13 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers

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One of the best things about the Chrome browser is it’s amazing catalog of extensions. Here we’ve pulled the 13 best Chrome extensions for marketers. There are some to help save you time, some to help save you headaches and a few to just help make your day-to-day life a bit more fun. Think we’re missing some? Let us know in the comments!

13 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers


YesWare is like iPhone’s read receipts for your emails, only you’re in control. You can see when someone opened your email, what browser or device they were using, receive notifications when someone clicks on a link and create custom templates for emails – and that’s just with the free plan! With an upgraded account you can also set emails to send at certain times, set reminders for follow up emails and even integrate with SalesForce.


I almost feel bad recommending this tool, but it’s too convenient not to include. Tl;dr is Internet slang for “too long; didn’t read”, commonly found on internet forums in response to a particularly long post. The tl;dr extension, however, will take an article and shorten it to a summary, a short, medium or long version, and helps you find similar articles. The tl;dr version of an article can end up a little scrambled, but it’s great for making sure an article is relevant before you share it – or invest more time in reading the full post.

Pinterest Tab

A few months ago, Pinterest released their “Pinterest tab” for Chrome. This simple extension turns your boring Chrome tab screen into a beautiful photography display, pulled from your favorite categories. For example, because I chose “Cats” as one of my favorite categories, my tab is full of adorable kitties:

Pinterest Tab

If you like the image enough to save, you can pin it right from the tab. The Pinterest Tab also pulls in your appointments for the day, the sunrise and sunset times and allows you to change the background image. While it might not be the most business-y extension on this list, it certainly is the prettiest.

Eye Dropper

Have you ever been on a website and fallen in love with the shade of blue they use on their background, but couldn’t find the right hex code to match it? The Eye Dropper extension is here to make sure you never miss out on another perfect color again. The tool allows you to “eye dropper” any color on a page and pulls the hex code, RGB, HSL and color name. Now you can know the exact color of red Pinterest uses in their logo (a lovely color called “firebrick”).


Tailwind recently announced our foray into pin scheduling, and with that announcement we also released our incredible Chrome extension. When you hover over an image on a site, a “schedule” button will appear. You can also schedule from a website by clicking on the Tailwind logo from the browser bar or right-clicking an image on a site. Want to pin directly to Pinterest? The “send now” feature allows you to pin immediately to any board. However, my personal favorite feature of the Tailwind extension is the ability to schedule repins on Pinterest:

Schedule a Repin with Tailwind's Chrome Extension

To use the Tailwind extension, you will first need a Tailwind account. Simply go to tailwindapp.com and login with Pinterest to get started.


Don’t you hate forgetting long and complicated password so many sites make you have (looking at you, WordPress)? 1Password keeps track of all your passwords and personal information in one safe and secure place. The extension will autofill your passwords, address, credit card information, social security number and much more with the click of a button. It will also auto-generate extremely strong “snowflake” passwords and store them at your request. Although you do have to buy the license for this download, it’s not only a safety net for your digital life, it’s also incredibly convenient.


Say your browsing Pinterest and see this amazing pin promising a recipe for the perfect Pumpkin Pie. You click the link on the pin only to find it leads to a spam-filled dead end. With TinEye, you can find the image’s original home through their reverse image search. After installing the extension, just right-click on an image and select “Search image on TinEye”. The results will pop up in another tab, so you can find where the image appears across the web.


Have you ever been on a site and coveted their exit intent light-box? With BuildWith you can find out exactly what app a site is using to make their content pop. Once installed, just click on the BuildWith icon in your browser bar to see what tools the site is using. There will be a description and link to each tool, so you will be able to easily pick out the feature you were looking for. You didn’t hear this from me, but this is a great tool for creeping on your competition. Find out what tools their using, then see how you can implement similar strategies – or learn from what tools are not working for them.


MozBar is basically your all-in-one SEO extension. On a given page, the extension will generate a bar at the top that shows the PA, mR and DA statistics, how many social shares the page has received, and allows for a full page analysis. The MozBar extension will also let you know the difficulty of ranking for a certain keyword, allow you to create custom searches, see the various markups on a page, and with a Moz account you can dig even deeper.

Share As Image

Now, we love Share As Image for a number of reasons. First, you can create and schedule a pin right in the Tailwind dashboard using Share As Image. Second, it’s simple to create and share an image from anywhere across the web with their Chrome extension. After installing the extension, Share As Image let’s you turn text into an image by simply highlighting the text and hitting the Share As Image button:

Share As Image Chrome Extension

You can also add text to your own Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest photos or you can pull images from the web, add text, and share across your social networks. It’s an easy way to create sharable images right in your browser.


Discoverly is amazing for making connections with people across the web – even in gmail. This extension shows the social information associated with a person’s email in gmail so you can go follow their Twitter or connect on LinkedIn right from your email. On social sites, Discoverly will let you know if you have any mutual friends or connections on Facebook and LinkedIn, and will pull their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles from their Twitter account. Sometimes making a connection with someone is about hitting them in the right context. Discoverly makes that possible.

Check My Links

Ah, the dreaded broken link. Not only is it a pain for your readers, it’s also detrimental to your SEO. Check My Links does just what it says – it checks to make sure your links aren’t broken. All you have to do it click the extension and it will highlight the links that need to be fixed. Simple as that!


Because the Tailwind team often communicates through gif’s, Giphy is an absolute must. The extension allows you to search for a gif and copy the gif URL for quick sharing across the web. Need a moving image of Michelle Tanner saying “You got it dude” for your blog? Well,

You got it dude


Thanks for reading! Get started with Tailwind’s browser extensions today. Just click here and login with Pinterest!

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