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Did you know that you can actually get paid to pin on Pinterest? Pinterest VA’s do!

While it may sound like I’m describing Pinterest content creators who share their content on the platform and earn an income from the resulting traffic, what I’m talking about doesn’t require you to have a blog… or even your own Pinterest profile! (Although the latter can be helpful.)

What I’m describing is working as a Pinterest VA – and in this guide, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about the exciting Pinterest VA field and how you can get started.

Whether you’re brand new to offering online services or looking to add another in-demand service to your list of service offerings, the Pinterest VA field is definitely worth a look.

It’s a lucrative industry that can provide anything from a few hundred extra dollars in your pocket every month to a full-time income. So, if you love the Pinterest platform and want to turn your pinning passion into profit, keep reading!

What is a Pinterest VA? 

A Pinterest VA (Pinterest Virtual Assistant) is someone who manages Pinterest business accounts for bloggers, brands, influencers, e-commerce shops, and more.

how do I become a Pinterest VA

Why Should a Business Hire a Pinterest VA?

With over 335 million users, 89% of whom are using the platform for purchase inspiration, businesses that aren’t fully utilizing Pinterest are leaving income on the table.

The problem is, most businesses simply do not have the time to manage their Pinterest account. It’s just one more task on a never-ending to-do list.

There is a lot of pressure to “be everywhere” these days, but there is only so much time in the day to both be everywhere and know how to be everywhere.

That’s why the services of Pinterest VAs are so important! Pinterest VAs know exactly how to use the Pinterest platform to achieve results for their clients. With these specialized skills, they can command hundreds of dollars to four-figures per month per client, making Pinterest management a very well-paid field.

Once businesses start utilizing the services of a Pinterest VA, they’re hooked! To quote a food blogger who works with a Pinterest VA:

Honestly, the way I look at this monthly business expense is that it more than pays for itself many times over in terms of money, stress, and time! Pinterest VAs are experienced professionals; we often bounce ideas and best practices off one another, building a win-win for each of us.

Pinterest VAs work with brands and bloggers to create Pins like this.

(If the idea of becoming an “experienced professional” in this field makes you nervous, don’t be. The skills are totally learnable! Every Pinterest VA started out as a beginner.)

How Pinterest Launched my Career

Several years ago as a new blogger, I was struggling to get consistent (ok, let’s be real – any traffic) from social media platforms, so I turned my attention to Pinterest. 

As a visual search engine, I realized the power of Pinterest for not only bloggers and brands but also consumers. Consumers use the Pinterest platform to seek inspiration, learn how to solve a problem and so much more. 

Within a month of using the platform, my website’s traffic skyrocketed…and kept growing.

I wrote a case study documenting how using Pinterest created new opportunities for website owners compared to social media platforms. 

This blog post changed my life. Within a week of publishing my findings, fellow bloggers were asking to hire me to manage their Pinterest business accounts.

As there was no one else in the field at this time, I labeled my job role as a Pinterest virtual assistant. 

In less than a year and with a lot of experience under my belt, I transitioned from Pinterest Virtual Assistant to Pinterest Manager with my own boutique management firm. 

Not only was I training my team members how to use the Pinterest platform, but also creating new opportunities for brands to confidently use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

What are the Qualities of a Pinterest VA?

First and foremost, loving Pinterest is a must! Thankfully, Pinterest is such a fun platform that it’s easy to love all that it has to offer.

Next, you should be someone who loves to learn new things. While becoming a Pinterest VA isn’t rocket science, it will require you to learn a few new skills and to put forth some effort.

You should also be a goal-oriented person who enjoys striving for the goals that you set. This is important for two reasons:

  1. It will help you during the process of learning how to offer Pinterest VA services and during the pitching process. While everything new is a little hard at first, if you’re goal-oriented, you’ll keep your eye on the prize and keep going! 
  2. It will help you when you work with clients because you’ll be excited to help your clients achieve their goals. When working with clients, it makes a big difference if you’re just as excited about their business goals as you are your own. 

Lastly, while you don’t need to be a total tech whiz, you should be comfortable with learning a few online software programs. If you already know how to use Tailwind, that’s a big plus!

Who Can Become a Pinterest VA?

As long as you fit the qualities mentioned above, you’re a great match for the Pinterest VA field!

One of the best things about getting started as a Pinterest VA is it’s a flexible job that can fit around your life and your schedule. Pinterest VAs can work as little or as much as they’d like, offer the services that appeal to them most (see the next section for a few service offering ideas), and set their own schedule.

Pinterest VA services are also great “add-on services” if you’re already offering other services as a VA. A lot of businesses know they need Pinterest management services, so why not learn how to offer them?

What Does a Pinterest VA Do?

Speaking of services… there are a variety of services that you can offer as a Pinterest VA, but three of the most important (and in-demand) are Pin scheduling, Pin design, and account audits. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Pin Scheduling

Management of Pin scheduling is an incredibly valuable service. It’s not enough to just pin a few random Pins here and there; Pinterest VAs must establish a pinning schedule, abide by Pinterest best practices, monitor analytics, and make adjustments as needed.

Thankfully, scheduling on Pinterest is made much easier by Tailwind! Tailwind is a Pinterest VA’s secret weapon and is an invaluable part of the Pinterest management process.

As an official Pinterest Partner, Tailwind is both an effective and safe choice for Pinterest VAs. When managing Pinterest accounts, you should never put your clients’ accounts at risk by utilizing shady platforms that don’t abide by Pinterest’s rules. Doing so could lead to banned Pinterest accounts and very, very unhappy clients. (Make that former clients!)

Because Tailwind works directly with Pinterest to ensure everything on Tailwind complies with Pinterest’s best practices, your clients can rest assured that their account is in good hands.

Plus, by using Tailwind for your clients, you’ll have access to Tailwind Communities. Tailwind Communities can supercharge your clients’ growth by helping their content reach new, highly receptive audiences!

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2. Pin Design

Pin design is also a very valuable service offering. In the past, it was okay to schedule the same Pin design repeatedly on Pinterest. Nowadays, however, Pinterest loves to see “fresh content,” which means brand new Pin designs.

By creating new Pin designs for clients on image creation platforms such as Canva, Pinterest VAs can help businesses get new eyeballs on old content.

Again, this is where Tailwind is an invaluable part of the Pinterest management process. Tailwind makes scheduling fresh pins so easy!

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3. Account Audit

Many times, businesses who try to go it on their own on Pinterest inadvertently make a mess of their Pinterest profile. They have good intentions, but because they’re busy wearing so many hats, they don’t have the time to learn how to properly manage their Pinterest profile.

The result: a profile that needs an audit by a Pinterest VA! Account audits help get a profile back on track and positioned to receive more views, saves, and clicks.

How to Get Started as a Pinterest VA

A passion for Pinterest is a must, but just loving Pinterest won’t land you paying clients. You need to know how to set up your business, the ins-and-outs of service offerings, how to pitch and land clients, how to work with clients, how to design pins, and more.

Thankfully, there is a program that dives into all of this called Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!. It walks you through starting a Pinterest VA business step-by-step so there’s no guesswork involved. You’ll learn exactly how to perform Pinterest services, set up your service offerings and pricing, effectively pitch potential clients, and all the other important things that go into creating a successful Pinterest VA business.

By using a rock-solid program to help you start your business, you’ll start your exciting new venture off on the right foot.

If getting started as a Pinterest VA appeals to you, you can watch this free training workshop!


After reading this guide, I hope you’re excited about the possibilities as a Pinterest VA! If you want to learn a new skill that can put some extra cash in your pocket, you’ll definitely want to consider this field.

Do you have any questions about getting started as a Pinterest VA? Leave your questions in the comments below!

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About the Author:

Kristin Larsen is a Pinterest enthusiast and Tailwind Ambassador. She can be found at and is co-founder of Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!, which has helped thousands of students and alumni start a new side hustle and career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

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