How to Grow Your Facebook Followers For Free

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These days, most businesses have a Facebook page. Setting up an account is easy, and your new business profile can be live in a matter of minutes.

Setting up your business page is only the first step. Growing your Facebook following is a commitment, but when you put the effort in you could open your brand up to new customers and opportunities.

The question is, how do you grow your Facebook fanbase? And how do you do it on a budget?

The good news is, you can grow your business page organically without having to spend any money!

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten tips for growing your Facebook followers. Check it out!

#1. Post Regularly

You know the saying, “quality over quantity”, but when it comes to social media it should be “quality AND quantity”. 

If a potential follower visits your page and it hasn’t been updated since 2016, they’ll wonder if you’re still in business. The solution is to keep your page fresh with regular, informative updates.

Your updates should be relevant and you should schedule your posts for a time when your target audience is online. For example, you may be targeting overseas shoppers who live in a different time zone. It could be worth posting at 2 am to get maximum reach from your post. 

So, you know you should post a lot. But exactly how often should you post on Facebook? The answer is, you should aim for one quality post on your timeline per day. And don’t forget to add regular updates to your Facebook Stories!

The great news is, you can repurpose content from your other social platforms to make less heavy lifting. And when you have us in your corner, you can use Tailwind Create to generate hundreds of beautiful post designs personalized to your brand in one click for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! It’s three for the price of one! Check out Tailwind Create below :

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#2. Always Be Professional

You should save the personal posts for your private page. Keep your business page professional, and double-check your content before posting.

Make sure there are no spelling errors, and that your images are clear and crisp.

Your cover image and icon should fit with your brand and you should avoid anything that could cause offense. 

Fill out your page information so that your fans can learn more about what you do. Use a generic email address such as [email protected] rather than a personal one.

Don’t forget to include your website and your general location as this will boost your credibility.

#3. Respond to Comments

You can increase your reach by interacting with your followers. Every comment, like, or share, spreads your post and helps you build your followers list. 

By responding to your fans it shows them that you’re a real person, and you’re there to answer any questions. If you’re a store owner, answering a query about a specific product could secure the sale. 

Comments may not always be positive, but you should be courteous. Don’t forget to delete any spam comments as they can be offputting to your followers.

#4. Create Original Content

Facebook users see a lot of content. In fact, there are 14.58 million uploads to the social media platform every hour. To get noticed your posts need to be original and shareable. 

You’ll need to understand your target audience and their interests. For example, they may like funny memes, interesting facts, or exclusive videos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas until you find something that works.

Keep all of your original content consistent so your users know what to expect. This could be as simple as including your logo on all of your images or using the same color palette for your memes.

#5. Make Your Posts Interactive

If a Facebook post goes viral, it usually leads to an increase in engagement. When users comment, like, or share your posts, it will be shown to more people.

You can improve your chances of a viral post by encouraging interactivity.

A smart way to do this is to end your post with a question. You can also pair a question with a graphic. In the following example, the question is “which one are you?”

It’s not uncommon for videos to go viral. Styles that perform well on social media include “how-tos”, cooking tutorials, and funny videos.

Think about what you have to offer, and share it. Remember to include captions on your videos for those who are hearing impaired and people who prefer to scroll silently. 

#6. Tell Everyone You Know

People will only follow your Facebook business page if they know it exists. Share your page with your social network and ask your friends and family members to follow you. Choose a relevant name for your page so that it’s easy for your friends to find and tag you. 

If you have an existing website, email newsletter, or other social media accounts, spread the word. Let your audience know that following your page on Facebook will be worth it. For example, you could give them access to special deals, expert tips, or giveaways. 

Make sure you include your Facebook link in your email signature and feature it on your business cards. 

#7. Collaborate with Other Brands

Cross-promotion isn’t a new idea, but it is an effective one. When you collaborate with another brand that complements yours, you can both grow your followers.

Collaborating can be as simple as giving someone a shoutout and asking them to do the same in return. If you’re a blogger or influencer, you can write a product review and ask the brand to share it on their page.

Just remember, if you’re receiving free products in exchange for a review, you should mention this in your post. 

You may also like to ask influencers or experts to create a guest post for your Facebook page. 

#8. Run a Giveaway

You can get people excited about your page with a giveaway. Your prize should be something that’s appealing to your target audience. For example, you wouldn’t give away a pair of men’s socks if your core demographic is women who are interested in books. Instead, you’d give away a gift pack featuring some of the must-have new releases.

You can maximize your reach by asking your fans to like, comment, or share your giveaway. If you want to save money on shipping costs, consider giving away a digital gift certificate to one of your favorite online stores.

Alternatively, if you have products to sell, you may like to run a giveaway on someone else’s business page. To get more followers, a “like” for your page can be a condition of entry. 

Be mindful, if you run a competition you’ll need to have clear terms and conditions that meet your local law requirements. 

#9. Host Live Events

When you live stream on Facebook you can connect with your followers in an instant. You’ll show the world that you’re genuine, and users can interact with you in real-time.

Whether it’s a virtual party, a tutorial, an interview, a performance, or an announcement, you can do it virtually. Tailwind goes live almost every week to talk about various aspects of social media marketing and give tips and tricks for marketers to succeed!

Of course, you don’t want to talk to yourself. Make sure your existing followers will be online and ask them to share the details of the event.

Test your camera, microphone, and sound before you go live, and if you’re not feeling confident you can have some notes prepared. 

And don’t forget the background. Make sure there are no clothes on the floor, or dirty dishes behind you.

Going live on camera can be daunting at first, but over time you’ll become a live-streaming superstar. 

#10. Use Watermarks

We’ve spoken about original content, and you know how important it is to be unique. But creating your own graphics and taking the perfect photo can be time-consuming. If your post does go viral, other people could steal your content for their own page.

While there are copyright laws, not everyone on social media will do the right thing. 

You can use watermarks on your images, and if they’re reshared you’ll still get credit as the original source. Watermarks also help with brand recognition, as your logo or handle will be seen over and over again. If someone sees a clever meme elsewhere with your details on it, they may just seek you out and give your page a “like”.

Growing Your Facebook Followers Without Spending Money

Are you ready to grow your Facebook followers without spending any money? It is possible to get quality connections with a few simple strategies.

In this article we gave you ten tips to help you grow your business page. You should post regularly, and always be professional. Don’t forget to respond to comments, create original content with watermarks, and make your posts interactive. 

Invite those in your circle to support your page, and spread the word on your website, email communications, and other social media profiles.

Collaborate with other brands, and consider running a giveaway. This will create excitement about your page, and encourage people to follow you. 

Finally, consider hosting a live-stream event. Live-streaming is a good way to connect directly to Facebook users and show them that you’re genuine. 

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Looking for ways to grow your Facebook followers without spending a cent? Check out ten easy tips in this guide to growing your Facebook audience.

8 Social Media Design Mistakes You Could be Making

An example of a photo on a Pin image tht is too small with too much white space, next to a better example.

Social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have become a vital part of every marketer’s toolkit. These platforms are fiercely competitive, as every brand, business, and influencer is trying to get their content liked, loved, and shared.

You may be putting in the time, but despite your best intentions, your posts might not be reaching as many people as they could be. 

It’s not all about quantity, as quality is also important. You could be making common design mistakes without even realizing it!

With a few simple changes to the way you post, you could rejuvenate your feed and create more sharable graphics.

Take a look at the 8 most common design mistakes marketers make on social media, and get tips to fix your content!

1. Your Images are Blurry

If your carefully composed images go blurry as soon as you upload them to your favorite social media platform, you are not alone. While this is a common issue that social media account holders have, it can be avoided.

If your image file is too small and has to stretch, this can result in poor image quality and pixelation. And unfortunately, pixellated images tend to make your brand look unprofessional and are much less likely to be shared.

It is always better to upload a larger, high-resolution image than a small one. This is because shrinking is better than stretching!

You should also pay attention to the orientation, dimensions, and file type. Every social media platform has different image requirements so it is a good idea to do your research first.

And important note: PNG or JPEG file formats are usually preferred over GIFs.

Need help with your image sizes? Check out our Instagram Image Size Guide, Facebook Image Size Guide, and Pinterest Image Size Guide to make sure all your posts are exactly the right size!

2. Your Fonts are Hard to Read

It can be tempting to choose the prettiest font in your collection. But pretty isn’t always the best choice for social media. Your followers are browsing quickly, and they want typography that is clear and easy to read. You have limited time to get your message across, so make it count!

Sans- Serif fonts are a group of modern, simplistic-looking fonts that are ideal for digital screens.

Sans-Serif fonts often work well in bold for headings and can be used on social media posts, banners, logos, and stories. Not sure where to start? Try Arial, Verdana, or Helvetica. 

Sans Serif font examples above a Serif font example of Times New Roman.

Tailwind Tip: We are often told that Times New Roman is a safe choice as it comes standard with MS Word. However, it is actually a Serif font and should be used sparingly in digital media.

3. You Are Choosing the Wrong Colors

Color can have an impact on our emotions. This is well-documented in studies about color psychology!

For example, red can be strong and powerful, green can be peaceful, and yellow can be friendly.

The colors you choose in your social media designs should reflect the style of your business. 

While your base colors for your branding should evoke the right feelings, you should also be aware of how they appear on the screen.

For example, a person who owns a coffee shop on a beach might like to use summery colors such as blue and yellow. 

But this could lead to design mistakes. If the yellow is too light, it will be hard to spot on a white background. If the blue is used within the text it could be mistaken for a hyperlink. 

Colors should never be overpowering. If you’re unsure, ask for feedback before posting. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the colors easy on the eyes?
  • Do the colors work well together?
  • Are the colors consistent with your brand?

Tailwind Tip: Using a colored or black background with white text can cause eye strain. If you still want to use this style, keep your message short.

4. You Are Limiting Your Viewing Options

When posting to social media, you need to know your audience. How are they viewing your content? Your image might look good on a desktop computer but how does it look on a mobile phone?

4.08 billion people access social media on their mobile, so it makes sense to preview your designs on a range of devices. 

Remember, your post might not be a one-size-fits-all that will work on all social media platforms. Your audience may vary and the style of content should be adapted. 

For example, use creative shots on Instagram, choose inspirational photos for Pinterest, focus on your words for Facebook, and be short and sharp for Twitter. You can schedule your content to appear at a time that suits your followers with the Tailwind app.

Tailwind Tip: Adding subtitles to your videos can be worth the effort. You may have followers who are hearing impaired or have their phones on silent. By adding text to your videos you could expand your audience. 

5. You Are Using Stock Photos

Stock photos have their place on the internet. Adding a royalty-free image to a blog post or article is convenient and can complement what you are trying to say.

However, when it comes to social media, authentic, genuine content is the key to success. Your followers want to see the voice behind your brand, and you can do this by taking your own photos

Depending on the size and scale of your business, you may also like to use a professional photographer.

Or, if you’re an influencer or small business, the features found on your smartphone can be enough to get the perfect shot.

This is not to say you can’t ever use stock photos – and stock photo photography has come a long way from the overly posed versions that come to mind – just make sure to include eye-catching images with personality that match your brand!

Tailwind Tip: Not all stock photos are free to use for marketing purposes. You should always check the license before publishing a stock photo on your social media account.

6. You Are Not Customizing Your Designs

Are you showing off your creativity by customizing your digital artwork? If the answer is “no,” we say, “why not?” 

When you sign up forTailwind Create, you don’t have to be an experienced designer to get the look.

Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, you can personalize your social posts in an instant. Mix up the colors and add your logo. With minimal effort, your posts will look professional and on-brand.

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Tailwind Tip: Adding your handle or website to your images can help you get noticed. If your followers choose to reshare your posts, you will get credit as the original creator. 

7. You Are Using Every Inch of Space

Graphic designers understand that less can be more. Negative space is the area that surrounds the objects and text in your images. The background is just as important as your words and imagery!

A common mistake is to fill up the entire graphic with letters and shapes. This can look cluttered and can confuse your followers. Whether it’s a logo, header, or post, try embracing space.

There are brands you may be familiar with that understand the impact a simple background can make. These include FedEx, Google, eBay, and J Crew. Be strategic and try to avoid chaos in your images.

Tailwind Tip: White space can direct the eyes of your audience to important points of your content. Check out our guide to visual hierarchy in graphic design to learn more!

8. You Are Not Using Grids

When we look at writing, we subconsciously expect it to flow in a certain way. Another common social media design mistake is positioning text at random. If you don’t get the spacing and alignment right, it can distract the reader and make your profile page look rushed and messy.

Even if you are intentionally scattering your words to create a unique effect, they still need to be in alignment. When designing your graphics, use the grid function to get your positioning just right. 

Also, be mindful of the hierarchy of your words. The most important part of the message should be the biggest and boldest, and the least important should be the smallest. 

Tailwind Tip: Left and center alignment are preferred by designers. Unless you are printing a newspaper, never use justified text.

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

If you are serious about social media, it’s time to take a look at the way you are designing your content. There are a number of mistakes you could be making but the good news is, they are easy to fix!

We looked at eight different social media design issues, including blurry images, fonts that are hard to read, the wrong colors, limited viewing options, stock photos, generic graphics, not enough negative space, and misaligned text. And, we gave you a few top tips on how to get your designs just right.

When you take your time and plan and customize your graphics to suit your preferred social media platform, the results will be well worth it. Once you find a style and color scheme that suits your brand, stick with it.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone because Tailwind makes the process simple. With this clever app, you can design branded social media posts (no design experience required), schedule your content, and find relevant hashtags!

Get the support you need to manage and create dazzling posts for your social media accounts with a free trial of Tailwind!

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Are you making any of these common social media design mistakes? Find out what to look for to improve your social media posts and boost your followers!

The Top 12 Instagram Design Trends of 2021

Design swatches on an orange background

Design trends come and go, and every year we see new photo styles on Instagram. In 2021, photographers, influencers, and brands are changing the game by focusing on a few key design elements. 

If you’re looking to improve your Instagram posts and get noticed, we are here to help. To get you started, we have compiled a list of the 12 design trends to consider in 2021. While a few of our favorites include retro, animations, and spot color, we challenge you to try all of the suggestions on this list.

Don’t forget — the Tailwind app can do the hard work for you. In a flash, you can personalize your images, discover relevant hashtags, and schedule at the right time of day.

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Read on to discover how you can transform your Instagram profile like a designer:

#1. Gone Retro

What’s old is new again. In 2021 there is a feeling of nostalgia as posts have been going retro.

Some of the most iconic decades are making a comeback, including the ’20s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and even the ’80s! 

With vintage color palettes, big skirts, milkshakes, tapedecks, and some of the coolest cars you’ve ever seen, you are only limited by your imagination.

Want a quick way to put a retro spin on a modern photo?

Try the X-Pro II, Valencia, or Rise filters. These are available for free via your Instagram account!

#2. Mood Boards

Mood boards aren’t a new design trend, but they are more popular than ever in 2021.

Mood boards, also known as inspiration boards, combine different elements that complement each other! 

You can group items that are in similar colors or themes as this gives you a unique perspective.

Mood board posts can be purely for looks. For example, you can stack a pile of books that use the same colors on their spines.

Or you can match fabrics, paint swatches, and materials to give inspiration for interior design projects.

You can even make a longer, swipeable mood board by using multiple frames on an Instagram carousel post!

#3. Natural Wonders

For many, 2020 was a year spent in isolation.

This break has given us a chance to appreciate nature, and the beauty of the outdoors is regularly showcased on social media. 

Nature is where photographers shine, and influencers are embracing the environment as backdrops for their posts.

Be inspired by the organic shades of brown and green that are popping up on your feed.

Whether it’s a shot of an exotic location or a room filled with lush, leafy indoor plants, nature is one design trend we can’t get enough of in 2021.

#4. Clever Animations

Moving pictures stand out on Instagram, and we are all used to seeing Boomerang-style mini videos on our feeds.

In 2021, it’s all about animations. Use the Tailwind app to schedule cute, bubbly, cartoon videos to give your brand that “wow factor.” 

Keep your animations short and sweet, as you don’t want to overwhelm your followers.

Animations should tell a story with colors, graphics, and text that gets your message across.

For example, you might be ready to celebrate summer. You could choose a yellow and orange theme with an animated sun.

#5. Pastel Hues

Fashion and design can collide, and Instagram design trends often come from the catwalk.

Sweet candy pastels have become a 2021 staple in every fashionista’s closet, so it was only a matter of time before these light hues took over our Instagram feeds. 

Pastels aren’t just for clothing and unicorns. We’ve seen soft pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and purples featured everywhere. 

With food, furniture, decor, artwork, hair, and cosmetics in the mix, all we need now is a dedicated pastel filter.

#6. Text Only

Why use images when words can say it all? Most of us have short attention spans, and we can miss those carefully composed captions as we scroll, scroll, scroll.

If you have something to say, why not make it the focus by adding it to your image. 

There are a few simple rules you should consider if you want to engage your followers with typography. For example, your post should be easy to read, and because it’s Instagram, it should also be visually appealing. 

Whether it’s a funny meme, an inspirational quote, or a handy tip — make every word count.

#7. Geometric Shapes

Mathematics can be fun when you combine it with art. Geometric shapes use lines, patterns, and angles to create unique images.

This is an Insta design trend that is in vogue right now. 

Artists are sharing their work on Instagram with industrial geometric creations.

Others are promoting their interior design skills with closeups of geometric wall hangings, rugs, pot plants, bedding, clocks, teacups, and cushions. 

Geometric shapes can challenge the mind. If you look at some designs long enough, they can feel as though they are jumping off the page.

#8. Muted Tones

Soft, subtle, and color-less is the best way to describe this next trend.

Muted tones photography is about giving you just enough contrast to see the different elements without bombarding you with color. 

Shades are dulled down and often have a grey appearance. 

This style works well for homewares as off-whites, beiges, and other natural hues are often used for decorative pieces.

Instagram has a range of filters and brightness and contrast levels that can help you get the look.

#9. Spot Color

A creative Instagram design trend that can take a black and white photo to the next level is spot color.

A splash of yellow, red, pink, green, or blue can become a focal point in a greyscale image. 

There are a few ways to do this. You can start with a colored photo and use layers in your favorite graphic design program to change the background to black and white.

Or start with a black and white photo, and touch it up to include a bright spot of color. 

This trend is fun as it gives your posts an intriguing twist. If you really want to embrace this style, consider filling your entire profile page with this design theme. 

#10. No Filter

There are more than 280 million Instagram posts with the #nofilter.

In 2021, social media users are desperate for authentic, genuine content, and everything “real” is getting noticed. 

This is a body-positive movement, and brands and influencers are listening.

The no filter tag is commonly used by hair and makeup artists to give you an accurate picture of how their services might look.

Celebrities are also jumping on the #nofilter bandwagon, so fans can have a glimpse at how they live behind the scenes. 

#11. Voxel Art

Voxel art looks like virtual construction blocks have been pieced together to create an image.

This cartoon style has an 80’s pixel feel to it and has been made popular due to the video game, Minecraft. It’s cute, it’s simple, and Lego fans will get a kick out of it.

Technology has evolved, and now we can create our own graphics from the comfort of our living rooms.

This has led to people young and old testing out new design styles. The good news is, voxel art is relatively easy to master.

Voxel art is appearing on everything. For example, it’s on clothing, bedding, and coffee cups.

Instagram is a place where graphic artists can share their work, and in 2021 keep an eye out because it’s all about voxel!

#12. Golden Glam

Every year there is an emphasis on a different color, and in 2021 one of the hottest hues is yellow gold.

This glamorous metallic screams luxury, and you may notice it featured in photos, animations, and art.

Gold is for interiors, jewelry, clothing, and cosmetics, but regardless of how you use it, the rule should always be “less is more”.

Yellow gold can be paired with other colors depending on the mood you want to create. For example, a classic, understated look can be achieved with blacks or soft whites.

If you prefer something that goes “pop,” try accentuating gold with baby pink, light blue, or earthy green. Or, swap it for other much-loved metallics such as rose gold or silver.

The Most Popular Instagram Design Trends of 2021

Are you looking to build your Instagram followers? One way to do this is by keeping on top of current design trends. In 2021, there are 12 key Instagram trends to consider.

We told you about going retro, mood boards, natural wonders, clever animations, soft pastels, typography, geometric shapes, muted tones, spot color, voxel art, and metallic gold. How many of these design trends have you already spotted in your newsfeed this year?

Sign up to the Tailwind app and uploading, scheduling, adding hashtags, and designing will be easier than ever before. You don’t need a degree in marketing or a full time social media expert, because this is a tool that everyone can master.

With so many innovative trends to choose from, the only question left to answer is, which one is your favorite? 

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Need some Instagram design inspo? Take a look at what Instagram design trends are popular this year, and learn how to get the look!