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Get Great Pinnable Images with Basic Photography Tips OSP Episode 20


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Does photography intimidate you? Are you overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of photography? Getting great pinnable Pinterest images doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Interior designer and blogger, Hilary Walker, shares some basic photography tips that can help us photography newbies get great images with a smart phone, a few apps and some basic photography tips.

Get Great Pinnable Images with Basic Photography Tips

 Exciting news!

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael StelznerGetting great images to use on Pinterest is something that I’m often asked about. In fact, it was one of the topics that I covered in a podcast episode I recently recorded with Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner. Click here to listen to that episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast. I have learned A LOT from Social Media Examiner and the Social Media Marketing Podcast you should check them out.

Big thanks to Michael for inviting me onto the show!


In this episode:

Hilary and I chat about some of the basic concepts of photography including exposure, composition,  color and contrast.

Here are some images from Hilary that display some of the concepts we discussed

Exposure (more):

high exposure sample
Source: Hilary Walker via Pinterest


Exposure (less):

low exposure sample
Source: Hilary Walker via Pinterest


Asymmetrical composition:

Asymmetrical composition
Source: Hilary Walker via Pinterest


Color (love the pops of red and gold):

Image with a pop of color
Source: Hilary Walker via Pinterest



low contrast example
Source: Hilary Walker via Pinterest



Video tips

By experimenting with your smart phone camera, you can really get some great images. Here are a couple of quick videos to show you tips about exposure and depth of field.





Depth of field 

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks so much for having me on the podcast, Cynthia! Your demonstration videos are fantastic and really bring to life the practices we discussed. Hopefully a few of your listeners will be able to apply these tools.

    • Avatar

      Thank YOU Hilary for sharing your knowledge with us. You really are a great teacher that makes something complicated and intimidating like photography into something simple and fun. Can’t wait until part 2!

  2. Avatar

    Great ideas. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy my iPhone over my boyfriends android. His camera on his phone makes everything look like your in a dream, when the iPhone takes a wide array of really good pictures. One thing we do differently is we use some freeware programs like Gimpshop, and even for some easy and cheap editing. Although I will say someday I will get Photoshop because of how amazing it is.

    • Avatar

      Thanks so much for your comment Lindsay! I’m with you, go iPhone! (My husband’s an Android guy too)

      I got started on Gimp and loved it but I haven’t use too much. But,, I’ve gotten lost in playing around with all of the effects, it’s way cool!

      Photoshop and I have a love hate relationship….. It took me years to get the nerve to try it but I’m slowly learning my around.

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