7 Reasons Why Businesses Fail on Pinterest OSP 072

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Pinterest can bring enough traffic to a website to transform it from Internet obscurity to a thriving online business. Let’s take a look at 7 reasons why some businesses on Pinterest find failure instead of success. I’m sure YOU haven’t made any of these social media marketing mistakes but maybe you have a “friend” that has.

7 Reasons Why Businesses Fail on Pinterest OSP 072

In this episode

There are many reasons why a business might not find the success they’re looking for when it comes to Pinterest. Recently, I’ve come across many accounts making the same mistakes.

In this week’s episode of the podcast I go though 7 of the most common ones I’ve encountered and talk about some ways to remedy them.

1. An abandoned Pinterest account.  So sad!

2. A Pinterest account with no direction.

3. An account that doesn’t speak to the Pinterest community.

4. Using bad images. Why people why?!?!? 

5. Not treating Pinterest like a search tool.

6. Making it difficult for People to pin their content.

7. Building an unreliable account with bad pins.

Fixing these mistakes can make a world of difference to the number of followers, repins and traffic from Pinterest. Have you noticed any other mistakes businesses are making on Pinterest?

The iOS 8 update and Pinterest

In this episode I also share a Pinterest tip of the week. This week’s tip is about the iOS 8 update and what it means to us with business Pinterest accounts. We can now pin directly from Safari! This is great news since over 75% of Pinterest users access it from a mobile device.

As a Business on Pinterest, we want the images pinned from our websites to Pinterest to have great, searchable pin descriptions. Sometimes pinners will help us out by adding a searchable description if our images’ file names or alt text aren’t that great. The downside to this new way of pinning from iOS mobile devices is that pinners don’t have the opportunity to add or change the pin description when pinning. They can only choose an image and the board to pin it to.

Pin to Pinterest from iPhone iOS 8

This makes it even more important for you to have keyword-rich, searchable image file names on your blog and websites.

Other Pinteresting news

Phew, I just flew in from Maine and boy are my arms tired!!  I know, I know, that was pretty bad 😉

I really did just return from Maine after speaking at the Agents of Change conference where I had a great time. Rich Brooks and his team at New Flyte Media did a great job with the event. It had a fun Tonight Show style twist to it and each speaker had their own theme song!

The weekend kicked off with a speakers dinner. It was great to spend time chatting with Rich and his wife Cebele. Not to mention my fellow speakers Stephanie Sammons, Heather Jackson, Rick Mulready, Chris Ducker, Pat Flynn, Greg Hickman, John Lee Dumas, Nick Unsworth   and Nathan Latka.

How can you not have a great time with these guys???


John Dumas even talked me into a whole Maine lobster.  I even wore the bib.


I was lucky enough to extend my stay in New England and spend a couple of days with one of my best friends, Lollie.


I’m staying put for the rest of the year. Next up for me is Social Media Examiner’s Virtual conference, Social Media Success Summit. (Affiliate link) I’ll be speaking about ways to get noticed on Pinterest to increase your traffic. Will you be there? If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them during the presentation.

I’m looking for conferences to add to next year’s calendar both to speak and attend. Do you have any recommendations?

 Photo Credit: Startup Stock Photos

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