How to Use Pinterest Idea Pins for Creative Storytelling

A Pinterest Story Pin of a blueberry cheesecake on a purple background.

Pinterest just introduced an update  called “Idea Pins”, previously called Story Pins.

The new feature makes producing your multimedia pins more creative and engaging to your audience. It’s available for Pinterest creators who want to tell stories using videos and music. Pinterest for Business users in Germany, Austria, Canada, the US, UK, and Switzerland will also have access to use the new creator tools!

So why are Idea Pins such a big deal? Pinterest is a visual search and discovery destination to create inspiring content.

Pinterest gives creators and advertisers an easier way to interact with their audiences, building more engaged communities directly on Pinterest – and Idea Pins are the latest way to do that!

What are Pinterest Idea Pins and How Should You Use Them to Engage Your Audience?

The most important thing about the video-first feature Idea Pins is the way it changes how you engage your audience with your Pinterest content. They allow you to engage the viewer with your content. They bring a more compassionate, interested audience, allowing for a better connection to your brand or product.

Relating to your audience on a personal level with multimedia campaigns gives you the ability to have viewers like you a lot more than other types of content production. It’s more emotional, fun, and creative. You’ll start to develop trust and a brand personality- and that is what the audience is looking for.

How Do I Become a Creative Storyteller on Pinterest?

Storytelling is a big buzzword for content producers using social media. It’s such an important aspect of your brand strategy because it really resonates with audiences. After all, it’s human nature to appreciate a good story. It’s how we learn and how we connect!

The first step to becoming a creative storyteller on Pinterest is to use Idea Pins. To get access to Idea Pins, you’ll want to make sure you have a Pinterest business account.

Then, you want to define your audience and define your core message. Prepare to inspire, motivate, and create a narrative around your brand.

Make it memorable and offer solutions to problems and new, easier ways to do things. And most of all, incite action, be authentic and let your audience know the real you, and convey your values.

How To Create an Idea Pin

The update has editing features that make creating your Pins easier, so they perform better.

Pinterest says the update will, “create inspiring content and better interact with their audiences, building more engaged communities directly on Pinterest.”

In-app editing tools include adding images, record multiple videos, create lists, and adding custom text within a single Pin.

Pinterest has also added Epidemic Sound for royalty-free music for your videos.

 After publishing just one Idea Pin, it gets displayed on top of your business profile at the top of the “Created tab” and displays along with other Idea Pins you create thereafter.

Idea Pins will also be included in the search and the “Today Tab”, which allows for higher visibility.

 There’s a lot of cool things you can now do with your Pins. Some features include:

  • Voiceovers Tagging People Creating Stickers Selecting Music
  • Writing Up Instructions ( A Plus for Recipe Ingredients!)
  • Topic Tagging to Get Discovered Within Your Niche

Why Topic Tagging is So Important

Topic Tagging in Pinterest is a feature where you add text overlay to your video. It’s a plus for the hearing impaired, which is a big step in making your social media content accessible! But it does more than that. It can drive traffic to your website or blog. And it helps with rankings because more views and clicks get ranked higher in the Pinterest algorithm!

Here’s how to do Topic Tagging on your Idea Pin:

  • Click Create at the top-left of the page and then click Create Pin
  • Click the circle icon to place the video into the uploader
  • Move the selector left or right to select an image in your video for the cover image photo
  • Write information about your Pin
  • Add a title for your Pin and a Pin description (You have up to 500 characters to explain the subject matter!)
  • Alt-text: Explain what people can see in the Pin (500 characters max). Remember, this is for accessibility and is different than your description!
  • Add up to 10 related topic tags and place a link to your website which is optional.
  • Hit publish or schedule your Pin for a later date.

Additional Idea Pin Tools and Features to Know

There’s also  a “Ghost Mode” feature which is a transitions element allowing you to line up your video shots from the end of one clip to the beginning of another.

That’s handy if you’re using multiple takes, but want to maintain cohesiveness!

If how-to videos are more your style there are now “detail pages” where viewers can find the ingredient list or instructions!

You will be able to have 20 pages of video and image content, which will show in full-screen stream view on mobile devices.

Yet another feature allows you to export your Pins across social media and other internet platforms, even your own website!

Just download the Pin as a video, which includes a Pinterest watermark and your Pinterest profile name so others can share it.

Visually this is much more attractive and less distracting than a YouTube video, in our opinion!

Pinterest Idea Pins don’t diseappear after 24 hours, unlike Stories on Facebook and Instagram. They will  be out there for someone to find forever!

That’s important because as you start to build a community, you need a good amount of content. Your fans will love checking out all your other Pins once they get to know you.

Pinterest has become a popular search engine within itself to discover ideas for home design, art, recipes, health, and fitness and more.  

Pinterest’s tagline is “ You know a great idea when you see it.” Your content could be that next great idea for someone! It is a place for creative marketers to be part of a community with those who share your passions.

Whether you are there to make your own vision boards or promote your business to others, it the perfect destination to showcase your brand personality. With 480 million users, the chance to reach new customers is something to take advantage of.

And if you want to keep your audience engaged, make sure to create a Call-To- Action (CTA) at the end of your videos.

After an audience had seen your video, what would you like them to do? If you’re fostering a community, tell them to share your Pin. If you’re selling a product or service, instruct them on how to learn more or buy at the end of your video.

Who should use Pinterest Idea Pins? 

Pinterest gives you a wide range of creative opportunities to promote your business.

If you are a creator who shares multimedia stories with videos for recipes, step by step guides, beauty products, workouts and more, the updated tool is for you.

It lets you tell your story in a brand-new way.  It is especially good if you curate many products from your brand, as you have a new way to feature them independently or together!

Plus, it is now easier to upload video content and design it in an appealing, user friendly way with Idea Pins! 

 And now that you’ll be creating more video content on Pinterest, it’s a great idea to use a social media scheduling tool like Tailwind! You can design beautiful Pins, upload and schedule them, and even share your new Idea Pin content across your favorite social media platforms! Curious to know more? Try it out today!

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Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience and humanize your brand. Here's how to use Pinterest Idea Pins to tell a compelling story!