Best 5 Instagram Hashtag Tools for Finding Popular Tags

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Instagram marketers have a secret weapon at our disposal every single time we post.

What is this magical awareness, traffic, and sales-boosting weapon? Hashtags!

And not just any old hashtags, but top trending Instagram hashtags!

There’s just one tiny problem. Hashtag research can quickly turn into a long, involved process that can take hours.

Not to mention the constant updating of the best hashtags as trends change.

Ugh! What a headache, right?

Unless, of course, you’re using a handy Instagram hashtag tool to do all the heavy lifting for you!

We recently spoke about our all-time favorite hashtag tools on a FB Live, and we’re sharing all of the details about the best five Instagram hashtag tools we’ve come across.

Take a look!

Screenshot of Instagram Recent posts for hashtag

Instagram Hashtag Tool #1 – For Display Purposes Only

Platform: Web Only
Cost: Free

Enter a hashtag and For Display Purposes Only will recommend additional tags based on relevance and popularity.

Tell the hashtag research tool how many hashtags you want, and then select the ones you want to copy and paste.  The graph view allows you to see a web of related hashtags!

Hot tip for local businesses: Check out the map to see trending hashtags by location.

Screenshot - For Display Only

Instagram Hashtag Tool #2 – Hashtagify

Platform: Web Only
Cost: Free features & trial. Paid plans available

An extremely robust hashtag tool, Hashtagify is for the true hashtag aficionado.

We’re talking keyword suggestions for your Instagram account based on the caption (paid), competitor hashtag analysis, and automated reporting. But, there are also great (free) features that we can all enjoy.

Sure, you get related hashtags (view based on correlation or to help you find popular Instagram hashtags), but I particularly appreciated that you can track hashtags to see if your hashtags and keywords are trending up or down.

That’s really useful if you are going to schedule or publish Instagram posts in advance! Plus, you can find top influencers for your hashtags with this hashtag search tool.

Hashtagify screen shot

Instagram Hashtag Tool #3 – Hashtag Expert

Platform: iOS only
Cost: Free trial, and then paid plan

Enter in a base hashtag, then the Hashtag Expert app will find similar ones that you can copy to use in a post.

Explore groups of trending Instagram hashtags sorted by category and copy them in a single tap.

You can also save hashtag groups to reuse. Hashtag report card shows you how well your groups are expected to perform.

This hashtag trending tool helps you select the tags that will garner the most likes. Give it a try today!

Guide: Plan an Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Top Instagram Hashtag Tool #4 – Tailwind Hashtag Finder 2.0

Platform: Desktop and app (iOS and Android)
Cost: Free trial, then paid plan

Gif of Tailwind for Instagram hashtag finder

New and improved, Tailwind’s Hashtag finder suggests hashtags for your Instagram posts as you write your caption!

Now you don’t even have to come up with a starter hashtag.

New suggestions are fresh and more intuitive. And if you don’t like one of the suggested hashtags, just x it out for new suggestions.

Or you can get ALL new suggestions when you hit the refresh button.

You can also hover over a hashtag and see how many times it has appeared on Instagram to help you decide which to use.

And as always, our hashtag suggestion tool’s “niche,” “good,” “best,” and “competitive” indicators help you select a mix of hashtags that will help you cover all your bases and increase your reach.

After all, while you do want to use some popular and trending Instagram hashtags (indicated by “competitive” in our app), you also want some “niche” hashtags (meaning there isn’t a lot of competition for those tags) and “good” or “best” hashtags.

This creates a good hashtag strategy with tons of opportunities to rank.

Try the best hashtag tool now for free! You’ll get a free 31-day trial, and you can keep using hashtag finder for free as long as you like.

Instagram Hashtag Tool #5 – Tailwind Hashtag Lists

Platform: Desktop and app (iOS and Android)
Cost: Free trial

A power-user favorite hashtag tool, hashtag lists are super simple and can save you so much time! You can use them in (at least) two very different ways:

  • Create lists of hashtags which are appropriate for many of your posts. Reuse or mix and match to save time.
    Tailwind for Instagram Hashtag Lists
  • Create a formatting template to make your posts look the way you like in a flash! If you like to insert line breaks, maybe with an emoji or symbol on each line so that your hashtags are a bit hidden, you can create a “hashtag list” that contains just that formatting.
Screenshot of Tailwind Instagram hashtag lists used as a way to store formatting.
You can use Tailwind’s hashtag lists to store custom caption formatting, too!

Tailwind’s Instagram hashtag lists are great for saving anything you want to reuse on your posts. How will you use this hashtag research tool?

 Bonus: Hashtag finder can be used for free even after the trial!

Try Tailwind’s Best Instagram Hashtag Tools for Free!

Hashtags are the key to reaching a new, engaged audience on Instagram. Innovative hashtag tools take the pain out of analyzing, choosing, and being consistent with great hashtags. Plus, they’re a great support for your social media strategy!

Which hashtag tool will you try?

  • For Display Purposes Only – Simple, free, web-based tool for generating hashtags.
  • Hashtagify – Robust, web-based tool for finding influencers, hashtag analytics, and competitor analysis.
  • Hashtag Expert – iOS app for finding and storing related hashtags.
  • Tailwind for Instagram Hashtag Finder 2.0 – Web-based upgrades offer fresh, intuitive top hashtag suggestions, flexible hashtag lists, and indicators to help you choose your perfect mix of hashtags.
  • Tailwind Hashtag Lists – Simple tool for choosing your best mix of hashtags and saving them for later. Bonus: you can easily save entire caption formats into your hashtag lists to cut down on Instagram content prep time!

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