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Welcome to another Friday Pinterest Quick Tip!

Have you ever found yourself perusing through Pinterest when you come across the most perfect pin and the link is broken, or it takes you somewhere useless? Maybe it was the perfect gift for a loved one or the most delicious food you’ve ever seen.

There are a couple of ways that might help solve that problem.


If you’re using Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser, the process is very easy.

Step 1.  When you’ve found a pin with a broken link, open a new window and go to Google. Select Images from the top menu bar of Google

Step 2. Hover over the pin, click and drag the image to the search box in the Google window.

After  you drop the image in the box, Google will provide a search results list.  You might find some of the links take you back to other Pinterest pins but if you give them a try, those pins might take you where you need.

Sometimes, it takes some digging through the search results to find what you’re looking for, but geting to the shop with the perfect gift or finding the recipe for that scrumptious dish will be well worth it.

Remember, Pinterest began in 2010 so some pins may be a little outdated. If it is a pin of a product, the product may no longer be available and you might end up on a different page of the website.

For Safari users, this Google trick doesn’t seem to work but there is another option. A site called TinEye does a reverse image search. Just like the Google method above, hover over the pin, drag it and drop it anywhere on the TinEye page. The results don’t seem to be as accurate but, it’s worth a shot.

 Protect your Images 

If you are a blogger or have a website that has images, there is really only one defense you have when the link to your image is broken. Watermark your images or put your logo on them.

I’ve heard the argument that watermarking disrupts the artistic presentation of the image or that people can Photoshop the watermark out. Both of these may be true, but as of now it is the only defense there is if you want your images to be shared on Pinterest.

Watermarking or adding your logo to your image is very easy and it can be done for free.  My favorite free online photo editor is PicMonkey.

To add text:

  • Upload your image to PicMonkey and select the P from the tool bar on the left side.
  • Click the add text box
  • Click in the text box and Type in your business’s name or your URL
  • Use the Fade slider in the floating toolbox to get a subtle watermark look

To add your logo:

  • Upload your image to PicMonkey and select the multi-shape icon from the tool bar on the left
  • Click the Your Own box on the left upper side
  • Upload an image of your logo. To be able to see the image behing your logo, upload a PNG file of your logo with a transparent background
  • The size of the logo can be adjusted and, it can be moved to any part of the image by dragging with your mouse


Of course, this method doesn’t only have to be used when when you’re looking for a recipe or gift. The Google method works for any image on Pinterest including infographics and videos.

If you happen to come across a broken link on Pinterest take a few seconds to try and find the source. The pinners who repin and the image owners will appreciate it.

I think I heard somewhere if you fix a broken link an angel gets its wings….. Or was that something different?


Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. Avatar

    What a great tip – I try to pin “responsibly” and when I can’t find the source it’s really frustrating! Thanks so much!

    • Avatar

      Leslie, you’re very welcome! I completely understand your frustration with broken links, ugh.

  2. Avatar

    Cynthia!!! I made it!! 😀
    I so enjoyed you at our little table! I think you’re so much fun to be around! 🙂 I know my friend was really inspired and motivated after talking with you! We had a lot of fun!!!
    I’m so loving your blog! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more from you!

    Anyway, I blog at I hate that I didn’t make a business card for this event. Haha ~ oh well next time!


    • Avatar

      Hi Sarah, great meeting you too! I had a lot of fun. Hope we can all meet up again soon. 🙂

  3. […] Here’s a pin created by Kelly Liebermann of #PinChat about Hello Society. Notice at the bottom that you can edit the web address of the pin. You can technically change the web address of any pin that you’ve uploaded or repinned, but I don’t advise that you change another pinner’s source unless you are trying to redirect it to the original source of the pin. […]

  4. Avatar

    hi Cynthia,
    Great bits of advice here. I too concluded watermarking the only way to keep traffic coming back to the image source. One of my clients range of beautiful parasols have been repinned 900 times but a sadly none have watermarks.
    If I were to watermark the images on the site would that in turn install a watermark on each of the images already on Pinterest?
    Australians are really getting into Pinterest and I plan to get more businesses using Pinterest properly this year.

    • Avatar

      Hi Helen,

      Sorry for the delay in replying, I was out of the country speaking at a conference.

      Unfortunately, all of the images on Pinterest do not change if you change them on your site. They also will not change if you pin new images from your site and delete your old pins. The best thing to do would be to include the watermark on all images from now on and when time permits, change out the old ones. Changing out the old ones won’t change old pins but new pins will have the watermark.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and asking a question 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Nola Ashford

    Hi,thank you for all the Pinterst Etiquette information.I have just started a board and am new to Pinterest,so I didn’t know any of this.I have nearly 1000 pins,which has taken me a couple of weeks to complete.
    I can understand and see where you are coming from about raiding boards.I know I’ve taken several pins at a time from different boards.
    I have been up until 4ammin tne morning finding these pins.
    I now have 8 people following me.
    Yes,it is very annoying- I woke up this morning to get an email to say someone had taken 48 of my pins,another person had taken 15,someone else has taken 20,8,7,5- I can’t believe it.
    Also- how do I know if I have been blocked from someone’s board?

    • Avatar

      Hi Nola,

      It sounds like you’re really jumping into Pinterest! You won’t get a notification if you’ve been blocked by anyone on Pinterest.

  6. […] You can technically change the web address of any pin that you’ve uploaded or repined, but I don’t advise that you change another pinner’s source unless you are trying to redirect it to the original source of the pin.” […]

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