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What is Marketing Automation? (+ How it Works)

No matter what you do for your customers, getting the word out about your products and services is essential. It’s not only important for capturing new clients, but also for

Marketing Automation Strategies to Improve Your Business Workflow

One of the most powerful outreach tools for businesses is marketing automation. This allows businesses more flexibility and efficiency in marketing and can result in a greater return on investment.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

For all businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones, marketing takes a toll on your schedule. It can eat through your budget, and it’s difficult gathering the data you need. However,

15 Jewelry Marketing Ideas and Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

There are many ways to market your jewelry business and stand out from the competition. However, whether you’re just starting out or want to take your company to the next


How to Succeed without Facebook Audience Insights Tool

Audience hacking has been the name of the game for Facebook marketers… until now.  Facebook’s Analytics tool has provided valuable information for businesses interested in expanding their reach, understanding their

How to Grow Your Facebook Followers For Free

These days, most businesses have a Facebook page. Setting up an account is easy, and your new business profile can be live in a matter of minutes. Setting up your


How to Post Seamless Instagram Carousels with Tailwind to Boost Engagement

It’s finally here!  If you’ve been looking for a seamless Instagram carousel app that will allow you to pre-plan and share photos in ‘Multiple Image’ posts on Instagram, your search

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How to Add Pins to Pinterest: A Beginner-Friendly Guide!

Are you just starting out with Pinterest marketing and unsure how to add Pins to Pinterest? No worries, we all have to start somewhere… that’s why we put together this

How to Find, Join, and Pin to Pinterest Group Boards

Do you use Pinterest Group Boards in your marketing strategy? While they don’t work the same way they used to, there are still plenty of ways to use Group Boards