Ink About It” and her infamous “Bad Paid-For Photos” they are all as quirky and zany as the talk show host herself. Check out Ellen’s Pinterest account.

Martha Stewart

Let’s face it – Pinterest and Martha Stewart go together like peanut butter and jelly. The life style queen has created a fortune inspiring women (and men!) all over the world to get crafty and creative. With the success of her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company, Stewart is reportedly worth an estimated $970 million, so we are not surprised that Stewart has taken to creating a Pinterest account reaching over 500,000 followers.

Boards we love: Is it fair to say we love them all?? All of Stewart’s boards work like her self help books, with each board designated to a particular craft. She also has holiday inspired boards for almost every celebration and includes decorating and recipe ideas. Check out Martha’s Pinterest account.

4 Ideas for Singletons to Spend Valentine’s Day via Pinterest

That time of year is finally here: the day when couples realize their romantic fantasies and go all out to declare their love for each other, all the while contributing nearly $17.3 billion to America’s economy. We are of course talking about Valentine’ Day.

While those in love spend obscene amounts of money lavishing each other with flowers, chocolates, jewelry and sweaters (yeah, sweaters. Seriously, we looked it up), what about the single individuals out there? We here at Tailwind are huge advocates for singletons so don’t worry–we got you covered. Here are 4 ideas from Pinterest for all the single ones out there to help make the best out of Single Awareness Day.

Pamper Yourself!


This Valentine’s Day, look out for numero uno–yourself! You’ve worked hard so treat yourself to some great yet affordable ways to pamper yourself. The Skinny.therapon have some easy steps to recreate a spa treatment for some serious R&R.

Plan a Singles Only Valentine’s Day Dinner Party!

Dinner Party





Now we are not suggesting throwing a bitter “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party ala Jessica Biel’s character in the movie, Valentine’s Day. There is no reason to be bitter and hate Valentine’s Day when you can treat it just like any other holiday and spend it with your friends! If for no other reason, it’s an excuse to throw a party! Hostess with the Mostess lays down some terrific, sweet and simple ideas for a little soiree. Invite all your single friends over for a dinner party and relish in the company of those who are in your life rather than fret over the ones who aren’t.

Plan a Romantic Dinner for two–with a Friend!







Good Housekeeping has some delicious V-Day recipes you can try out so if you crave a quiet dinner at home and don’t want to deal with the hassle of having a ton of people over. It’s also a perfect opportunity to invite that one special friend over for dinner to spend some quality BFF/bro time. If he/she happens to be in a relationship and is spending Valentine’s Day with their significant other, call up another friend! Or that new friend you’ve made whom you’ve been dying to get to know better. Who knows, if all goes well you may not be single next Valentine’s!

Thank Your Loved Ones!

Thank You Cards






Valentine’s Day is about love after all so why not spread it and remind your friends and family just how much they mean to you! She Wears Many Hats has a cute idea for a thoughtful V-Day card and though it may have been intended for kids, we can’t help but share it. Also–it comes with a free printable!

Feel free to let us know what your Valentine’s Day plans are-single or otherwise!


5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

5 Ways to Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

Anyone who is a pop culture enthusiast or an avid fan of scrolling through YouTube videos has probably seen Justin Timberlake’s sketch on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show satirizing the overuse of hashtags.

Yes. Hashtags, when used frivolously can be a major annoyance. Exhibit A: Raise your hand if any of you have ever come across an Instagram post that included the following:

#girl #boy #smile #yolo #sky #cool #yolohard #funny #sun #bored #love #likeme #BA #coolbeans #youonlylivelifeonce #forrealz #imcool #wehere #imaboss #ftw #awesomeness #hashtagforlikes #hashtagforfollowers #hashtagtillicanthashtagnomore

Annoyed yet?

The truth is, when used the way they are intended, hashtags are an incredibly helpful tool to navigate your way through the ever changing, ever evolving world of social media–especially with your business. According to Twitter, hashtags are “…used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.”

Since then, hashtags have been implemented in other forms of social media and started a burgeoning trend all on its own, being used by many both in their personal and professional lives. Here are a few tips we’ve come up with on how to use them to your advantage:

[sc name=”CTA – Text – Instagram Hashtag Strategy Guide”]

#TipOne: Customize it!

On Instagram, hashtags can be used to organize your images, much like a photo album. With this tool, you can then upload consecutive photos on Instagram and include a clear, distinguishable hashtag to categorize all your photos to a corresponding event. For example, post pictures of a recent office party on your official company Instagram by using the hashtag #tailwindofficeparty. All pictures from the event will be organized in a neat “album” and ready for your viewing with an easy search. Helpful tip: make sure the hashtag you create hasn’t already been used. You can search it on the hashtag search bar to see if it brings up any result. If not, your hashtag is unique and ready for use.

#TipTwo: Search it!

Hashtags can be your equivalent of a Google Image search on Instagram. As of December 2013, Instagram has over a 150 million users. With an average of 55 million images a day, you can be sure to find a any subject matter on Instagram. Example? Ladies, if you are feeling particularly randy and absolutely need a reminder of the sheer awesome-ness of Ryan Gosling’s abs, you can search #ryangosling on the Instagram hashtag search bar and bask in all his perfectly chiseled physique. Guys, looking for Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated cover? Easy. You can find images of #kateupton’s cover in a myriad of filters using the hashtag search bar. As a business, you can also use this option to scope out your competitors or research new ideas in your area of expertise.

#TipThree: Make it topical!

Want to start a topical conversation or read up on someone else’s views on a particular subject? Twitter and even Facebook can connect all posts/discussions/debates using hashtag. Search #politics on Twitter to see what is trending in the world of government affairs. Type #fashion to view the latest fads. Most users know by now that Facebook recently included hashtags to “…turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal Timeline or Page.” This allow users to search posts about topics they’re interested in.

This function is also helpful to businesses, as professionals often use Twitter as a forum to discuss market trends with others in their industry. By encouraging dialogue with other business users, you not only increase your networking opportunities, you also get to build your brand in the process.

#TipFour: Instant reviews!

The same way users find topical conversations through hashtags, you can also use them to get reviews on restaurants and services, as well as movie or even music reviews. Disgruntled customers often take to Twitter or even Facebook, warning others about their bad experience in a tweet or a status update. Additionally, users will more than likely tweet about how one-dimensional and repetitive the new Jason Statham movie is or gab on and on about how they can’t get the new Miley track out of their heads.

From a business point of view, this function is a great way to receive instant feedback from customers about your services. By doing so, you get a candid, no-holds-barred review of what went well, things that need to be improved and tips to change your approach for your clientele. It is important to note that when responding to dissatisfied customers on any form of social media using a company account, it is very important to respond in a calm manner to avoid coming across indignant or offended. The way you handle your interaction with your critics will heavily influence the way customers respond to your business or brand, so avoid being snippy because you will lose them.

#TipFive: Get Social!

If all else fails, hashtags are also a great way to connect with people! It is widely known that the best way to get more Twitter followers is by following others. What better way to get connected with someone with the same interests as you than to follow someone who tweets about the things you like? By reading the trending topics, you are opening yourself to millions of people from all over the world, all bound together in a global network of cultural exchanges. This certainly brings the world a lot closer!

So readers, can you offer any other suggestions on how to use hashtags? We’d love to hear your opinion!

The quickest way to research hashtags

We have heard from a lot of marketers that hashtag research was taking up too much of their time and they weren’t necessarily finding the best tags for their posts. We solved this problem with Tailwind for Instagram’s Hashtag Finder and Hashtag Lists tools which suggest the best hashtags for your post based on the hashtags you’re already using. The intuitive color-coding makes choosing between different hashtags easier than ever before.  Once you’ve created a list of hashtags you like you can save it as a hashtag list for future use.

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