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How He Found His Way to 378k Pinterest Pins and Thousands of Visitors OSP Episode 039

People frequently ask what images really need to be successful on Pinterest. They ask questions such as what size images need be,  what colors should be used and if text is necessary.  While there isn’t a one-size fits all answer, there are some general best practices.

How He Found His Way to 378k Pinterest Pins and Thousands of Visitors

  • Use multiple colors
  • Red is pinned more often than blue
  • Images without faces are pinned more often
  • Vertical images with a 2:3 aspect ratio are preferred

In this week’s podcast episode I chat with blogger and entrepreneur Joseph Michael. Joseph hadn’t given much thought to Pinterest until he wrote a blog post for his site, Efficient Life Skills, that was pinned and took his blog from a few hundred visitors a day to thousands of visitors per day.

As of the writing of this, the image below has been pinned over 378,000 times! Take a close look, it seems to break the rules when it comes to what makes an image pinnable doesn’t it?

This image has been Pinned over 300k times from Joseph Michael


Joseph and I chat about:

  • His approach to images
  • Using Creative Commons images
  • How he fits Pinterest into his daily routine
  • How this image has continued to bring a steady stream of traffic to his site
  • The seasonal nature of Pinterest
  • How to represent non visual topics with an image

Links Mentioned


Creative Commons

Scrivener Coach

Better Blog Images

Connect with Joseph

On his blog Efficient Life Skills

On Twitter 

On Pinterest


Coming up

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    Once again, great content full of useful info. You present things in an easy to understand language, tools for even the novice to grasp and hope for those that struggle to find success. Thanks so much!

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