10 Best Instagram Planning Apps to Perfect Your Feed!

Ever plan the perfect Instagram post only to realize you didn’t have the right tools to make it happen?  We get it! So many steps go into planning top-notch visual content for your Instagram feed that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why our resident Instagram experts Rebekah Radice, Jeff Sieh, and I cracked open our Instagram content processes (and phones!) to give you the skinny on the 10 best apps we’ve ever used to plan our Instagram posts and pictures. 

Ready to experiment with some new tools and plan out your Instagram content in a whole new way, eye-catching way?

Watch the recap of our FB Live below, and keep scrolling to find out more details on each app like pricing, availability and whether it’s the right Instagram planning app for you!

1. Easil

Price: Free for Basic, $7.50 a month for additional features and capabilities

Download: Easil is currently only available on desktop

What It Does

Easil is an Instagram design app that offers on-trend templates and allows you and your team to easily craft eye-popping designs for your Instagram posts. Its impressive features include:

  • 1000’s of Easil’s fully customizable templates
  • The Brand Kit which saves custom color palettes, fonts, logos
  • Text Effects Tools for styling text

Why You’ll Love It

Easil is a top-notch DIY design platform designed by graphic designers.

In Easil, you’ll find top-of-the-line, ready-to-use templates for a variety of social media and file sizes, from Instagram Stories to full Presentations and beyond! 

Amazing visuals like those found in Easil will elevate your content to a new level, and help you plan a look and feel that is sure to WOW!

Easil’s designs look and feel as if they were made by your own personal graphic designer for a fraction of the cost!

Plus, Easil has a ton of user-friendly tools for creating advanced graphics like GIFs, PNG files, and multi-layered files.

You’ll also never have to worry about branding the designs you make – you can upload your own fonts, logos, and even craft an entire custom Color Palette based on your image automatically with the click of a button!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Easil is the perfect Instagram design app to take your social media game to the next level if you’re a Brand Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, eCommerce Manager, or in a similar role looking to create custom, on-brand visuals for Instagram.

To hear our thoughts on why Easil is a must for professional-looking graphic designs, skip to 3:10 in our FB Live Replay above! 

2. Be Funky

Price: Free for Basic features and $6 a month, or $4.99 a month when billed in a one-time annual payment for additional features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Be Funky is a veteran one-stop-shop photo editing app with the following features:

  • Photo editing (selfie touch-ups, preset filters)
  • Collage Maker (endless templates, textures)
  • Overlays, stickers, and more!

Why You’ll Love It

Be Funky has been around a while, and it’s only gotten better with time!

This handy app is available on iOS and Android.

You can access all its nifty features like basic photo resizing, touch-ups and blemish removal, collage templates, and light effects on the desktop!

Plus, Be Funky is a super user-friendly app that lets you plan your Instagram feed perfectly with beautifully edited photos.

Take a look at how easy it is to navigate the features and find the tools you need!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Be Funky is an incredibly user-friendly photo editing app for any Instagram users looking to make fun edits to their photos. No advanced editing knowledge required!

To hear our thoughts on why we love Be Funky for photo editing, skip to 9:13 in our FB Live Replay above! 

3. The Lightricks Suite 

Price: Free for basic features, subscription costs for more advanced features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

The LightricksSuite is home to an array of impressive products including:

  • FaceTune (the original) & Facetune 2: The photo editor famous for selfie touch-ups!
  • Enlight Photofox: For out-of-this-world photo editing capabilities you thought could only be done on Photoshop
  • Enlight Videoleap: Powerful video editing tools fitting for both the pros and amateurs

Why You’ll Love It

We included the entire Lightricks suite in this round-up because all of their Instagram feed apps and tools are top-notch!

Lightricks are the makers of Enlight PhotoFox, VideoLeap, Quickshot, PixaLoop, Swish and possibly their most well-known, FaceTune!

With the tools produced by Lightricks, you can achieve professional-quality editing on your photos, touch up blemishes and imperfections, shoot effortless video and even add movement to still images! 

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Lightricks products are famous among Instagram experts.

This includes Social Media Influencers and Social Media Managers looking to touch up their selfies to perfection and take their social media creations to the next level.

To see a play-by-play of the amazing edits you can achieve with Lightricks, skip to 12:10 in the FB Live Replay!

4. InShot

Price: Free, or pay $2.99 to remove ads and get access to additional features

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

InShot is an incredible tool to have in your back pocket for posting videos on the go! It includes:

  • Photo and video resizing options so none of your images is lost
  • Text, GIFS, music, and sticker edits
  • Easy-to-use video editing tools

Why You’ll Love It

InShot is a must-have app if you frequently repurpose videos onto your social media profiles.

This easy-to-use app allows you to fit existing videos into different post sizes, such as Instagram Stories, Posts, Youtube videos and more! 

It’s the perfect app to plan Instagram posts with creative visuals that’ll captivate potential followers.

InShot also has text overlays, GIFs, music and stickers available that you can time over different parts of your video!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

InShot is perfect for the serial videographer (and photographer!) that repurposes content across multiple social platforms.

Want to hear more about InShot’s easy video editing capabilities? Skip to 17:09 in the FB Live replay!

5. Typorama

Price: Free

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Typorama allows you to create gorgeous Quote and text posts for Stories, your feed and more! In Typorama you can:

  • Use lovely ready-to-go text layouts for quick editing
  • Add advanced text design effects
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts to fit your style

Why You’ll Love It:

Typorama is hands-down one of the easiest ways to create breath-taking typography on your Instagram Posts, Stories and more!

In fact, it takes the guesswork out of font pairings for you by “automagically” generating 35 text layouts from hundreds of fonts! 

All you have to do is select your background, type your text and style it.

Plus, you can add other design elements to make it pop with 3D effects, shadows, gradients, and filters!

Take your photos from pretty to awe-inspiring with just a few simple words. And if you want to include a picture like this in your Feed as well, it’s just as simple as cropping the image.

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Typorama is perfect for the Instagram user that loves including quotes and phrases on their feed.

Learn more about Typorama at 20:03 in the FB Replay!

6. Lightroom  

Price: FREE for Android/ iOS, $9.99 for some Pro features, including Creative Cloud access

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Lightroom is the ultimate Instagram feed layout app, with photo and preset capabilities. It allows you to:

  • Expertly adjust colors and lighting
  • Edit imperfections and correct photos
  • Apply popular presets available around the web

Why You’ll Love It:

If you’ve ever worked with presets or dreamed of using them on your Instagram images, Lightroom is the photo editing and Instagram planning app you need.

You can expertly edit lighting, colors, tones and photo composition in Lightroom.

It’s also one of the most popular apps for downloading and installing presets.

Presets help you edit a photo in seconds in the same style as your other photos, establishing an aesthetic when planning your Instagram feed!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Content creators constantly battling poor lighting in their product and lifestyle photos, and fans of presets and batch editing!

7. WordSwag 

Price: $3.99 

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

WordSwag is another strong contender in Instagram theme apps. Like its name suggests, this app adds some swag to your graphics for Instagram!

Why You’ll Love It:

If quotes are regularly included in your Instagram feed theme, a tool like WordSwag is invaluable!

This handy app automatically generates a beautiful design from your text.

And, you can choose between 30 other choices with a handy click to find the design combination that works for you.

You can also share your design with friends and contacts easily, which increases the chance that your lovely design could get a repost on another account!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

WordSwag is great for quote lovers, infographic makers and feed owners that could use an Instagram theme app to make their text designs beautiful!

Find out what we have to say about WordSwag at 31:59 in our FB Live Recap!

8. Over 

Price: Over Pro Monthly is $14.99 or $99.99 for a yearly subscription

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

What doesn’t Over do? Over is one of the best Instagram planner apps around! It allows you to:

  • Design professional-looking posts, videos, and Stories
  • Add your photos and videos to gorgeous templates for quick content on the go
  • Better your design skills with tips, tricks and hack articles right in the app!

Why You’ll Love It:

Over is another top-notch design service that allows you to design beautiful posts, videos, and graphics from your mobile device!

You can add text to photos, expertly edit, and even use thousands of breathtaking templates to design world-class posts with ease. 

Over also gives you a ton of tips, tricks and hack articles designed to take you from a design beginner to a design pro in no time. Take a look at some of the amazing resources they offer, right on the home page!

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Over is perfect for Instagram influencers, social media managers and brands looking to add trendy design to their Instagram feed.

To find out why we love this OG graphic design app, skip to 35:23 in the replay!

9. Photoshop Fix

Price: Free, or $9.99 subscription to the Creative Cloud

Download: Android or iOS

What It Does

Photoshop Fix is a great tool to plan your Instagram feed with photos you never thought you could post!

Whether you have a camera roll full of outtakes or perfect photos with one noticeable blemish, you can remove, edit and freshen with ease!

Why You’ll Love It:

Photoshop Fix is a top tool for healing, liquefying, painting and even removing entire objects out of your photo!

Take a look at Rebekah’s screenshot.

Would you believe she edited a huge, dark nasty stain off the wall behind her with the flick of her finger?

That’s what makes Photoshop Fix a fast favorite.

It gives you masterful control over your photos, allowing you to put your best photo forward in just a few clicks.

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

Photoshop Fix is the perfect tool for beginner and experienced editors alike to freshen up photos. You can seriously clear your camera roll of all those “I love this picture, but…” photos with Photoshop Fix!

To hear more about Rebekah’s experience with Photoshop Fix, skip to 37:40 in the replay!

10. Tailwind App

Price: $15 monthly per account, or $9.99 a month when billed annually

Download: iOS and Android

What It Does

Tailwind offers an amazing Instagram feed app (we’re not biased or anything). With Tailwind Instagram Planner you can:

  • Find the perfect hashtags and save them into lists!
  • Auto-Schedule your posts for the best times to rake in engagement
  • Arrange all your photos with a drag and drop 9 – Grid Preview tool!

Why You’ll Love It:

We’ve presented 9 tools to help you edit your photos, create amazing videos, and even style world-class text boxes.

However, to plan your Instagram feed, you need to see all those posts together and arrange them to your liking, right?

That’s where Tailwind, the best Instagram grid planner, comes in! When you upload your posts into your drafts, you can expertly drag and drop your posts to rearrange them.

You’ll see what they’ll look like together before you even post, thanks to the 9-Grid Preview!

You can play with the order of your posts in real-time to create a stunning Instagram feed in just seconds. Try it out!

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Instagram feed planner app from Tailwind

Who Is This Instagram Planning App For?

If you need an all-in-one Instagram management tool and an Instagram feed planner, this tool is for you.

Not only can you use our app to see your Instagram feed all laid out, but you can also tackle every other part of scheduling your posts seamlessly at the same time!

[sc name=”instagram boilerplate”]

To find out more about the features of Tailwind that help you plan and perfect your feed in minutes, skip to 41:50 in the FB Live Replay!

Whether you have a vision you can’t figure out how to implement, or you’re clean out of inspiration, these apps will get your feed popping in no time!

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Pinterest for Shopify App: 5 Things You Need to Know

Pinterest Shop Tab on purple background

Have you heard about the new Pinterest for Shopify app? This integration debuted in May of 2020 to help e-commerce businesses navigate COVID-19.

And we have to admit, it’s a game-changer.

If you’re in the e-commerce space, check out the five fast facts you’ll want to know about this incredible partnership!

1. Adding Pinterest to Shopify is Super Easy

And we mean easy. It takes just a few clicks!

Prior to the integration, Pinterest users had to do quite a bit of legwork on the backend of Pinterest and Shopify to get everything connected. From verifying your site with Pinterest to adding tags to your web code and importing your catalog – it could get tricky.

But those days are behind us! Set-up happens in just a few clicks. Here’s how to connect Pinterest to Shopify:

  1. Open your Shopify Admin Dashboard
  2. Click the Plus Icon next to Sales Channels on the left menu
  3. Scroll the list of suggested Sales Channels until you find Pinterest
  4. Tap the purple Plus Icon
  5. Review the Permissions and Sharing screen and click Add Sales Channel
  6. On the next screen, click Connect Account
  7. Select Give Access to authorize the Pinterest for Shopify App
Authorize Pinterest for Shopify App

And that’s it! Everything Shopify merchants need to sell products on Pinterest is automatically added – no code required.

2. Rich Pin and Conversion Tags Are Automatically Added to Your Site

Before the launch of the new app, the process to link Pinterest to Shopify was, in a word, complex. In order to enable Analytics, Rich Pins and add your catalog to Pinterest from Shopify, you had to add tags to the code of your website.

And if you’re not a coding whiz, that could be intimidating!

pinterest tag added to shopify

Consider all the stress and steps erased. By enabling the new integration, all the steps happen automatically – and a few more! Here’s what happens:

  • A Pinterest Ad account is created
  • Your product catalog is synced to Pinterest
  • Pinterest will create and publish Product Pins for you
  • The Pinterest Tag is connected to your Shopify website, allowing you to see conversion insights and build targeting

3. Product Pins Are Easy to Create, Publish and Manage with the Pinterest App on Shopify

Creating Product Pins that get in front of new audiences happens seamlessly when you add Pinterest to your Shopify sales channels.

As long as your the products in your Shopify Pinterest feed have these fields filled out, your account will automatically create and publish Product Pins:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Product Type
  • Availability

However, if any of these fields are missing, the product won’t be automatically synced and eligible for advertising.

You can also control what Shopify products are available on Pinterest by checking a box!

Just go to individual products on your Shopify product page and click Manage Sales Channels to the right.

Sales channel visibility

A pop-up will appear, and checking or unchecking the box next to Pinterest removes or adds that product to your Pinterest sales channel.

4. Get a $100 Shopify Pinterest Ad Credit When Signing Up (North America)

Promoting your Pins on Pinterest is easier than ever – and Shopify and Pinterest are sweetening the deal. First time Pinterest advertisers in North America get a $100 credit when they publish their first Pinterest Ad!

With the relatively low cost of Pinterest Ads to begin with, this is a great boost for your Pinterest marketing budget and create ads that sell.

To get the credit, you must:

$100 shopify pinterest ad credit
  • Be a new Pinterest advertiser, or you have not advertised within the last 90 days
  • Connect your Pinterest Business account to your Shopify account
  • Accept Pinterest’s Business Terms of Service
  • Acknowledge Privacy Policy
  • Be a legal resident of the United States or Canada
  • Be at least 18 years old

The credit is automatically applied to your bill, and expires one year after issue! It also can’t be combined with any other offers.

5. Your Followers Will See A Shop Tab on Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest Shop Tab

Pinterest’s new Shop tab feature makes getting your Product Pins in front of your target audience even easier. Your shoppable Product Pins (and Rich Product Pins) will appear under a designated Shop tab on your Pinterest Profile.

When you’re approved for the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program, your Product Pins also appear in related Shop Tabs, suggestions in Pinterest Boards and Pin searches, and Pinterest feeds.

Combined together with Shopify, these features really maximizes the reach and selling power for your Shopify Store!

Schedule Your Product Pins with Tailwind

Did you know that when you have Product Rich Pins set up, you can save new product-focused Pins to Pinterest as usual, and your product information like price and description is pulled over automatically? No extra work required.

And don’t forget, Pinterest wants fresh content, so you’ll want to focus on creating and saving new products and blog posts to Pinterest consistently.

We’re a Pinterest-approved Partner and our scheduling tool helps you Pin right when your followers are most likely to engage with your Pins.

Get a free trial of Tailwind for Pinterest to get access to all our Pinterest publishing tools.

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