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Data, data, data. I’ve never really been a numbers person but when it comes to building a successful business it all boils down to the numbers. That is very true when it comes to measuring your success with Pinterest or other social media platforms. Sure, it’s fun to pin beautiful images and discover great content but if your efforts aren’t helping you achieve your goals, then why bother? Let’s take a look at what one business did to get over 1.5 million website visitors with Pinterest.
How She Got 1.5 Million Website Visitors with Pinterest OSP 082

In this week’s episode:

Listen in as I chat with Stephanie Hicks Butler of Hawk Media Group about the specific approach she uses for the DIY Ready Pinterest account that has led to huge website traffic.

Stephanie is a master at interpreting data. She looked at what piece of  DIY Ready content was generating interest and looked for way to improve what was already do ing well. Being Pinterest, she focused on the images and pin descriptions. Below is an example of one of DIY Ready’s most successful projects on Pinterest as of January 30, 2015 it had been pinned over 340,00 times. It was originally published in May of 2014.

DIY Ready's Popular Pinterest pin

DIY Ready’s image for a mason jar craft that has been pinned over 340,00 times.


Stephanie saw huge results when she used several images from the article and turned them into an infographic style image like the one below. She created several images for the same project each time testing different colors and styles until she found one that really resonated with the Pinterest community. In the interview she explains the tools she used and her thought process for creating the images.

DIY Ready-prism-light infographic image for Pinterest

Stephanie did lots of testing on DIY Ready’s prism light infographic image for Pinterest.

Stephanie and I talk about the so called risks of putting the steps of the projects on images. Stephanie has found that the images with the text have performed better than the ones without. We also talk about the best practices for what text should be included on images.


Stephanie also shares the tools she uses to monitor the effectiveness of her Pinning and DIY Ready’s images. Once the data was gathered she “took what’s working and optimized it.”  Smart!!!


Connect with Stephanie

Digital Marketer

Hawk Group Media

DIY Ready on Pinterest


Links Mentioned


5 platform tips from a Pinterest insider


This week’s Pinterest tip is a new tool that I have begun to use called SumoMe. In a short time I’ve noted increased social shares across multiple platforms. What do you think about the new social sharing buttons?


I also have a big announcement! I just launched a Pinterest for Business video course with! If you’re looking to get things really going with you business on Pinterest be sure to check it out. Plus, here’s a free 10 day trial to Lynda.




Getting my makeup professionally done was a treat!

Makeup for Lynda course


I was nervous in front of the camera but the Lynda crew put me at ease.

On set for Pinterest for business course


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