Secrets of the Best Beauty Brands on Pinterest

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Beauty brands on Pinterest seem to have all the secrets to success. In this post, we’ll be outlining a few of the tips and trick you can steal to make your profile a bit more beautiful. Secrets of the Best Beauty Brands on Pinterest Beauty brands on Pinterest are absolutely killing it. Maybelline‘s racked up 48,000 followers, Urban Decay is sitting pretty with 57,000 followers and Beauty Queen Bee, Sephora has more than 320,000 followers on Pinterest. So what is it about beauty brands that make them so appealing to the Pinterest audience? Below we’ve outlined a few of the key reason beauty brands do so well on Pinterest. You just might be able to use a few trick for your brand!

Fewer Product Shots, Please

There are some people who call Pinterest a digital catalog. But here’s the thing – Pinterest NOT a catalog. Users are there to escape, be inspired, plan events – but they are NOT there to be advertised at. So just imagine being a newly-engaged woman, looking to Pinterest for beautiful bridal makeup ideas only to be greeted by a beauty brand’s account with nothing but product shots. Let’s be honest, a pictures of a tube of mascara on a white background is not the most inspiring thing. While those shots are important in showing your product offerings, showing how the product can be used gives it purpose: How-To from Maybelline Maybelline does an incredible job of showcasing their products by using another one of the Internet’s favorite tools – a .gif file! Now the pinner not only knows how to get the perfect contour, they also know that Maybelline’s Master Hi-Light compact will give them exactly what they need.

Include Your Followers

Part of the fun of working with beauty brands is the emphatic nature of the fans. People LOVE hair and makeup, and Pinterest is a social media network, so why not start socializing with those engaged fans? Makeup artists and hair dressers – both professional and amateur – often already show off their work, so by setting up a hashtag or a site for users to show off their own images, you’re building a relationship with them! Sephora has the whole follower inclusion down: Sephora's Follower Engagement Sephora’s board “Makeup of the Day“, along with the hashtag #MOTD, shows off their fans pictures and makeup tricks. This gives Sephora the opportunity to brag on their followers and show what their products can do, while building loyalty with fans. A complete win/win for everyone!

Work With Influencers

While this is true for most company categories on Pinterest, working with an influencer can be especially impactful for beauty brands looking to boost their reach. Since Pinterest is known for being a great place to fun hair and makeup ideas, many beauty bloggers have built up an incredible following. For example, The Beauty Department’s great hair and makeup how-to’s have helped them garner 897,000 followers, and wedding blog Style Me Pretty has inspired over 5 million followers to up their bridal beauty! By reaching out to an influential pinner and asking them to either blog about your product, or even just repin some of your pins, your brand will reach a whole new and a very huge audience. Just remember to stay within Pinterest’s Terms of Service when pitching to them.   What other beauty brands are rocking Pinterest? Let us know in the comments!

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