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How to Connect Pinterest to Your Facebook Business Page

If you’re crushing it on Pinterest, but your other social media channels (namely Facebook) need a bit of work, you’ve come to the right place. Tailwind for Pinterest will now allow you to connect Pinterest to your Facebook business page, so you can schedule a Facebook update to your business page at the same time you schedule your content to Pinterest!

Imagine how much easier and faster it would be to keep your Facebook business page active if scheduling great Facebook-specific content could be done at the same time you’re scheduling your Pinterest content! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.🍭

You’re already putting in the work to schedule great content on Pinterest, so why not put that content to work on your Facebook page while you’re at it?! 😉

Now, before you dismiss this idea because sharing a Pin to Facebook is not great marketing practice (it’s not!), let me reassure you – this new Tailwind feature does NOT simply send a Pin to Facebook. It’s much, much better!

The Right Way to Connect Pinterest and Facebook Page Marketing

When scheduling content to social and Pinterest, it’s important to remember that every network is a little different when it comes to what you can post, how it will look, and what will resonate with your audience there. In short, what looks good and works well on Pinterest will not necessarily work on Facebook.

For example, say I want to post the content of the Pin below to Facebook.

Pinterest Pin

If you simply share a link to a Pin, this is what you see – a vertical image, squished into the corner. Not ideal for Facebook. 😕 There’s also no way to add a description to your update unless you do so manually after the post is published (which kind of defeats the whole purpose of simultaneously posting to Pinterest and Facebook).

Share Pin to Facebook

With this feature from Tailwind, you won’t just be sharing a link to a Pin! Tailwind will look at the content you are sharing and pull out the best image for Facebook. You’ll also have the option to add a Facebook description. This looks much better! 😀

Facebook-Optimized Content

How to Use Tailwind to Connect Pinterest and Your Facebook Business Page

Time to complete: 90 seconds.

Use Tailwind to schedule a Pin to Pinterest and a Facebook update to your business page in no time! Talk about a win-win! 🎉 Follow the steps below to connect your Facebook business page with Tailwind, an official Facebook Marketing Partner.

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Step 1 – Connect your Facebook Business Page with Tailwind

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen in the Tailwind dashboard and click on “Account Settings”.

Account Settings

Click on the “Facebook Pages” tab.

Facebook Pages Tab

Click on the button “Connect to Your Facebook Pages”.

Connect to Your Facebook Pages

Once you click this, you’ll be redirected to Facebook.

Step 2 – Authorize Tailwind to Access your Facebook Account

If you’re not already logged in to Facebook, you’ll be prompted to log in. After logging in (or if you’re already logged in), click the “Continue” button to link your account.

Authorize Tailwind

You’ll then be prompted to let Tailwind access your profile and post, which basically means you’re letting Tailwind do the posting for you. Click “OK”.

Access Profile Pop-up

Step 3 – Choose which Facebook Page to Publish to

Once you’ve authorized Tailwind to post on your behalf, you’ll be redirected to the Tailwind dashboard. This is where you’ll select the Facebook page you want to publish your Pins to. Remember to click “Save changes” after selecting the Facebook page.

Choose Facebook Page to Publish To

Ta-da! 🎉 You’re now connected to your Facebook business page in Tailwind.

Let’s take a closer look at how to schedule to Pinterest and your Facebook business page at the same time.

Schedule your Content to Pinterest and your Business Facebook Page

Time to complete: 60 seconds.

When you’re ready to share content to Pinterest and Facebook, visit the blog post, product page, or other URL you want to share, click on Tailwind’s Publishing Extension, select the image you’d like to schedule to Pinterest, and click “Go Schedule!”.

Select Pin(s) to Schedule

A popup will appear with your selected Pin(s). Once here, you can add boards, a Pin description, and choose to also schedule the content to your business Facebook page.

Add boards, Pin description, schedule to your business Facebook page

To schedule content to your Facebook business page, simply check the box to the left of the orange Facebook page flag icon. 

Facebook Page Flag Icon

NOTE: Checking the box next to the orange Facebook page flag icon will only share ONE Facebook post even if your Pin is scheduled to post to multiple boards using board lists and interval Pinning.

From there, you’ll likely want to add a caption that is specifically formulated for your Facebook page (although this is optional). If you do not enter a Facebook caption, the Pin description will NOT be pulled in and your post will go out without any text.

Add Facebook Page Description

Edit the Pinterest description as needed and select the Pinterest boards your Pin will go to. Now, click “Add to Queue Now”.

To preview the Facebook page caption in “Scheduled”, hover over the orange flag icon.

Facebook Page Caption Preview

REMEMBER: Posts published to a Facebook page won’t usually share the same image as you will Pin. When publishing to a Facebook page, we look for Facebook metadata on the source URL to know what image to use. Put simply, we look for the best Facebook image in the post.

Forgot to schedule to your content to Facebook?

If you schedule a Pin before checking the Facebook page icon box, you’ll need to send it back to drafts, check the box, add a Facebook caption (if desired), and then send it back to the queue.

Facebook-Optimized Content

Everything looks great! Not only does this new feature allow you to save tons on time on your social media marketing, but you’ll also get the benefit of posting Facebook-specific content.


So there you have it! Once you connect Pinterest to your Facebook business page using Tailwind, you’re ready to start driving traffic and potential customers to your website from Facebook in just a few clicks.

Will you use Tailwind Facebook scheduling to keep your Facebook business page active and engaging? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Avatar

    This is wonderful! Can we do the same thing with our Tailwind Instagram account?

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for Tailwind Instagram accounts at the moment.😕 However, we’d love to hear more about how you imagine this tool working for your marketing. Please feel free email us at [email protected] or message us in the dashboard if you’d like to chat a bit more in-depth! -Justine

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for the great explanation! I’m just worried that Facebook generally decreases the reach if posted from a third party platform. Do you think this won’t be the case with Tailwind? TIA!

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Agorapulse recently did a study on whether or not 3rd party apps impact reach on Facebook. They found that posting with 3rd party apps did not have any negative impact on Facebook reach. In fact, according to their study posting with 3rd party apps performed on average 22.61% better than posting directly to Facebook! You can check out the article here:

      Having said that, it still might be worth testing out for yourself. We’d love to hear about the results if you do! -Justine

  3. Avatar

    Thanks for introducing facebook share and I this new tool, I have used it and it’s great 🙂

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Thanks, Regina! Let us know how it works for you. 🙂 -Justine

  4. Avatar

    How to Use Tailwind to Connect Pinterest and Your Facebook Business Page – maybe I missed something but so far, I don’t see much use in this. I have 4 Pinterest accounts that I am using on Tailwind. When I go through and select my Facebook page that I want connected to Tailwind and Save my changes, it works for that Pinterest account but when I go to one of my other Pinterest accounts it is connected to the Facebook account that I just changed.

    Do I have to make these Facebook selections each time that I want to link a Pinterest account to Facebook?

    Can’t the Facebook selections be saved for each of my Pinterest accounts on Tailwind?

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Hey Lewis. Thanks for your feedback. I definitely see your point here and can understand how this would be quite frustrating. 😕 I’ll get in touch with the developers and share this with them. I know it’s on our product roadmap, I’m just not positive when this will happen! -Justine

  5. Avatar

    I manage two different Pinterest accounts with Tailwind. They do not all correspond with one single Facebook page (I manage two of those too, which both show up in my list). I notice that this feature will only let me link all my accounts to the one single Facebook page selected. I would love to see this feature expanded to let me link different Pinterest accounts to the correct corresponding FB page.

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Hey Tammy! Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll get in touch with the developers and share this with them. 😊 I’d love to see the feature expanded in this way as well! -Justine

  6. Avatar

    I love the way this works so easily. And great step by step instructions. But when I post to Facebook from the tailwind app, the image looks great on Pinterest, but on Facebook it is so blown up that only a portion of the image shows up in the feed. Is there a way to get the images properly formatted so they come across as nice as they do on pinterest. Unfortunately, it looks so bad on Facebook, I cannot use the application 🙁

    • Justine Gab
      Justine GabModerator

      Hey Kelli! Thanks so much for your feedback. In order to change the image that appears on your Facebook Page using Tailwind, you’ll have to update the metadata on the source URL. Here’s a guide for doing that:

      Also, if you’d like to see what your content will look like when it is shared on Facebook, you’ll definitely want to check out Facebook’s Sharing Debugger. You can access that here:

      Let me know if this helps! 🙂 -Justine

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