Are You Making the Most of the BIGGEST Seasons on Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a place where new ideas come to life – all year round!! ❄️ ☀️

300 million people are active on Pinterest each month and have saved over 200 billion images of Christmas nail designs, summer salad recipes, Halloween makeup ideas, and every piece of Pinterest seasonal content you can imagine – and then some.

Did you know that Pinterest users start planning their seasonal activities on the app three to six months in advance?

That means businesses and brands need to stay far ahead of the Pinterest trends if they want to capitalize on peak search seasons.

Don’t stress. You’ve got this. Here’s how to squeeze the most out of all of your holiday and seasonal content every year on Pinterest with a little help from Tailwind.

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Quick Pinterest Trends and Seasonal Stats to Consider

Pinners aren’t the kind of people who talk a bunch of big ideas but never put them into action. Nope.

98% of Pinners say they’ve tried something they discovered through Pinterest. (Who hasn’t?!)  Meanwhile, 88% of weekly Pinners (66% overall) say they’ve made a purchase based on something they saw on Pinterest.

Keep in mind that 97% of all Pinterest searches are unbranded. That’s good news because it gives everyone plenty of room to create incredible action-inspiring Pinterest seasonal content that gets found and gets clicked. Plus, it encourages brands to create Pins that add true value to the platform instead of simply marketing their products.

How to Make All of Your Pinterest Content Seasonal

Just because you don’t create content that’s exclusively seasonal doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the seasonal nature of Pinterest.

Leaning in to seasonality on Pinterest is as simple as changing the image and text for a fresh, seasonally-appealing Pin! Your “Books to read in 2020” would make a “Great Summer Reads” Pin, too! –

Alisa Meredith, Tailwind

It’s really that simple. “Dinner Parties on a Dime” easily becomes “Budget-Friendly Summer Get Togethers.” Your apple cobbler recipe would make a perfect “Cozy Fall Cobbler” Pin.

Get more ideas from this great video with Alisa Meredith, Jeff Sieh, and Cara Chace.

How to Create Your Pinterest Seasonal Content Calendar

Use the Pinterest trends and stats below (plus Tailwind’s SmartLoop) to make the most of your Pinterest seasonal content year-round!

New Year

When to Pin: June – December

The Competition: 183m Pins saved

The Activity: 14m searches

Yep, all the winter holiday peak Pin seasons start in June!

Of course, you have your hot trending manicure and décor searches for New Year’s Eve.

However, people are also looking for ways to level THEMSELVES up. Skip the dieting and ho-hum New Year’s resolutions for nuanced (and keyword-rich) tips like “12 natural facial masks you can make in your Ninja blender” or “12 mood tracker ideas.”


When to Pin: January – April

The Competition: 386m Pins Saved

The Activity: 38m searches

Rose gold lovers, now’s your time to shine! Use Easter searches as a catalyst to promote your spring-themed content like floral photoshoots, pastel linens, sustainable or zero-waste products, and all things outdoors.

Help your followers go beyond pre-packaged gift baskets with ideas like homemade mini wine bouquets, personalized shaving sets, and artisan soaps.


When to Pin: February – July

The Competition: 4b Pins saved

The Activity: 121m searches

Go big with your seaside lifestyle shoots, destination canvases, and warm sunset-themed décor. Pinners are looking for Pinterest seasonal content to help them make the most of their time outside the house. Help them create their backyard (or studio patio) stargazing sanctuary or save money while gas prices peak.


July 4th

When to Pin: April – July

The Competition: 78m Pins Saved

The Activity: 14m searches

Stand out from a sea of red-white-blue plastic Pins with some rustic and vintage-themed content. Outdoor games and fresh spins on traditional BBQ are always great choices but how can you help Pinners plan for less-than-perfect weather? Keep travelers in mind too with history-inspired destination Pins for every region.

Back to School/College ✏

When to Pin: June – August

The Competition: 1.5b Pins Saved

The Activity: 104m searches

School lunches, comfy class outfits, and dorm room décor all top Pinterest seasonal content.

However, Pinterest trends show that Pinners have unofficially declared late summer the time for “new year” resolutions.

Searches like:

  • Career planning
  • Family planning
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Home improvement
  • Travel goals
  • Positive mental health
  • Productive routines
  • Sustainably lifestyles

all surge at the end of summer as Pinners switch from relaxation mode to get-it-done mode.



When to Pin: June – October

The Competition: 933m Pins Saved

The Activity: 227m searches

Halloween is the perfect time for makeup artists to go all out with their Pins. With Halloween and fall-themed engagement searches skyrocketing, photographers can promote their spooky, vintage, and rustic autumn shoots. You can thank Stranger Things for an uptick in early 80s-themed fashion and décor.


When to Pin: June – November

The Competition: 728m Pins Saved

The Activity: 67m searches

Some Pinners travel, others host guests. Keep both in mind. Friendsgiving is a top search for Pinners planning a holiday gathering with buds. Time-saving Pins are always a safe bet too. Consider the spirit of the season with solutions for Pinners to donate leftovers or spend the holiday volunteering with their loved ones.

Black Friday

When to Pin: June – November

The Competition: 16m Pins Saved

The Activity: 1m searches

Get your gift guides ready early with plenty of budget-friendly tips, organizers, and self-care solutions. Make sure your landing pages are mobile-friendly. Last year, over a third of all Black Friday purchases happened on smartphones.

Winter Holidays

When to Pin: June – December

The Competition: 3b Pins Saved

The Activity: 321m searches

Pinners want realistic content they can actually manage – not grandiose dreams. Keep your Pins relatable to average people.

This year, sunflower Christmas trees, boho, and zero-waste are topping Pinterest seasonal content. Cheesecake dominates Pinterest trends for desserts while animal prints and satin lead for fashion.

Photographers can break out their Christmas photo booth ideas and albums.

Honorable Mentions

The holidays below not have the longest peak Pin seasons, but they still surge with several hundred million Pins at different points throughout the year. You have plenty of room to get creative!

  • Super Bowl: January and February
  • Valentine’s Day: January and February
  • St. Patrick’s Day: January through March☘
  • Memorial Day: April and May
  • Mother’s Day: February through May
  • Father’s Day: March through June

Let SmartLoop Do the Heavy Lifting

Tailwind’s SmartLoop lets you organize your Pinterest seasonal content and recirculates it for you at the perfect time based on a preset calendar.

Seasonal loops turn on and off automatically so your Valentine’s content won’t go out in June, but your Halloween and Thanksgiving content will – every year.

SmartLoop can also track and pull your best-performing Pins for resharing. Helllllllo engagement!

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In Conclusion

Pinterest trends aren’t always what (or when) you expect. Stay proactive and organized to make sure your hottest Pinterest seasonal content is always ready to go when Pinners are looking for it.

  • Plan early (like, much earlier than you’d expect).
  • Broaden your perception of what “seasonal” means and get creative.
  • Remove tedious searching and Pinning with Tailwind’s SmartLoop.

Start planning the next holiday’s Pins (and the next one and the next one) with SmartLoop! Give it a try now for free.

Was this useful? Pin it for later!

Are You Making the Most of the BIGGEST Seasons on Pinterest?

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