How Pinterest Can Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

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We know what you’re thinking because we’re thinking it too- this year has flown by! You may find yourself wondering how Christmas decorations and songs have already crept their way into your life, but since they are already here, it’s time to prepare.

How Pinterest Can Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

The good news is, Pinterest can actually help you get organized and stay on top of your holiday shopping list – something many of us end up putting off until the last minute even though we shouldn’t. By pinning gift ideas to your secret boards, you can easily stay ahead, simply by pinning great ideas as you stumble upon them. If you haven’t already heard of Pinterest’s secret boards, familiarize yourself with the topic because these can be your new best friends.

Secret boards are just what they sound like- boards that you can create on Pinterest that are for your eyes only. They came out last year, just in time for the holidays, and people have been finding great use for them ever since. In order to create a secret board, just go to your own profile, then scroll down to the bottom of your page. There, you will find something to click that says “Create a Secret Board.” Another way to create a secret board is going about it the way you would create a normal board- click “Add+” in the upper right hand corner then select “Create New Board.” Once you have done this, turn the Secret button on. You now have a board or multiple boards onto which you can pin things that no other pinner will see.

However you organize these boards is up to you. You can make a different secret board for up to three recipients that you wish to shop for, or have one all inclusive holiday shopping board for all of the people you plan to buy gifts for- the idea is the same. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing and provide you with many ideas from Pinterest, where anything and everything is pinned, but if done in enough advance, you will most likely easily be able to order any item that you pin onto your boards with ease online. Essentially, you will have your own personalized gallery of unique items to choose from specially tailored for whoever may be receiving the gift.

There’s another advantage to pinning your holiday gift ideas to secret boards- Pinterest’s Price Drop Alerts. Picture it- you’ve already found all of these great ideas and have pinned them to your secret boards. You’re holding off for a little bit and letting these ideas sit, trying to decide which gift would be the perfect choice for your beloved recipient. Next time you log into Pinterest, it notifies you that an item that you pinned to your secret board actually has just dropped in price. Perfect! The decision-making process suddenly becomes a little bit easier, knowing that you are receiving a better deal on a product.

Have you been using secret boards for holiday shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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