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How to Get Started on Pinterest OSP 083

I bet you have a passion for your business, don’t you? You can talk for hours about your industry with a smile on your face. But when it comes to the necessary tasks that it takes to grow a business, that smile might dim just a bit. I find this happens when I talk with business owners about incorporating social media marketing into their businesses. They often don’t know where to begin or even what to ask about how to get started on Pinterest.

Denny Krahe of DizRuns is a marathon runner and is building his coaching program with a blog and a podcast. As a smart businessman, Denny knows that social media can help his business grow and wants to include Pinterest into the mix but isn’t really sure how to go about it.

How to Get Started on Pinterest OSP 083

In this episode

In today’s Q& A episode of the podcast I talk with Denny about ways he can incorporate Pinterest into his marketing plan.

Topics covered: 

•When is the best time to pin to Pinterest?

•How using a Pins scheduling tool can help you reach your community.

•What kind of content does best on Pinterest, new pins from the web or repins?

•Tools to help you build your Pinterest account

•How Pinterest Smart Feed works.

•How a small change to an image can help it stand out on Pinterest.

•Tools to create images for Pinterest.

•Naming images for Pinterest to help with search.

•How to avoid overwhelm when getting started on Pinterest

•Does every business need to be on Pinterest?

•Establishing Pinterest goals.

•How to get traffic from Pinterest without having an account.

•Where to find board topic ideas.

•How to incorporate your personality and interests into a business Pinterest account.

Links mentioned



Google Alerts

Google Chrome extension – Quick Pin

I’d Pin That – Learn more about this great image tool in the interview I had with the developer Jesse Michelson 


Connect with Denny

Denny Krahe On Diz Runs

On Pinterest

On Instagram

On Twitter

Pinterest tip of the week

Adding a map to an individual pin can be VERY helpful to local business or even travel related businesses.  They can even be helpful for online businesses too. I recently visited the Tailwind headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and tok a picture with Tailwind CEO Danny Maloney and Marketing Manager  Melissa Megginson and shared it on Instagram. I knew the image would be perfect for my Oh So Pinteresting in Real Life board. When I pinned it I added the city and state it was taken in. (If Tailwind was more of a retail business I would have included the street address too.)

Pins with maps can be added to map boards as well as to regular boards. Below is an example of the pin with a map incorporated into it.

At the HQ of Pinterest scheduling and analytics tool Tailwind

Incorporating the map is easy. Choose a pin then click the gray pencil icon to edit it.

Edit Pinterest pins to add a map

Find the add a place box towards the bottom of the edit box and begin typing in the location or name of the business.

Add a location to a Pinterest pin

If the place you’re mapping has been listed on Foursquare, It could appear in the drop down list that will appear as you being to type.

Pinterest pins with Foursquare maps

If your business is listed on Foursquare and pinned to Pinterest additional information such as a phone number can be included in the pin like the one below.

Pinterest pin with map and phone number of a business
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  1. Avatar

    I am watching you right now on Dr. Rachael’s podcast! So excited, I’m a new blogger who needs your information. Thank you for sharing!

    • Avatar

      Thanks for watching Beth 🙂 Dr. Rachael is a sweetheart. What’s you blog about?

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for another informative episode! Is it OK on Pinterest to have boards on different interests? I could see myself having boards on travel, guide dogs, women’s basketball and cooking. Doesn’t that send the message that I’m all over the place? Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Hi Annie,

      When you are your business it’s a good idea to share some personal interests on your business account but the focus of the majority of your boards should be around your business. These are what your customers/ listeners will find most helpful. You can always add secret boards to pin more personal things to.

      Thanks for your question:)

  3. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia, great show…thank you for sharing your passion. This is the first time I checked out the show notes (foolish of me not to visit sooner), but I related to Denny as I’m a newbie to pinterest….I saw some of the text above was scored out since the original notes were posted… are these no longer available or recommended e.g. Google Alerts, please clarify for me many thanks again, I’ll keep listening regardless as Pinterest will be key to building traffic for my website, that I’m currently building as a bootstrapper.

    All the best,


    • Avatar

      Hi Doug,

      I’m so sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been having that problem with some links for a while and finally pinned it down to a plugin problem.

      Thanks so much for listening and for your question 🙂


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