How To Get Comments on Pinterest

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Although it might not seem like the chattiest network, figuring out how to get comments on Pinterest can be extremely valuable to your social media strategy. Below we outline a couple of the ways you can get your fans talking.

How To Get Comments On Pinterest

As many pinners know, comments on Pinterest are rare. Because they’re so rare, they’re also very valuable. A comment shows an increased level of engagement and can be the opportunity to build a relationship with a fan. However, because Pinterest isn’t a chatty network, you might have to pull out a few tricks to get your audience talking. Keep reading to learn few of the ways you can strike up a conversation on Pinterest.

Ask questions (duh)

Of course the tried-and-true best way to get comments is to ask! Although Asking questions might seem pretty straight forward, many pinners forget to do it. However, because Pinterest is such a visual platform, your questions don’t need to be exiled to the description alone. You can use the image itself to get your audience talking. For example, an airline could post something like this:

Get comments on Pinterest by posting a picture of a question

Even if you’re not interested in asking questions through images, be sure to ask a few open-ended questions in your descriptions and comments. Yes-or-no questions will only get you, well, a yes or a no. To really engaged your users ask for their opinion, ask for advice, ask for anything that will make them want to comment!

Post your own opinion

Now, I’m not implying that you need to be super political or controversial to get people talking, but it does help to take a side sometimes. For example, a clothing company could post an image of some boot cut jeans and declare, “Boot cut is the new skinny”. While it might not be the most controversial statement, someone is bound to have their own opinion and comment back.

Post “Mystery” Images

Say you have an upcoming product release or big company announcement. Rather than posting about it directly, you can use small snapshots of the product or a few teaser words before the release to get people talking. For instance, if your company is undergoing a rebranding, you can post small teasers of the new logo and name. Pinterest gives you the unique opportunity to tease your audience with images, which will make them want to start guessing about what’s to come. Just make sure you don’t leave your fans hanging.  After you reveal what the mystery is, leave a comment in the original post and Pinterest!

Tag Users in Descriptions – Just Use Sparingly

You know those social media managers on Facebook that end up tagging everyone they’ve ever known in their company’s post? Yeah, we’re NOT telling you to do that. When tagging users in pins it’s important to have a good reason for tagging them. Maybe the pinner is the author or artist who created the pin and you want to let them know how much you enjoyed it. Tag away. Or maybe it’s an adorable picture of a corgi and a kitten being BFF’s and you just know that one of your clients is coo-coo for corgi’s. Go ahead and tag them! There’s a good chance that they will not only repin it, but they will strike up a conversation about the incomparable cuteness of kitten-puppy friendships.

Comment on Other Peoples Posts

You know the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. Well, it’s as true on Pinterest as it is in life! Not only should you comment, you should also be repinning and liking your fans’ pins. It’s also a good idea to not only try and start conversations on your own pins, but also on other users pins. By sharing your thoughts on another person’s pin, you can be exposed to a whole new audience. However, like with tagging users, it’s best to comment sparingly. Not only is it annoying to your audience, Pinterest will also block you if you comment too many times in a given timeframe.

How else do you get comments on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments!


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