Instagram Color Themes for You: Zodiac Edition

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There are SO MANY color theme options for your feed out there for you to consider, it can be hard to pick the right one! Especially if you’re a Libra. ♎️ #AmIRight

That’s why we’ve put a fun twist on our roundup of the best Instagram color themes out there in 2023: matching them to your zodiac sign!

So if you’re looking for a little celestial style inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see the best color theme ideas for Instagram based on your astrological sign!

Plus, we’ll show you an example of a feed working these colors and provide you with must-know tips on how to make an Instagram color theme from your palette!

Psst… don’t like your cosmic color palette? Swipe one from another sign. We won’t tell!

Capricorn Instagram Color Theme

December 22 – January 19
Elemental Sign: Earth

Capricorn, you’re known for your ambition and down-to-earth attitude! Your Instagram color theme reflects that with earthy, no-nonsense shades found in the real world.

The Capricorn Color Theme for Instagram

Capricorn color theme for Instagram with examples of each color mentioned.

This Instagram color theme is made up of natural hues like Jungle Green and Artichoke.

Hints of earth tones are off-set by warm neutrals.

  • #5E3612 – UPS Brown
  • #CEA07E – French Beige
  • #CDC5B4 – Pale Silver
  • #99957A – Artichoke
  • #1E3026 – Jungle Green

How to Make It:

Screenshot of Instagram 9-grid with grey neutrals, green and warm beige
Feed: @sandrabeee

Here are some tips to make this minimalist Instagram color theme work for your feed!

  • To keep your Instagram feed from getting too moody, surround your deep-toned images with bright and airy neutral shots!
  • Use 60% warm neutrals like brown and beige, 30% silvery grey, and 10% shades of green.
  • Create or purchase presets for each group (warm neutrals, greens, and greys) to keep consistent colors!

Aquarius Instagram Color Theme

January 20 – February 18
Elemental Sign: Air

Free-thinking Aquarius, you prize your individuality. Your followers love your clever captions, dreamy images, and big-picture perspective!

Your colorful Instagram theme reflects your dreamy nature and curiosity about all of life’s mysteries.

The Aquarius Color Theme for Instagram

Aquarius Instagram Color Theme with examples of each color mentioned.

This Instagram color theme is made with dreamy shades of lavender and pink.

Bold turquoise and orchid bring a lightning bolt of energy. ⚡️

  • #E07BE0 – Orchid
  • #DCCCFF – Pale Lavender
  • #FFD3E8 – Mimi Pink
  • #D5DFE5 – Gainsboro
  • #44E7ED – Turquoise

How to Make It:

Here are some tips to make this colorful Instagram theme work for your feed!

  • Make your individuality stand out by altering traditional colors. Purple sky? No problem — use the color Mix feature in editing apps like Lightroom.
  • Experiment with unusual photo compositions. Shoot straight up, straight down or at unexpected angles!
  • Grab color-friendly photo editing apps like A Color Story to make your photos pop!

Pisces Instagram Color Theme

February 19 – March 20
Elemental Sign: Water

Pisces, you’re blessed with a huge imagination and creativity. Your friends and coworkers love you for your bottomless well of empathy and for the romantic rose-colored glasses you see the world through.

The Pisces Color Theme for Instagram

Pisces Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Heart and deep emotions are symbolized with warm pink and calming blue shades.

Neutral champagne signifies your warm, calming presence, while sunny crayola yellow emphasizes your fun-loving, go-with-the-flow vibe!

  • #FFE08B – Crayola Yellow
  • #FFAFAF – Melon
  • #FCE8D1 – Champagne
  • #B8D8D8 – Columbia Blue
  • #7ACCC9 – Pearl Aqua

How to Make It:

Here’s how to make this soft, pretty Instagram color palette come alive in your feed!

  • Keep your feed cohesive by emphasizing aqua and grey-blue as your primary shades.
  • Add pops of yellow and melon to warm things up — Aim for 70% blue, 15% yellow and 15% melon.
  • Experiment with romantic textures like fade and a teensy bit of grain (VSCO is the perfect app for this!)

Aries Instagram Color Theme

March 21 – April 19
Elemental Sign: Fire

Aries, you are warm, generous and giving. Your loved ones adore you for it as well as your courage in standing up for yourself and others. There’s no doubt about it — you can’t help but burn brightly!

The Aries Color Theme for Instagram

Aries Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

The Aries color scheme embraces your warmth with soft pink and cozy linen.

Your fearlessness and bold personality comes through with brilliant orange and crimson red!

  • #FC5246 – Tart Orange
  • #FFA69E – Lt Salmon Pink
  • #F8F4E3 – Linen
  • #C92A22 – Fire Engine Red
  • #FF8C42 – Mango Tango

How to Make It:

You have a powerful Instagram color scheme, Aries, but it doesn’t have to overpower! Here’s how to make it work:

  • Contrast vivid shades of red against linen or neutral backgrounds.
  • Soften your feed with bursts of pink.
  • Prioritize 40% linen white, 30% red, and 10% each of orange and pink!
  • Arranging your images together before posting will be crucial to achieve balance and keep things soft and pretty. Upload your images to our 9-grid Preview, and drag and drop your images to perfection!

Taurus Instagram Color Theme

April 20 – May 20
Elemental Sign: Earth

Taurus, you’re the Earth sign ruled by Venus, making for a steady, sensuous individual who enjoys the finer things in life. You love love, companionship and comfort.

Luxury, style and pleasing visuals rule most aspects of your life — from your dinner plates to office decor!

The Taurus Color Theme for Instagram

Taurus Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Your Instagram feed scheme is a homage to your sensuous nature. Old lace and gentle pink stand out in your palette.

Soft, complementary blue and green pull this cozy Instagram palette together.

  • #EFB9CB – Cameo Pink
  • #FFC9C9 – Bubblegum
  • #F9F6EA – Old Lace
  • #ADE5EA – Blue Lagoon
  • #ABCCBE – Turquoise Green

How to Make It:

Here’s how to make an Instagram color theme from your palette, Taurus!

  • Focus on capturing texture to make these shades come alive.
  • These shades are so complementary, you don’t need to worry about overwhelm. Try to balance your feed with content types (like a portrait versus a flat lay) to keep it unexpected and fresh!
  • Pick up Light & Airy presets to soften your colorful pictures into romantic hues.

Gemini Instagram Color Theme

May 21 – June 20
Elemental Sign: Air

Gemini, you’re the youthful sign of the zodiac. You’re clever, curious about everything, and always looking for the next adventure!

Your sign is known for being mercurial and changing your mind a lot, so your Instagram color theme needs to leave room for versatility.

The Gemini Color Theme for Instagram

Gemini Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Muted shades of peach, yellow and cream give you room to play, while the vibrant pops of ice blue and rich yellow speak to your sunny, effervescent nature.

  • #FFD131 – Sunglow
  • #FFE187 – Crayola Yellow
  • #FFF0D8 – Papaya Whip
  • #FFBE9E – Peach
  • #93EDFF – Winter Wizard

How to Make It:

Screenshot of Instagram 9-grid with winter wizard, peach, and yellows
Feed: @hey.maca

You have a lot of bright shades to work with, Gemini! Here’s how to make them work flawlessly together:

  • Experiment with tiling your photos to create a pattern of peach, blue and yellow. Then use softer shades in between to keep it pretty!
  • The beauty of your palette is the ability to make it soft and feminine or turn up the volume on exuberant splashes of color! Use an editing app like Lightroom to tweak exposure and contrast.

Cancer Instagram Color Theme

June 21 – July 22
Elemental Sign: Water

Cancer, your watery nature makes you deep, emotional and highly intuitive. You’re usually the “parent” of your friend group, and your loyalty is unrivaled.

Your mood can shift quickly, and your Instagram color scheme reflects your mercurial emotions!

The Cancer Color Theme for Instagram

Cancer Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

The Cancer Instagram color theme shifts from bright blues and crisp white to brooding grey.

  • #C0DAED – Columbia Blue
  • #A5D8FF – Fresh Air
  • #F4F6FC – White Smoke
  • #4C5760 – Independence
  • #9CA7B7 – Pewter Blue

How to Make It:

Does your palette seem gloomy, Cancer? It doesn’t have to be! Here’s how to make it your own:

  • Treat the shades of blue as color pops in your photos.
  • Lean on neutral shades like pewter, deep grey and white to tie in colorful details to your palette without overwhelm.
  • Experiment with lowering contrast and blacks in your photos to keep your feed light and bright.

Leo Instagram Color Theme

July 23 – August 22
Elemental Sign: Fire

Leo, you know how to light up a room. Bright, bouncy and passionate, you’re ruled by the sun and your Instagram color scheme shows it!

The Leo Color Theme for Instagram

Leo Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Sunny yellow and orange dominate this color theme, offset by sunset shades like smoky topaz and melon.

Though your palette reads like a vibrant sunset, we know your cheerful optimism and inner light never dims!

  • #D1603D – Medium Vermillion
  • #984447 – Smoky Topaz
  • #F7B2AD – Melon
  • #F4AC45 – Yellow Orange
  • #86BBD8 – Dark Sky Blue

How to Make It:

Screenshot of Instagram 9-grid with blues, melon, and pinks
Feed: @ariellevey

Don’t let the sun set on your Instagram feed with these helpful tips, Leo:

  • Create warm-toned presets with low contrast to keep bold shades in this palette from overwhelming.
  • Golden hour is your best friend! Shoot photos in mid-evening for an effortless bronzed look.
  • To keep your warm tones in check, aim for 40% blue, 35% vermillion, 10% yellow, 10% melon and 5% smoky topaz.

Virgo Instagram Color Theme

August 23 – September 22
Elemental Sign: Earth

Virgo, you’re one of the most grounded signs in the Zodiac. As an earth sign you’re not prone to mercurial moods, and you can be set in your ways.

You’re modest, practical and hard-working. Mixed with your natural discernment, you make a wonderful friend to have, and you give the best advice.

The Virgo Color Theme for Instagram

Virgo Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Like Virgo, these Instagram colors aren’t flashy. Instead, they’re deep, a little moody and subtle.

Earth tones like olive, green and deer create a deep, thoughtful style all your own!

  • #414535 – Rifle Green
  • #6DA34D – Palm Leaf
  • #F2E3BC – Dutch White
  • #C57B57 – Deer
  • #3D3522 – Olive Drab

How to Make It:

Here’s how to make this color scheme your own, Virgo:

  • Up the contrast, and lower the shadow and the blacks in your favorite photo editing app to enhance the mood in your content.
  • Then, punch up the orange color mix slightly to bring golden warmth to skin-tones and scenery.
  • This theme can get dark quickly — make sure to liberally tile photos with lots of white into the mix to lighten things up!

Libra Instagram Color Theme

September 23 – October 22
Elemental Sign: Air

Libra, you’re bright, social and charming with a love of balance. You like to weigh your options carefully before committing, and there is nothing wrong with that!

You’re an idealist ruled by Venus, which means you’re sensuous and love pretty, high-quality things.

The Libra Color Theme for Instagram

Libra Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

This Instagram theme idea harmoniously balances warm and cool shades.

Razmatazz and Tangerine transition seamlessly into green shades with a light, airy blond.

  • #F91876 – Razmatazz
  • #EFA48B – Vivid Tangerine
  • #F4F1BB – Blond
  • #C2EABD – Tea Green
  • #2EC4B6 – Maximum Blue Green

How to Make It:

Screenshot of Instagram 9-grid with bright pinks, turquoise, and greens
Feed: rclayton

This color scheme weighs its options between color families carefully — just like you do, Libra!

Here’s how to make it work:

  • Use softer shades like vivid tangerine, blond and tea green to transition between the bold ends of this palette spectrum.
  • Consider organizing your posts by threes to create lines of bold color in your 9-grid.

Scorpio Instagram Color Theme

October 23 – November 21
Elemental Sign: Water

Scorpio, you’re a powerful sign that can be an enigma. At first glance, you seem like a fire sign — and most people mistake Scorpio for one! However, you have a lot of deep emotional complexity under your fiery exterior.

You’re imaginative, complex and you can have a dark side, Scorpio! But your ingenuity and powerful presence make you a force to be reckoned with. You’re a great conceptual thinker and can brainstorm like no other.

The Scorpio Color Theme for Instagram

Scorpio Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

The Scorpio color palette is lit from within by powerful cardinal red, dusky orange and copper.

A deep shade of teal blue symbolizes your deep emotions lurking just under the surface.

  • #960200 – Cardinal
  • #F79256 – Pink Orange
  • #CE6C47 – Copper Red
  • #E6AA68 – Fawn
  • #33658A – Teal Blue

How to Make It:

Your bold palette is surprisingly versatile, Scorpio. Here’s some tips to get the most out of it:

  • Cardinal red will grab the most focus in your 9-grid. Use Tailwind’s visual planning tool to tile red in at key points in your feed.
  • Use blue to cool down this hot palette: surround red posts with washes of blue and fawn to tone down the impact.

Sagittarius Instagram Color Theme

November 22 – December 21
Elemental Sign: Fire

Sagittarius, you’re the philosopher of the Zodiac. You often think over feeling, but that doesn’t stop you from having a good time! You’re wild, adventurous and just a little mysterious.

You make friends easily, but it takes a lot for someone to really get to know you. Your Instagram color theme reflects the unexpected depth under your friendly, energetic façade.

The Sagittarius Color Theme for Instagram

Sagittarius Instagram color scheme with examples of each color mentioned.

Sagittarius, your lucky colors are energetic turquoise and lavender — both present in this palette!

Deep blue and purple shades hint at the hidden layers you conceal under the surface.

  • #2E2E56 – Deep Koamaru
  • #73C2BE – Moonstone Blue
  • #E8DAD3 – Bone
  • #776885 – Old Lavender
  • #462749 – Old Burgundy

How to Make It:

Screenshot of Instagram 9-grid with purples, blues, and creams
Feed: @milk

Sagittarius, here’s how to maximize the moody jewel tones in your feed:

  • Treat your five-shade palette like a spectrum. Move from deep blue, moonstone, bone, and old lavender to end on old burgundy. Then head back the other way!
  • Make moonstone blue and bone count! These shades will lighten your feed and draw the eye— make sure the content you choose is worthy of the attention.

How to Arrange Your Color Theme and Post on Instagram

Now that you’ve snagged your astrologically-compatible color theme, it’s time to make your 9-grid shine!

Tailwind’s visual planning tool allows you to plan your 9-grid in just three easy steps. Here’s what to do:

  1. Batch upload your color-coordinated posts to Tailwind for Instagram.
  2. Arrange your posts with our handy drag-and-drop 9-grid preview, and lock in your favorites where they’ll make the most oomph!
  3. Write your captions, choose your hashtags and schedule your posts for the best time!

It’s really that simple! Try it out yourself and wow your followers with your effortlessly styled feed.

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