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 Have you ever been on Pinterest and come across a photo of food that looks so tempting and delicious you actually get hungry? As restaurant marketing pro, Joe Welsh explains in this week’s episode of the podcast, ”people buy with their eyes.” This concept is used by many restaurants in their online and offline marketing strategies to attract customers and generate sales.

How To Get Customers Hungry For Your Services With Pinterest

With the rise of the Internet and smartphone use, people no longer rely on word of mouth referrals or traditional advertising to choose a restaurant. They now use services like Yelp and social media to help them with their choice. Images used on these platforms can be the difference in choosing one restaurant over another.

The power of images goes beyond the restaurant industry and should be considered by all types of businesses. Many business owners don’t have the budget for an endless supply of professional images but sometimes the “in the moment” images taken by the business owner can be just as powerful and effective in attracting customers. Of course, Pinterest can be a great tool for distributing these images especially if it links to an additional piece of engaging content such as a recipe or a story.

In This Episode

Joe Welsh is a marketing expert with over 30 years of experience and the man behind CORE Restaurant Marketing. In this episode he shares some of his social media and marketing strategies that he has used with his clients that have resulted in thousands of dollars in increased revenue. Joe and I chat and serve up ideas that can that can drive customers to your business (even if it’s outside of the restaurant business).

Joe and I talk about:

  • New school marketing versus old school marketing
  • How image centric menus propel business
  • How one client increased his sales by 20% simply by adding pictures to his menu
  • Understanding economic impact of changing your marketing
  • What can be learned form big chain restaurants on Pinterest
  • How to barter for photography services
  • Adding a human element to your business

 Customers, now more than ever, “eat with their eyes first.” We search for places with pictures of delicious food and satisfied customers on review sites and social networks. Adding or changing images used in marketing strategies both online and offline can lead to a significant increase in sales. Will you be adding or changing the images you use?

Special thanks to Joe Welsh for sharing his expertise with us on the podcast.

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