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Father's-DayFather’s day is upon us and whether he is willing to admit it or not, your old man loves you and deserves a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day. Luckily for us, there’s a nifty website called Pinterest where you can find tons of crafty Father’s Day gift ideas to show him just how much you care. Here are a few of our picks from Pinterest and you can even rope in your kids to help with some of them and make this special day just a little sweeter! 0_0_2c2e0d524002f668e4ab09de7d30e8da_1 Show your dad just how much you love him with this cute craft idea from A Day in My LIfe. 8e514921d336689dc2c41a8fe4f9fa15Give him his favorite candy snack in a nicely DIY decorated bag a la Crafts Unleashed. 46e1e506a918ffdf0f825c79a67c0d82 Not only is this an adorable idea, it can also be a great addition to your kid’s milestone! Taken from Etsy.com. FD_ties_lots Because everyone enjoys a good pun, even father’s. Taken from ThenSheMade.com. funny-spatula-fathers-day-gift- Dads and grilling go together like PB&J. Indulge in your dad’s good home cookin’ (if he happens to be able to cook) by getting him cooking utensils with clever tags like Sassy Dealz suggests. Website-linked-that-provides-all-the-states-to-be-downloaded-and-printedIf you’ve moved around a lot growing up, this is a great idea to remind your dad of all the “homes” he created. Perfect for military families who move from place to place! Taken from CandyPin.com.

Found other pins on Father’s Day gift ideas? Post them on our comment box and share them with us!

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