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Pinterest and marketing guru, Anastasia Blogger, didn’t set out to start her own business. It eventually fell in her lap. 

“I was working as an editor in an online magazine, and all the topics I was featuring as an editor gave me a theoretical understanding of how marketing worked. And that was my way into this world.”

After Anastasia began understanding the ins and outs of marketing by interviewing leaders in the industry and editing articles, she felt unsatisfied with her job. She learned the marketing language, and she wanted to spread the word by helping more people with fewer restrictions.

“At some point in life, you want to see the results for yourself. You want to see a different financial future for yourself and your children. And so that was my motivation to switch from the corporate career and start working for myself.”

Anastasia wanted the freedom of sharing her knowledge on her terms and helping more inclusively. And she craved further opportunities for growth to better her life and the lives of her immediate family. 

Pushed by a need to prove herself and help other entrepreneurs reach their dream, she got to work and launched her brand, Anastasia Blogger.

Launching Anastasia Blogger

Since starting her business, Anastasia has seen a pattern many new companies fall into that can sabotage its ability to take off.

“The biggest mistake is over planning and perfectionism. Some people get stuck in the phase of calculations and planning, but you build a business by making mistakes that you learn from.” 

Not only is putting yourself out there crucial to your success, but Anastasia also mentioned the importance of continually showing up and creating content. 

“It’s crucial to be consistent on any platform. You need to give your audience the message that you’re always there for them.”

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Some Wisdom Anastasia Has Gained

While Anastasia was finally working for herself and doing something she was passionate about, she found herself experiencing an issue that every new business endures when launching a new website. 

Yet, she found a way around it with the help of Tailwind!

“The first year Pinterest was my main source of traffic. I was hoping to get traffic from Google, but Google takes more time to take off because your domain authority is zero when you’re starting. The first year it’s tough to see significant results from Google.”

So while SEO and organic traffic are great tools to build over time, your best bet for growing and reaching people right off the bat and getting those first sales is through social media. 

Early on, Anastasia noticed the majority of her traffic was coming through Pinterest. Because of how frequently Pinterest required users to post to be favored in their algorithm, it took up a lot of her time. 

“It was pretty common to post each pin to at least five or ten boards. And it was important to have a tool that could help you do all of that automatically.”

And how did Anastasia combat those time restrictions while growing on Pinterest and getting traffic to her website? With the help of Tailwind of course.

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Anastasia Finds Tailwind

Anastasia wanted to lean into Pinterest, but she didn’t have the time required to leverage the app. That led her to research social media management apps specifically for Pinterest, where she came across Tailwind.

“When I started using Tailwind, I found the interface very user-friendly. It took me maybe an hour to figure it out. And then I realized how much time it saves me. It’s totally worth an hour to learn the tool!”

While she initially used Tailwind to schedule Pins, she also enjoys the Instagram scheduler and how much the app helps her save time.

“Tailwind is part of time management. It’s batching the content, so you don’t have to come back multiple times a day. It drains a lot of your energy to remember every day, or several times a day, to come back to a platform. It’s more efficient if you can do it once a week and the rest of the time you’re focused on other tasks.”

Anastasia can use her time and energy more efficiently now, allowing her social posts to be planned and scheduled so she can spend less time on the apps. 

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What’s next for her brand?

What’s next for Anastasia Blogger?

“I want to start branching out to different niches I didn’t cover before. I’ve been very focused on Pinterest marketing which helped give me authority in this niche. At the same time, Pinterest marketing is just one part of an online business. So there’s still plenty of space for topics to grow.”

Anastasia is excited to branch out into other niches and continue practicing what she preaches. 

Want to connect with Anastasia? You can learn more on her website, and don’t forget to check out her courses! You can also stay up-to-date with her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Later, friends!

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Anastasia Blogger receives 10 MILLION Pinterest views a month!  Learn how she leveraged Tailwind's Pinterest tools to jumpstart her small business.

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