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10 Instagram Questions Ideas (+Stickers to Use!)

When it comes to boosting engagement and sparking conversations on your Instagram account, nothing beats Instagram’s Questions Sticker.

Whether you want to learn more about your followers, play fun Instagram games or teach your followers more about you this guide will help!

We’re showing you how to find the Questions Sticker, how to use it on your Stories, and give you a few Question ideas that will help you get results.

How to Use the Instagram Questions Sticker

Instagram introduced the Questions sticker in 2018 to boost engagement with easy interaction. 

Unlike a Poll Sticker, where followers choose from a list of options, Questions Stickers open up the chance for users to respond however they choose. 

The following steps will teach you how to use Instagram Stories Questions Stickers, as well as how to check out the responses to your story and how to repost a response with your answer.

'Guess where I'm traveling next!' Instagram Story

How to Make an Instagram Questions Post on Stories

While it can have a big effect on your engagement with your followers, posting a Question Sticker to your next Story is actually a simple process:

  1. Start by opening Instagram Stories and choose a photo or video to upload.
  2. Next, tap the Sticker icon to open the Sticker Tray.
  3. Select the Questions Sticker and type your custom question. You can also customize your Sticker by changing the color.
  4. Position your sticker within your Story.
  5. Post your question and wait for the responses to roll in!

Instagram Stories Create Mode

Don’t have a background image to upload? No worries! Instagram Create Mode has a handy Instagram Story template you can use to pose a question.

That’s not all – you can also use Polls, Quizzes, and Emoji Slider questions in Create Mode, too!

How to View Responses and Answer Questions

Now that you have your first sticker posted, you might be wondering how to respond to answers to questions in your Instagram post.

  1. First, open your Story where your Question Sticker is posted.
  2. In the lower left-hand corner, tap “Seen By.” 
  3. The Responses section will appear. Here, tap “See All” to view all of the responses you’ve received.
  4. Choose an individual response, and tap “Share Response.”
  5. Upload photos or videos to add a background to your response story.
  6. Now, answer the question and share it.

view responses and share from instagram questions sticker

Types of Questions to Post on Instagram Story (+ The Best Stickers to Use!)

Learning how to post Questions is only half the challenge. Choosing the right Question to post is also a must.

When it comes to engaging with your audience, there are several types of questions to choose from. Check out the following Instagram Story question ideas, we well as a few tips for setting them up to maximize engagement.

Instagram Q&A Questions

Being authentic on social media is essential to gaining your follower’s loyalty. Questions are a great way to do just that. 

They can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level by sharing details about your life. They are also great tools to teach users more about your product or service, by letting them ask you questions directly.

The Questions feature is the perfect way to host a Q&A Instagram session with your followers. Allow your users to ask you anything, or to ask anything about your business, and be prepared to answer honestly.

Ask Me a Question Instagram Ideas

Need a little inspiration for your next live Q&A? Check out these fun questions and ideas to help you get started:

  • “AMA” (Ask me anything): Find out what areas of your life or work your followers are most interested in. 
  • If you have an upcoming guest blogger, ask for questions from your followers!
  • Stage an Instagram takeover: Let someone within your company takeover your feed for a day by allowing followers to ask them questions. This popular method has been used by tons of brands, including Benefit Cosmetics and Alfred Coffee.
  • “What are you thankful for today?”: In today’s turbulent world, this is a great way to give your followers a mood boost.
  • Guess my favorite Instagrammer?“: A simple way to show that you aren’t just out for likes.

'What are you grateful for?' Instagram story

  • “Guess our next product/service launch?”: Want to know what kinds of products and services your followers really want? Take a cue from Starbucks, which used an Instagram Story Question to see which drink their followers thought was coming out next.
  • “What content do you want to see more of?”: This is a good way to get some new ideas for your blog or social media.
  • Offer your expertise by asking industry-specific questions. For instance, beauty bloggers might ask, “What’s the biggest beauty struggle you’re facing,” then offer tips for followers that respond.
  • Stage an Instagram contest: Popular toy brand, Lego, asked users to guess how many legos made up a block motorcycle, offering a prize to the closest guess.
  • Before you go live on Instagram, ask for questions to jumpstart your session, and to get followers tuning in to see your answers.

LEGO asks Instagram followers to answer a question as part of a giveaway

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Instagram Questions Ideas (+Sticker How-To!)

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