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It is next  to impossible to tap into the power of Pinterest without having images in your website, right? But many marketers are often unsure of how to use complex graphic editing software such as Photoshop. Many are working with tight budgets and find it difficult to afford stock photos or a professional graphic designer. Today, I’m here to tell you about another great online tool to put in your collection that will help you create easy and FREE images for Pinterest (and your other online needs).

In this week’s episode of the podcast I bring you a conversation with Jesse Michelsen, founder and creator of IdPinThat.com. This amazing site does something that other online image creation tools don’t. I’d Pin That brings you cost free, royalty free, attribution free images AND allows you to easily edit them for commercial use all in one spot.

Easy and Free Images for Pinterest OSP 061

Not only is Jesse the brains behind I’d Pin That, he was also behind Manteresting , a site similar to Pinterest designed for men. He has since sold that site but shares some of his insight on how men use platforms such as Pinterest in different ways than women do. This can be really helpful to business with a male related product or service using Pinterest.

In the early days, Ben, Evan and the crew made an attempt at monetizing Pinterest though affiliate links. Jesse and I discuss how he was able to monetize Manteresting in a similar way. Will the rumored $1 million requirement for Pinterest advertising really be a good idea?

Jesse has now moved on to a new chapter in his entrepreneurial life with I’d Pin That. He built the site in hopes to offer his clients and others a place to create images for their online content without violating copyright laws and without being complicated to use.

Free images on I'd Pin That

Sample search results from I’d Pin That

I'd Pin That image editing tools

Easy to use I’d Pin That image editing tools

In this episode

•Jesse’s experience with building Manteresting

•How men use sites like Pinterest and Manteresting differently than women do

•Avoiding copyright violation

•I’d Pin That features

•The size for Pinterest images that are optimized for most blogs

•Future features coming soon to I’d Pin That

•Creating and editing images for Pinterest in WordPress

•This week’s Pinterest Tip of the Week

Connect  with Jesse

Jesse Michelsen creator of I'd Pin That

I’d Pin That

On his blog

On Twitter

Special musical segment

For the first time ever the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast has a musical segment! Farideh Ceaser fellow podcaster, marketing strategist and and talented musician has written and recorded a song called It’s so Pinteresting (The Pinterest Song). Could it be any more perfect for the podcast?

Check out Farideh’s super cool video below.

It’s just a matter of days before the next session of the Pinterest for business workshop begins. If your looking to get a jump on Pinterest and  be a part of a supportive community, be sure to click the image below to find out all of the details about the workshop.

Pinterest for Business Workshop starts soon

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