Creating Better Images for Pinterest Equal BIG Google Payoffs OSP 058

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Oh my! The power of Pinterest just seems to be growing and growing.  Its influence is not only changing marketing strategies but also website design and search engine results.

Creating Better Images for Pinterest Equal BIG Google Payoffs OSP 058

Social media platforms and websites are becoming even more image centric as Pinterest and Instagram continue to rise in popularity. Enhancing and polishing images on a website and making them more “pinnable” can truly lead to increased traffic and potentially, sales. Here, at Oh So Pinteresting, we have see first hand relationship of quality pinnable images and their overwhelming effect on website traffic.

In this episode of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast, I chat with Vernon Ross, the founder and CEO Ross Public Relations and Marketing. We unveil tricks and easy ideas to create images and pins that can help you rank on Google. Vernon shares his story including his Pinterest findings and website traffic results.

For the past couple of months Vernon has been using Canva and PicMonkey to create images for his blog posts and Podcast shownotes. It now takes him 15 minutes or less to create an image with these tools. The small investment of 15 minutes in creating better images for Pinterest and his site has given him a 15% boost in traffic.

You might think having a background in design is necessary for mimicking these results. However, Vernon tells us how he overcame his own fear of graphic design. We even chat about a fun tip on how to use PowerPoint to create infographics and how to maximize your efforts by repurposing your images for Instagram.

We can’t ignore YouTube and Vimeo videos on Pinterest. Vernon gives his ideas on how to tie in YouTube into your marketing strategy.

We also talk about the strong connection between Google and Pinterest. The power of Pinterest goes way beyond the platform it even spreads into Google. More and more pins and Pinterest boards are ranking well for specific keywords and can draw pretty impressive traffic results. Vernon shares his own surprise Google success story.

Change is sometimes tough but it is inevitable. Is your site up with the times or does it have the feel of days gone by?

About Vernon

Vernon RossVernon Ross, the founder and CEO Ross Public Relations and Marketing. Vernon comes to us from the great city of St. Louis, Missouri. He serves as a board member of Social Media Club St. Louis and is the host of a fantastic podcast called Social Strategy Podcast.

In This Episode

•How Pinterest is changing web design

•The best size for your Pinterest pins

•Creative use of Powerpoint for infographics

•How Vernon increased traffic by 15%

•How to calculate your time investment on Pinterest

•Creating pinnable images with free tools

•How Pinterest pins are Google friendly

•Tips for checking Google ranking

•How to repurpose content for Instagram and YouTube

•How to link Google Plus to Pinterest

•A Pinterest strategy for YouTube

Connect with Vernon

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4 thoughts on “Creating Better Images for Pinterest Equal BIG Google Payoffs OSP 058

  1. I totally agree with Vernon – when I’m creating or editing images for my site and Pinterest, I don’t have time for Photoshop, especially when there are quicker & easier web-based options.

    I’ve been using PicMonkey since it launched – though I wish when they introduced “Royale” it had included the ability to save work for future editing.

    Saving my work for future editing is just one of the reasons I love Canva and have been using it more and more for my sites and client’s sites.

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