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How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Find Fans & Influencers

Connecting with your top fans and largest Pinterest influencers is easier than ever with PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics Suite.

One of the most important things you can do with social media is foster strong connections with those who love your brand the most. They’re the people who celebrate your successes, refer business your way, purchase your products, and defend your brand in the face of criticism. Sometimes, you’ll even find that a few of these loyal fans have an influence and following that you never could have imagined.

Starting at only $29 a month, PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics Suite helps you:

  • Find your most influential followers
  • Thank brand advocates
  • Build an affiliate program from fans driving revenue

Find Pinterest Influencers

Find Pinterest Influencers with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics Suite

The Most Influential Followers tab on our Fans & Influencers page ranks your followers based on the number of followers they have so you can easily find, well, your most influential followers.  Reach out to influencers right from your dashboard through their linked social media accounts or websites.

Thank Brand Advocates

Find Top Brand Pinner with PinLeague's Analytics Suite

From the Top Brand Pinners tab on your Fans & Influencers page, find the users who pin from your domain the most. From there you can easily go engage with, and thank, them on various social platforms.

Find Your Top Repinners with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics Suite

The Top Repinners tab shows you those users who repin from your profile the most. Just like the Top Brand Pinners page, you can easily go engage and thank them over their linked social media account.

Build an Affiliate Army

Find Top Revenue Generators with PinLeague's Pinterest Analytics Suite

After syncing Google Analytics, check out who your Most Valuable Pinners are from the Fans & Influencers page. This is a great way to find users who are driving revenue and traffic, and invite them to be affiliates for your brand!


So what are you waiting for? Go out and connect with your fans and influencers!


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