Ecommerce Transformation: A Case Study on Tailwind Ads’ 525% Traffic Growth Success for Home Stitchery Decor

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Headshot of Jolene from Home Stitchery Decor with screenshots of her products from her website showing made for you marketing on a blue background with the Tailwind logo.

Home Stitchery Decor is a Calgary, Alberta-based business that specializes in creating modern farmhouse home decor items. Founded by Jolene Airey after a health crisis encouraged her to develop a home-based business, the company offers a diverse range of products including signature rugs, soup bowl cozies, framed Mandala art, tea towels, hand-crocheted dishcloths and pillows. 

Screenshot of products on Home Stitchery Decor homepage

Home Stitchery Decor sells its products online through a Shopify store, a limited selection on Etsy, wholesale to local boutiques in Alberta, and at juried farmers’ markets in the region. Jolene also teaches others how to create similar products through YouTube tutorials and promotes the tools she uses in the process as an affiliate.

Jolene has implemented several tactics to increase her store’s average order value — including developing coordinating products for every item that she sells. She is in the process of creating her own fabric designs and has grown her store to employ seven contractors.  

With the expanded production potential from her employees, Jolene was ready to focus on increasing demand through traffic to her Shopify store. She turned to Tailwind Ads for help. 

This case study examines how Tailwind’s AI ad technology transformed Home Stitchery Decor’s online presence, driving significant traffic to the website and enabling Jolene to expand her product offering and focus on on-site conversion to sales. 

The Challenge:

Before partnering with Tailwind, was receiving only 6-10 daily site views.

A common challenge for Shopify store owners is getting enough web traffic. Jolene uses her limited collection on the Etsy platform to build her audience, directing purchasers to her Shopify store by encouraging newsletter signups and with inserts in her shipped products. 

But Jolene knew that she needed another solution to increase traffic and raise awareness for her business — that’s when she discovered Tailwind Ads. She hoped that advertising would increase her site visits, which she could then convert to customers. 


While using Tailwind’s AI ad technology, the Home Stitchery Decor Shopify storefront went from 255 monthly views to a staggering 1,500 views per month. This increase in traffic was exactly what Jolene was hoping to achieve.

Chart showing monthly site visits to home stitchery decor increase from 255 to 1500 with use of Tailwind Ads

“I was getting six to ten views a day on my website. And now I’m getting upwards of 1500 views a month on my website. Some of that traffic is converting into sales, but my goal personally was to get as much traffic as possible to my site.”

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The Solution: Tailwind AI Ad Technology

Tailwind Ads uses AI to maximize return on ad spend. The software works behind the scenes to analyze millions of data points and leverage advanced AI to create and optimize the perfect ad for specific products. 

“Tailwind AI works all day and night, constantly adjusting your ads for you. Tailwind takes care of the entire ad creation and performance process, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on running your business,” says Sal Arora, Paid Ads Tech Lead at Tailwind. 

“It was no problem whatsoever,” Jolene said. “The team walked me through every single step. Even though I was brand new to the technology, I felt a little bit overwhelmed, but I didn’t find the process that hard if I just followed the exact steps that they sent me through.”

Tailwind Ads automated the ads creation process so that Jolene didn’t have to create every ad herself. And the built in approval process allowed her ultimate control over the creative that went into the ads. 

“They ran my assets through their AI technology and put out 100% professional ads. Everything came to me for approval to make sure that everything was within my own branding message.”

Screenshot of a sponsored ad for Home Stitchery Decor

The Tailwind team also made recommendations for improving her website, leading to a better user experience and potential conversion into sales.

“They’ve made a whole bunch of suggestions for me for things to improve on the site that would help people convert long term. So I’ve gone ahead and made the changes. And every single piece I work on is getting more traffic to stay on my site longer.”

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From Feb. 28 to April 17, 2023, Tailwind Ads managed an ad spend of $468.34 for Home Stitchery Decor. The hands-free optimization of ads content created an ad recall lift of 1260 and generated 1085 link clicks at a $0.40 CPC. 

Ad recall lift is a Facebook metric that shows how many people Facebook estimates would remember seeing your ad two days after they saw it. 

Some of the traffic from Tailwind Ads has generated sales, and Jolene is actively working on conversion rate optimization for her offers, product descriptions, and website in order to capitalize on the new traffic volume. 

“My job on my end is to get my traffic that’s coming to the site to convert into sales,” Jolene says. “You can only do so much with ads, so I’ve got some work to do there. But the traffic is coming — they’re staying on the site longer, and I know that I’ll be able to convert those people long term. For me, it’s a learning curve because I’ve started with absolute zero and not gone to school for it. I have to learn each and every step. I’m hoping this year with getting the ads running consistently to train my audience as to what to buy. Then I’ve got to work on my offers and prices on my end, and once those people start converting, I’ll be able to hire even more help to do some of these.”

list of benefits delivered by Tailwind ads


Tailwind’s AI ad technology provided Home Stitchery Decor with the traffic growth they needed to elevate their online presence. By partnering with Tailwind, Jolene can now focus on expanding her business and developing new products. 

Jolene is continuing to use Tailwind Ads, and she recommends it to others: “It’s been great. I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s so professional, lots of follow up, and lots of great suggestions for things to work on.”

Watch the video version of this case study. 👇

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