Pinterest Goes Global

Pinterest Goes Global

Pinterest is quickly becoming a global phenomenon. According to Media Bistro, they’ve amassed over 70 million users worldwide, with 45.6% of the users hailing from the United States. This implies that there are a total of 38 million Pinterest users from other parts of the world, all with great and innovative ideas that are distinct and unique to their own culture. Here are our top picks of international Pinterest boards:

Shopify_2An Ottawa based company, Shopify gives businesses an online presence and makes it easy for them to create a Web store. Founded by Tobias Lütke in 2004, the company has since gained a revenue that exceeds $2 million. Their Pinterest boards is categorically placed and sparks interest in both women and men.

Boards we love
: Their “Cool Products on Shopify” board is undoubtedly their most successful board. With over 1,100 pins and 3,179 followers, they pin about trendy and unique products that traditional stores don’t have. It is also a brilliant platform for their customers’ business and provides free marketing to showcase their products.

Museo Interactivo de Economía (Interactive Museum of Economics)
From Tacuba Street in Mexico City, the Museo Interactivo de Economia (or MIDE) is virtually the first ever museum on economics. Opened in 2006, the museum focuses on exhibits that make economics education fun and engaging, primarily for students. What’s cool about MIDE’s Pinterest account is their boards are an extension of their museum galleries. Every collection is categorized and has pictures of all their amazing exhibits.

Boards we love: MIDE’s main building is a sight to behold and they love it so much that they dedicated an entire board to highlight the museum’s amazing architecture. “Nuestro Edificio”  means “Our Building” and the board showcases their pride in the museum by including pictures and historical facts about the building. We are big foodies here at Tailwind and we love that they also included a board of recipes from their museum bistro in “Bistró Club.”

Torta per Te – Valle’


Speaking of food, we can’t resist a cool Pinterest account with pictures of food and desserts – which is exactly what Torta per Te Valle’ has. Valle’ is a butter and margarine product company from Italy and has been around since 1975. Owned by French company St.Hubert SAS, they specialize in producing butter that is cholesterol free, low in fat and contains zero hydrogenated fats.

Boards we love: Honestly, all of their boards are amazing! If you are the type who enjoys baking, you are in for a “treat” because each pin is directly linked to their main domain which contains full recipes of their delicious goods.

Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons


Another food related Pinterest account, this time from the United Kingdom. Newburn Bakehouse by Warburtons is a bakery that specializes in producing gluten and wheat-free products. Company chairman, Jonathan Warbuton has a niece who can only digest foods that are gluten and wheat free and inspired him to create products that everyone, including people with dietary restrictions can enjoy.

Boards we love: “#Lunchoff” has a range of gluten free recipes for everything from wraps, sandwiches, salads and other lunchtime favorites that look incredibly delicious. Just like Valle’, their pins link to their main domain with a full list of recipes.

Do you know of any other Pinterest accounts from across the globe? Leave a comment below and let us know who we should check out next!